Category: 8) Demonic Wealth Building

Advice From Lord Mammon if you are Feeling Down from Haters.

If you are feeling down because of people saying mean things about you online or mean things about you in general. King Mammon offers these tips to overcome the haters and move into a mindset of success and determination! 1) Develop Inner Strength: Mammon emphasizes the importance of developing inner strength. He encourages you to…
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The Key to Manifesting in Turbulent Times

The world is changing, it is shifting and the energies are in a state of turmoil and chaos.  Many of us have experienced this: the crazy ups and downs, the challenging and destructive times, the days when it feels like the world sludge is the supreme overload of everything and destined to make life a…
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2018 and Clearing our Fears!

It’s been quite an incredible time. 2017 opened many things that needed to be healed, with 2018 finalizing and completing them. I know for me personally I was faced with one thing I had feared for four years. It is interesting when your fears are realized. Mammon aligned it so that I would be faced…
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The Dark Season of Miracles

As I look out my window at 4:30pm to see the darkness falling all around me, Sunset comes early at this time of the year.  It is no secret that this is a time of Darkness.  It is the darkest time of the year, but it is also the brightest and one of the most…
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Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

One of the main things that we are taught when we walk with demons, is the concept of thanks and gratitude.  When you shift your attention to that which you are grateful for, those things which you are thankful for, it changes your energies, it shifts your perspective and you are able to see your…
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