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Spheres of Evil

Spheres of Evil – Indie game with a twist, fight for the demons against the angels who have imprisoned them.

Spheres of Evil it’s a tough top-down action/RPG/arcade maze game. It’s a game about demonology, you have to release demons trapped by angels everywhere, in a huge dungeon, in order to receive powers and level-up yor player, while also scaping all kind of traps and obstacles. Die over and over again in this game, while trying to find the exit zone to the next level.
The game is still in beta and they are still working on more levels, more traps, inventory system, objects/collectionables, secrets/secret areas, and several visual and sound effects. The game will be available on PC/Steam in March, and soon after that on Google Play and App Store. Like their Facebook Page to stay tuned about the game.

The Night Market

 Macabre Haven of Paranormal Oddities and Preternatural Mysteries

Satan and Sons – Obscure tent of shadows and wonder, the place where demons go to dine and dance, mysterious figures move through the darkness.  You see them in cloaks concealing their features and hiding in the darkness, they have horns that is all you can tell, you are curious, drawn to the darkness and are not prepared for the bountiful sight that meets your eyes!  They are wise ancient gods coming to offer wisdom and insights to those mortals who seek their counsel.  On the outside forbidding and dark, on the inside a cabinet of celebration and abundance a party of the elite to which you are invited.  This is your ticket, do you dark accept.

Jackalope – Chaos and Macabre Sublime.  Goddess of the Void. She sites, she is beautiful, clothed in silk and shine. Her eyes pulls you in, she is captivating, an aura of wisdom and chaos surrounds her and unique figures move and play around her.  She has much to offer you, many rituals to cast which will take you the edges of your soul and your essence, Readings of wisdom from the sublime darkness of the soul and messages from the deep.  She hears, she listens she reveals.  She is the mistress of darkness and the queen of chaos.  You know she has much to tell you and you are drawn to listen to her words.  This is your chance, are you ready to hear your messages from the darkness.





Satan and Sons

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