Spiritual Foundation PDF’s

Satan and Suns/Sons Educational PDFs 

These Pdfs are written by the Priestess’s and various members of Satan and Suns to help people build their spiritual foundation, connect with their companions, explore their spiritual paths and help empower them in their spiritual growth.  We will be adding new resources as they are written!  We will be covering a wide range of topics, pleas feel free to disperse these at your leisure, just please do not remove the links at the bottom or the authors name.

Booklets for Spiritual Foundation Development

Cleansing and Energy Clearing 101 – This booklet was written as a beginning guild to cleansing and energy clearing to assist you with building the important foundation for learning to cleanse yourself and your space of unwanted energies and entities.

Shielding 101 – This booklet was written to assist with the development of your shielding as shielding and learning to protect your energies and self from any negative entities or energies is essential for any spiritual practise.  There are lots of dangerous entities out there that can cause harm and the first line of the defence is your personal protection shield!

Warding 101 – This Booklet is written to assist with the development of your warding skills.  Just as personal shields are important it is very important to learn to protect your space and shield your home and your environment from unwanted forces and energies.  This can give you a safe space for working and developing your skills, and gives you the tools to keep your family safe from dangerous entities and hauntings.

Grounding 101 – This booklet is written to assist with Grounding.  This essential skill is important for all those who practise rituals, spirit communication or any activity where you have to raise your energy vibration.  Grounding helps to bring you back down to Earth and stabilize your energies and reconnect with yourself and your body.  It is a super important foundational tool.

Booklets for Entity Communication

Exercises for Spirit Communication – This booklet is a small booklet that is designed to help you with your natural third eye abilities to begin building a spiritual foundation to awaken your psychic senses, and begin communicating with your spiritual companions and helping to build your connection to them.Exercises for Spirit Communication