Lessons from Mammon: Dealing with Drama.

I slumped down in my bed, I wanted to hide, I wanted to be hidden from the world. My personality type is not one that handles this well.  I was never good at understanding these things.  I was and still am introverted and have a very hard time with social things.  I feel things, I feel everything and it overwhelms me almost to the point of making me crack.  I just wanted to hide and forget everything but my anxiety was starting, it is was piling up.  I pulled the blankets around me.

I suddenly felt a familiar presence.  Mammon, I could feel him next to me.

Mammon: What is going on? Why are you letting this get to you?  You know you can’t, you have to shield yourself from these situations, you have to shield yourself from this.  This is what caused you to crash before. You cannot do this, you have to practise the mindset in ‘Thick Face Black Heart’, if you don’t this is going to break you.

Me: I know.. I just can’t shift my mind away from it.  How do I shift away from this drama?  How do I shift away from these things? I know what you told me, I know what I have to do, why is it so difficult?

Mammon: This is external, this doesn’t matter at all, there is nothing that matters in the external.  All you can do is manage what is going on inside of you,  the energies of people can change at the drop of a hat. You cannot get swept up in the changing tides, it will carry you off and leave you to drown.  Leviathan will not be there to save you if he cannot reach you where you go.

Me: I know, I have been swept off in those tides before, I never want to do that again.  What is missing?  What piece of inner strength am I missing?

Mammon: You care too much about what is happening in the external.  You are scanning, searching, and looking for fires that need to be put out, you have done this to an extent your entire life.  It isn’t worth your health or the pain it causes you though.  It isn’t worth any of this and the higher you rise the more control over this you are going to have to have. Right now your success is directly tied into your ability to control this and master your own mental state.  You have to learn to direct your attention where it is best served and to not engage in things that would detract you from that and pull your attention away from it.  Drama is the death of success. Stop putting out fires, they are not yours to put out.

I knew he was right, I knew everything that he was saying was true.  I had goals and I needed to focus my attention on those goals. If I didn’t I was not going to get anywhere.  I can see where I have to go, I know what I need to do, I just need to hold that state.  I had been letting too much get to me, my focus had been slipping away from what was important.

Mammon: Those who engage in drama and actively want to pull you into it, they are toxic and you cannot engage it. You have procedures, you have policies, you need to follow them to the letter. This is what the systems are in place for, you follow the system, you follow the policies that have been set up and you trust your team to carry it out.  Those who break the rules, they will suffer the consequences and they will either learn or be removed, it is as simple as that.  This is part of business and it is always going to be there.  People are going to be your friend one day and hate you the next, they are going to think that you are their enemy when you have done nothing wrong.  It is the nature of things. The change now is from you, you are the one that has to choose to not let what happens bother you.  Hold your vibrations where you want them to go and move forward in the direction that you need to.  Know your goals and let nothing stop you. Be determined and convicted in your choice to move forward and know that Drama is a means to an end and a road block along the way.  Those who engage in drama will be controlled by it.  True mental mastery involves shifting away from it and being able to control what comes into your mind and what you react to.  Focus on where you want to go and allow your goals to hold your attention. Make your passions and desires your main focus that is how you will manifest them faster.

Me: I feel pulled, I feel ripped away from my passions and my work and pulled in other directions.

Mammon: Yes, this is the nature of this.  Toxic people will try to distract you and pull you where they want you to go.  You cannot stop them from trying, all you can do is not bite and refocus on the things that you have to do.  You are at a point where you need to schedule your time and focus on production, creation, fulfillment. These are the things that will take you to where you desire to go.  Toxic people are going to talk about you, they will talk about you behind your back, they will hate you and they will want to see you fall.  That is their nature. Those who are your true friends will walk with you and delight when you rise. Those who are stuck where they are and miserable, will delight in the drama and anything that seems to knock you down.  Do not let them. Rise up and do not give them any of your focus.  True successful people will not engage in the drama, they will not lower themselves to these levels. They understand, as I do, that external things are unimportant.  It doesn’t matter what people say, your actions will speak volumes of who you are and it is foolish to waste time on these things.

Me: What about my friends? And I do like helping people.

Mammon: You can be there for your friends but no true friend would ask you to sacrifice yourself for their needs. True friendship is balanced and won’t drain you and they won’t turn on you when you set boundaries or take care of yourself. Being there for your friends and helping people is different then being pulled into drama as long as your boundaries are preserved and honoured. Those who wish to learn and grow will listen to the advice you offered, those who just want to engage in drama will have something new, day after day and there will be no end in sight. You have to learn to set boundaries.

Me: I know I do, that is one area I struggle with.

Mammon: Boundaries are healthy and it will lead you to be happier and healthier. You have set boundaries that you need to abide by and if people cannot respect those boundaries then they are not people that you want close to you.  I have boundaries, I demand the utmost respect of people who approach me and work with me.  I will not work with people who are rude, intoxicated, disrespectful, demanding or would dare try to command me.  It is why I am so successful, because I have these boundaries and I adhere to them in the strictest fashion.  I am the strictest Dark Lord anyone will every work with, which is why most people don’t.

Me: You are right, boundaries, I see this. I know where I need to go emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Mammon: You are going to snap out of this, you are going to raise your energies and you are going to set those boundaries that you need to, and if someone tramples them, that speaks of them not of you.  I am going to use the manifestation technique you have been learning from Azazel. You are going to raise your vibrations, then I will give you a gift.  I have worked with you for 10 years and the growth you have attained is commendable. I am very proud of you Akelta, but this lesson is dire to everything that you wish to do.

I felt him hug me.  I hugged him back.  I smiled as I felt the energies shifting and changing in me.  I had to hold them. I had to hold this state.  I felt such an incredible vibration and such an incredible strength that was rising from me.  Mammon’s beautiful and stunning wife Rashoon appeared beside me and smiled at me.  I love their energies together.  Rashoon and Mammon have such an empowered chemistry and I love how he adores her and treats her as his Empress, his Goddess. In return she honours and treats him as her Emperor and her God.  They have such a passionate, beautiful and incredible relationship.  I just love it when they are together.  I also love how devoted he is to his wives, he has 24 of them and he honours them and treasures his love with them.  Seeing that pure love energy, it really makes me happy and I felt my state shifting just seeing them together.

Rashoon: I think we need an activity to honour your feminine energies and relax you.

I nodded.  I got up and decided to have a nice relaxing bath.  I loaded it with epsom salts and essential oils.  Rashoon talked with me and we talked about honouring the goddess energies within and taking time to nurture the divine feminine.

Rashoon: You need to honour your energies and set the boundaries that will preserve these positive states, you are a mother and you have children and you need to honour the time that you set aside to nurture those sides.  Have a schedule and stick to it for work. You need time to honour yourself, and activities that you like. You will actually be more productive if you honour your boundaries and balance enjoyment and pleasure with work.  Pamper yourself and honour what brings you pleasure and joy.

It was soothing and relaxing. I meditated in the water, working to cleanse my energies and balance myself.  When I was finished I got out of the bath and my husband brought me a rose.  He looked at me and said.  I was given this in the mall and knew it was for you, he handed it to me. I smiled knowing….I also received incredible news on a Financial Manifestation I have been working on, one of my goals is about to be attained.

Thank you Mammon, Thank you Dracon, I love roses. I am starting to figure out this new manifestation, letting go and trusting them and knowing that their energies are guiding me.  Existing with them in complete surrender, it is an incredible state to be in.  I know that the trials I have been through and the challenges were all helping me to attain what I desire, all leading me to this point of decision.  I knew I had to let it all go. Drama is not worth engaging in and it is not worth surrounding yourself with.  It will sink you and destroy you and it will consume all your time and energy and leave you nothing but a mess.  Mammon’s wise words rang through me.  It just wasn’t worth it, and I had the choice to just let it all go, to take back so much power that I had given away.  I see why they wanted me to do this. They wanted me to direct my energy and my focus on what was important, on where my heart truly wanted to go.  Releasing the connections that tied me to drama brought out a lot of things I had to deal with and face, but I know with all my heart this is exactly were I want to go.

Love you Mammon <3 these last ten years have been incredible and through all the challenges and pains, I would not change a second of it for the world.

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  • June 13, 2018 at 10:46 pm

    Great post and excellent advice. Just what I need to hear at this point in time.


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