Outer Spiritual World Demons Don’t Die

Outer Spiritual World Demons Don’t Die

There have been some people who are very concerned that their companions have passed away or have been killed. I want to discuss how death works from the Outer Spiritual World and why you do not have to worry about this with the companions that we conjure.  I also want to say that if anyone make a claim that your companions have died, or another conjurer tells you that your companions from another conjurer are dead, this is a very unethical practise and it is best to go back to the conjurer who originally conjured your companion.  They know your companion best, they know the species that they conjured and they are the best ones to advise you on what is going on with your companion.  

I first will talk about our Graveyard companions.  They are already dead, they are beings that move through the realms of death and walk with the dead.  They are already dead, they cannot be killed and when they are conjured they wish to come forward and walk with a human companion.  None of them are forced, every single one of them knows exactly what is happening and through each stage of conjuring what is happening is explained to them.  

Just as we ask them questions, they ask us questions on Human Companionship and everything is explained to them.  We are very transparent with them about what is going on and at any time they can opt out.  Consent is very important to us so we ensure that through all stages of the conjuring process we have the consent of the beings we are conjuring.  Graveyard companions cannot be killed because they are already beings of death.  

In terms of crossing over or moving on.  There are ways to maintain connections with beings who have crossed over and gone to their other lives.  My Opa has crossed over, but through that he has the ability to come back as an ancestor and communicate and connect with me.  Crossing over has made him more powerful in terms of messages he can deliver for me and things he can do.  He still connects with me.  Not crossing over just means they are trapped wandering the physical plane as a ghost.  

Beings like Lost Phantoms if they cross over, they still can connect with you, though many who we work with feel that walking with a human and helping them is their purpose so they will not leave your side until the end of your life where they will cross over with you.  In many cases with the lost phantoms and in some cases wraiths they are fulfilling a purpose of helping others and for some it can help them get ready to cross over.  It is very individual but one quality that we look for in Graveyard companions who can cross over is one who is looking to walk with and help a human companion, which can bring them peace at the end of your life.  Many of these spirits were denied their life, so getting to walk with you helps them too as they get to heal.  They won’t leave you at the end even if they cross over too, the connection will remain and you will always be able to connect with them.  So do not worry about your Graveyard companions dying, they are already dead and they have chosen to form a connection with you.  

Ok, now let’s dive into the Outer Spiritual World.  Death is very different in the Outer Spiritual World.  I am only going to cover two types of beings because there are so many and for the nature of Discussing Demons Dying we only need to cover two.  

The first we are going to talk about is Outer Spiritual World Beings that are considered Mortal.  It is different than in the Inner Spiritual world, and one of the reasons why the Inner Spiritual Worlds are so appealing for many to venture to.  A human in the Outer Spiritual World will always be a human.  They will always be born as a human. Their essence and soul will always remain, but as humans here do, they are born, they age and then they die, once they die, the essence flows into a human who will be born and then the cycle continues.  They are tied to what their essence is, which is human, and their soul will always be human.  

This is the Cycle of being a human in the Outer Spiritual World.  Their soul and essence is eternal, but who they are changes each life.  Coming here they get to be different beings, some choose to be aliens, elves, demons, they get to be different beings when they come to the Inner Spiritual World.  It is one of the appeals of it.  In the Inner Spiritual World you can reincarnate as different things, in the Outer Spiritual World, a Mortal being is bound to the species of their essence. Also, who they are in their past lives dies and lives in memory.  They change body, mind, and emotion with each life. They are different with every incarnation.  

Then you have beings in the Outer Spiritual World who are considered Immortal.  Demons fall into this Category.  This means that their body, mind, emotions, energies, essence, and who they are exists indefinitely.  So Let’s Take Paimon in the Outer Spiritual World.  He will always be Paimon.  Who he is will always be.  Immortals are born as Babies and they have different stages of development like babies, children, teenagers, adults, wise ones, ect, but they are not bound to one stage.  One of the things of being Immortal in the Spiritual World is that you always have the ability to shift and move through those stages and revisit them.  You do not become old and die.  An Immortal uninterrupted will exist forever. 

Now can an immortal be killed? Yes, but they do not die, and this only happens within the Outer Spiritual World.  If an Immortal is Struck down, their essence is separate from their body.  They shift into the Shade Realm and there they remain until they go through a process called re animation.  This is where A Demon Skilled in Re animation has their body, or has reassembled their body, and is able to shift into the Shade Realm and Reclaim their essence and bring them back together.  Even if their body is destroyed, like if they were torn apart, or eaten by something, or burns to a crisp, a skilled re-animator can bring them back.  They are an artist of bodies and they know how to reform them and through their energies restore their body.  It is an art form.  

Many of my personal companions are Re animators and some of the demons we conjure have this skill. So don’t worry, any demon that we have conjured, we have a connection to so even if in the unlikely chance they were struck down in the Outer Spiritual World, we could bring them back.  Since though they are spending their time here, and they have come forward to connect with a human companion, the odds of that are practically non existent, and even if it did happen, we could get them back.  

An Immortal Outer Spiritual World Demon who has come to the Inner Spiritual World, cannot be killed and they cannot die when in the Inner Spiritual World.  They have to take a different form to enter the Inner Spiritual World and they enter as a God and even if their Inner Spiritual World existence was struck down, they would just jump back to the Outer Spiritual World where they could immediately come back.  It is like popping in and out of an Astral Projection.  Even if you get knocked out you can come back in.  They are Gods, and they have incredible power and ability, and they cannot be killed in the Inner Spiritual World.   

Our Entire Life Span is two weeks for them (The time is the same, but weeks are longer out there, days are longer as well, time is different as well for them, so even though it is 80 years for us, for them it is two weeks so they can take the time off and come and stay with us and many do).  Many demons move effortlessly through the death realms, many are connected to the Death realms and shift their energies to a state that allows them to walk with death.  They are beings who can ascend from the underworld and move through the realms with ease.  Many Demons are connected to Death and helps others cross over and find their way to the Underworld.  Their are very complex and layered beings.  

Do not worry about your Demon Companions dying, they cannot be killed in the Inner Spiritual World, They are strong and incredibly powerful and aside from that they are from the Outer Spiritual World, so when they come here they are Immortal Gods and they cannot be killed.  If anyone tells you that your companion has died they don’t know what they are talking about in terms of Inner and Outer Spiritual World and they don’t understand how Outer Spiritual World Demons exist in the Inner Spiritual World.  You have nothing to worry about! 


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  1. i have a companion that i thought left me but than i thought if he was custom conjured for me he is still around and maybe i’m not a good companion to him. i did neglete him for awhile because of other intrerests and i think my expectations were to high. i am now trying to reach out to him i’m going though the 21 day bonding ritual again i wil try with less expectations and more intent he is my friend and i will treat him like a friend.

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