Demonosophy PDF’s

On this page you will find ebooks for assisting you with connecting and working with Demons and the Dark Lords.  Some of these resources are written by our priestess’s others are Pdf’s written by others, but the common theme of each books is Demons!

Mini Books By Priestess Akelta

Demonosophy – Casting the Demonic Circle – By Priestess Akelta Wilde – This booklet is a simple ritual for the Demonosophy casting circle.  This pdf can be shared but please do not modify it in any way as it is the intellectual property of Priestess Akelta.

Spirit Keeping – A Demonosopher’s Perspective – By Priestess Akelta Wilde – This Booklet is a written piece discussing spirit keeping as a spiritual path and how it aligns with Demonosophy and the other spiritual paths that work alongside spirits.

Demon Companions & Spirit Guides – By Priestess Aketla Wilde – This booklet was written by Priestess Akelta talking a bit about Demon Companions, Demon Familiars, and Demons Guardians.

Books Written by Others

Demon List – Compiled by Terry Thayer