Category: 7) Shadow Work and Darkness

Black Elements

Discussion of the Black Elements

I have mentioned the Black Elements in some write ups and also some listings and I wanted to elaborate more on them as I know people have been asking about them.   They are incredibly powerful and incredible tools that one can use in their spiritual practises, they are elements that are aligned with the Dark…
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The Balance of Mature Darkness

Darkness is an essence that is misunderstood.  It is in everything, and it is something that we are taught to repress and refute.  The darkness is seen as evil and sinister, a force that is opposed to good.  The darkness for ages has been shunned.  We have been taught to lock it away and deny its existence.   Her secrets…
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Shadow of the Deep

Emotional Healing and Shadow Work..​. Your Birth Program

We are born here, we are born into the family we are from.  The energies that created us, the vibrations of our family, they flow into us, they already begin to shape our lives from birth.  They stay with us and sometimes they consume us.  They will shape the destiny of our life and sometimes…
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Shadow Work

Shadow Work and Hauntings from Within

Shadow Work and Hauntings from Within  Every person is a balance of darkness and light. We are all both good and evil. We all have within us the ability to do great good, as well as the potential to commit acts of horrific evil. Darkness is part of our nature, and no matter how civilized…
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The Carnivàle as a Spiritual Path of Darkness and Discovery

This is a joint post with Priestess Eilana, the Lovely Hysteria and Mania of Phantasmagoria and Jackalope, and myself. We have mingled our minds and come together to present you with this piece of sinister, convivial majesty from the world of the Dark Carnivàle.  An exploration of the Dark essence and Archetypes from the world of…
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Why Demons are Evil

Sorry for the misleading title.. I for one do not think that demons are evil at all. In fact I think they are some of the most incredible and well balanced dark divine beings out there. They understand the darkness and they understand the depth that it can go… It is humans who more often…
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Revelations on the Left Hand Path

Working with demons one learns many things.  It is amazing, honestly, the things that are revealed from working with them.  Though at times it is challenging, it is also one of the most empowering journeys that one can take.  It is one full of lessons, lessons that will lead you to where it is that…
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Toxic Sludge

The Sludge of the Toxic Narcissist

I want to talk today about a very specific type of sludge energy and how to embrace healing from that energy… healing especially from a Toxic Narcissist.  They are insidious, they are vile, they are the worst sludge and I know that anyone who has dealt with one and made it out has felt the trauma,…
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Lord Satan – The Demonic Divine and Shadow Work

Lord Satan is the Demonic Divine, He is the Father of all demons and the Lord of Darkness, the Dark Divine… He is an incredible, powerful Dark Lord and Divine being.  Many people see him as the enemy and as the opposite of divine.  A being or horror and corruption, darkness and malice, but in…
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Satan's Academy Cover

Balance of the Shadow

Lord Satan calls on us to master the self and learn about who we are. Humans are not all light and they are not all dark. They are a balance of both.  But not every human is the same concentration of light and darkness.  Each individual has their own unique scale of how dark and light…
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Dark Energies

Understanding and interpreting Dark Energy in the Aura

The Dark Side and Dark Energy: this is a topic that I find few people want to even mention, let alone analyze in grave detail. Everyone has a dark side; it is just our nature as humans, darkness and light. For most people, the dark energy is a natural darkness, similar to the dark side…
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