A Passion for Demons and the Demonic Divine!

Satan and Suns, was the dream of a group of priestesses who desired to show people the positive side of the demonic divine.  We waned to show people how to approach demons and work with them.  No one knows demons like we do, we have worked for years with the High Ranking Lords of Hell and we understand their ranks, hierarchy, and culture.

We are specialists in demons and it is our passion to educate people on working with them and approaching them. They are truly amazing beings and we want to share the incredible joy we have experienced from working with them with you!

The Satan and Sons store started as a small online presence in October of 2012. Our first demon was sold on October 24th 2012, the same day as the birth of my first son.  It was a very powerful and beautiful day.

We welcomed the birth of our beloved forum Satan and Suns on December 23rd 2012.  It was the result of our life-long passion and dedication to demons!

We are the Founders of Divine Demonosophy and Companion Demonosophy, we defined the name Demon Companions to describe the work that we do walking with these incredible beings and learning from them.  Companion spirits have been a part of humanity since before the dawn of civilization and we are very honoured to be able to offer our services.

We take incredible care and attention to all items that we offer and we are true Demonosophers who have spent over 20 years building powerful and incredible connections with the demons and Dark Lords who bless our lives.We know demons, we have been studying them. We live, eat, breathe and sleep this path! It is our calling and we are very happy to be able to bring these incredible companions to you!

Satan and Sons

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