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New Territory – Alchemy of the Soul

I find myself standing before a cliff. The sun is rising, it is casting light all around me and the stars are starting to blink out of sight. I watched the sunrise and I sat with myself for a moment. So much was changing and happening. It is overwhelming at times, the changing and manifestations…
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The Storm

Mammon on the Importance of Setting Boundaries.

I was walking Bruce in the wee hours of the morning, the energies were thick and I was pondering a lot of things.  There is a lot that tends to come in these moments.  A lot of lessons.  I knew it had been building, the energies I could feel them.  I could feel the thick…
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Faith and Transformation

A Dance with Mammon  Part 5: Faith and Transformation 

Continued from here..   The Breaking Point   I wished for it all to break and again it did.  Unlike the first break, this one tore through my soul.  I could not believe the level of destruction that followed.  I had a plan. Mammon didn’t like that plan.  In the last moment he possessed me and I remember how…
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A Dance with Mammon – Part 4 – Destruction and Annihilation

This post is continued from here…   Empires in the Sand   The initial foundation was rocky.  I knew it was.  There were elements of my old self that still held and bound me to a place.  Fears, inner fears from my time being bullied as a child that kept me down and I had manifested the situation…
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Broken Glass

A Dance with Mammon – Part 3 : Breaking down

This is a post series that is continued from here.   Golden Idols  I remember this time in my life well. It was absolutely fascinating on so many levels.  I cannot even begin to describe.  I was a personal assistant of a woman who was incredibly powerful.  She had ins with everyone.  I met some of the most powerful…
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Trial and error

A Dance with Mammon – Part 2 : Trial and Error

Continued from this post here… Happiness before the Storm. So I did what Mammon said.  I read the books and I did it dutifully.  I worked my way through those books and even when they frustrated me, I read them.  I started to enjoy it actually, it was really nice to just be able to sit and read…
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A Camel Ride with Paimon : Confidence

Continued from here   The Blocks in Myself I loved the feel of the sun. I loved this place and there was something that was so relaxing and soothing about this. I felt all my troubles and worries just vanish. The moment I was here it all just melted away. This was my place to…
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Blazing Sun

A Camel Ride with Paimon  – The Desert Walk

The Desert of Gold I really wonder how I find myself back in the desert, this was a different desert though… The one I meet Azazel in is past the black sand dunes.. The desert is connected to my soul in a way.  There is a deep connection to it.  My higher self has a profound connection…
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Discussions with Mammon : The Climb to Success

A successful man once said, “it took me 20 years to become an overnight success”…. Every day I am understanding of depth of this more and more.    There have been a lot of shifts in my life as of late.  A lot of things I need to change and a lot of energies that need…
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Walking with Lord Azazel: What Blocks us from Mastery?

I sat in the cave, I was sitting before the crystal clear water on a flat rock I often like to sit on.  I felt so safe and comfortable.  I was focusing, but something was wrong.  Azazel: “What do you feel?”   I breathed deeply… I was trying to focus but eternal frustration was overtaking me. …
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Money Magick

Do you know the secrets of Money Magic?

I look around and I wonder why so many people, so many magicians, have trouble with money magick.  Actually, I don’t wonder, I know.  See, I used to be one of those magicians.  Sure, I could manifest small amounts and always had enough to live comfortably, but for the longest time the secret of abundance magick eluded me.  I…
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