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New Territory – Alchemy of the Soul

I find myself standing before a cliff. The sun is rising, it is casting light all around me and the stars are starting to blink out of sight. I watched the sunrise and I sat with myself for a moment. So much was changing and happening. It is overwhelming at times, the changing and manifestations…
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The Storm

Mammon on the Importance of Setting Boundaries.

I was walking Bruce in the wee hours of the morning, the energies were thick and I was pondering a lot of things.  There is a lot that tends to come in these moments.  A lot of lessons.  I knew it had been building, the energies I could feel them.  I could feel the thick…
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Faith and Transformation

A Dance with Mammon  Part 5: Faith and Transformation 

Continued from here..   The Breaking Point   I wished for it all to break and again it did.  Unlike the first break, this one tore through my soul.  I could not believe the level of destruction that followed.  I had a plan. Mammon didn’t like that plan.  In the last moment he possessed me and I remember how…
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A Dance with Mammon – Part 4 – Destruction and Annihilation

This post is continued from here…   Empires in the Sand   The initial foundation was rocky.  I knew it was.  There were elements of my old self that still held and bound me to a place.  Fears, inner fears from my time being bullied as a child that kept me down and I had manifested the situation…
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Broken Glass

A Dance with Mammon – Part 3 : Breaking down

This is a post series that is continued from here.   Golden Idols  I remember this time in my life well. It was absolutely fascinating on so many levels.  I cannot even begin to describe.  I was a personal assistant of a woman who was incredibly powerful.  She had ins with everyone.  I met some of the most powerful…
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Trial and error

A Dance with Mammon – Part 2 : Trial and Error

Continued from this post here… Happiness before the Storm. So I did what Mammon said.  I read the books and I did it dutifully.  I worked my way through those books and even when they frustrated me, I read them.  I started to enjoy it actually, it was really nice to just be able to sit and read…
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Discussions with Mammon : The Climb to Success

A successful man once said, “it took me 20 years to become an overnight success”…. Every day I am understanding of depth of this more and more.    There have been a lot of shifts in my life as of late.  A lot of things I need to change and a lot of energies that need…
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Money Magick

Do you know the secrets of Money Magic?

I look around and I wonder why so many people, so many magicians, have trouble with money magick.  Actually, I don’t wonder, I know.  See, I used to be one of those magicians.  Sure, I could manifest small amounts and always had enough to live comfortably, but for the longest time the secret of abundance magick eluded me.  I…
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Christmas Mammon

Lessons from Mammon : The Christmas Mammon

I have started the new lessons with Mammon and I have to say it has been quite the transition.  Everything I once again thought I knew has been being challenged and he is once again working on shifting my mindset and opening me up to new perspectives. I am also needing to be constantly present, for…
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Don't Waste Your Time

Lesson from Mammon : Don’t Waste Your Time

Mammon:  You know you have been wasting so much time on things that just don’t matter. It is time.  You have had your time to lament and whine over what happened.  You have healed and worked hard to reclaim your power.  Now it is time to shed this skin and leave it behind. It is time to let it…
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Lessons from Mammon: Dealing with Drama.

I slumped down in my bed, I wanted to hide, I wanted to be hidden from the world. My personality type is not one that handles this well.  I was never good at understanding these things.  I was and still am introverted and have a very hard time with social things.  I feel things, I feel everything and…
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