Mammon on the Importance of Setting Boundaries.

I was walking Bruce in the wee hours of the morning, the energies were thick and I was pondering a lot of things.  There is a lot that tends to come in these moments.  A lot of lessons.  I knew it had been building, the energies I could feel them.  I could feel the thick essence accumulating around me…It was going to bring amazing things,  Last year was amazing, the best year we had ever had, but we were still growing and this still had the happen, the happening is what is tough, the happening is what is hard.  

My demons had all said the same things, as did every single card the coven pulled.  Its amazing when all your tarot, divination and oracle decks all say the exact same thing.  It was like some vast synchronistic conspiracy.  The Summary of it was this.. 

“The storm is coming, but you will be in the centre, watching, watch, trust, have faith, know that the storm will pass and when it has cleared everything will be fresh and ready for growth.  There is abundance that is flowing to you and will continue to.  This much happen to clear it out.”  

It was a cold morning and I did not want to be out to long because Bruce is a short haired dog, but my mind was wandering.  The energies suddenly shifted and I felt a warmth beside me.  I felt warm and at peace for a moment.  I recognized the energies.  It was Mammon.  He was there with me and I knew he had something to share. 

Mammon : I want to remind you of a story that you already know.

Me : yes please.

Mammon : There once was a man who managed to secure a Million Dollar contract, as soon as it was secured though the client in question began to make unreasonable demands, not just of him, but also of his staff.  This client felt entitled to things that they had not earned, they felt that just because they had this contract that they could abuse the man and his employees.  That they didn’t have to listen to the man or respect him.  So the man, wanting to preserve not just his sanity, but also the sanity of his entire staff, canceled the contract, fired the client and went on with his life.  

Me : I have heard that story before. 

Mammon : the lesson in the story is a good one.  No client no matter how much they have paid you, or how long they have been with you are worth your sanity,  They are not worth suffering over.  You have a service you offer, you put in the time, the work and dedication to that service, you give them exactly what they pay for, and in your case more.  These services do not cover abuse and they do not cover extra stress, that is not included in the package, ever.  People will come into your life and they will push boundaries, they will make unacceptable demands and when they do they need to be removed.  

I listened to his words. 

Mammon : What is that saying for abundance energies to be able to turn down a million dollar contract? 

Me : that you are not desperate.

Mammon : Yes, you are not desperate, desperate people do desperate things and they push boundaries and cross lines and make unreasonable demands.  He respects himself and he is not desperate or in poverty mindset, a million dollars is nothing to him, especially at the expense of his sanity.  A person who is with you a long time should respect your time, your practise, your craft and what you are doing.  If they cannot show you respect then there is no harm in shifting away from them.  You are not desperate, you are learning to operate from abundance energies, and you have a standard for the type of people you want to work with,  you want people who are going to not push your boundaries and show basic respect.   Desperate people will stab you in the back, they will betray you and they will turn on you the second that you no longer serve them.  If someone wants to purchase from you and is reasonable, give them the best service ever, give them first class treatment.  If they are unreasonable and push your boundaries you have ever right to push back, especially if they cross lines.  You have every right to defend yourself and your energies as well as the energies of those who walk with you.  Your clients deserve your time and attention, this is not fair to you or them.  

He was right, then again he is always right… 

Mammon : there is a shift going on right now and the more you shift your energies the more things are going to change but it is not bad, change is never bad, change is very good.  Look at how far you have come, this is the step that needs to be taken and you have to learn to set these boundaries for yourself and you have to learn to protect your space, your team, those who are there growing and learning.  We are shifting the energies to raise the vibrations of your world and those around you.  These actions are going to set a standard, they are going to rise you out of any desperate energies and they are going to empower you in a position where you can grow your business and take the actions that you need to to protect the space.  You are going to be learning new skills and you are going to be stepping into a very empowered role.  Not everyone is going to like it, some liked you being a pushover, they liked where you were and they will react to keep you there.  You will hold your new course and you will do it for those who walk with you, for those you help you and for yourself.  Setting boundaries is not unreasonable and those who think it is well it says quite a bit about them doesn’t it? Missing deadlines for your health will happen and if people cannot understand that boundaries need to be set, people cannot yell at you and abuse you, if they cannot respect you, boundaries need to be set.  People cannot make unreasonable demands of you, if they do boundaries need to be set.  You are allowed to set boundaries, especially when your own health is compromised.  

I took a deep breath in.  I started heading back to my house.  I shifted my attention to positive things.  The amazing team that works with me, how blessed I am to have them all.  The books I am writing, the products I ma creating, the orders I am excited to complete and get to people so they can start working with their demons 

Mammon : raising your own vibration does require setting boundaries and it does require setting standards,  It is showing that you respect yourself and your space and you respect the people who come there to learn and grow.  Respecting your space and yourself is very important especially where you want to go. You are not going to shift and be a jerk to everyone, you give people changes, you talk to people, you still give them the space to grow and learn, but when someone outright disrespects you and the space and when they cross a boundary they have been warned not to cross, they are disrespecting you and themselves and they should be removed.  Sometimes what people need to grow is that tough love, they need to have the capacity to reflect on their own actions and realize when they are being unreasonable.  When it is obvious that self reflection is not there then point to the door.  If they want to be there they will reflect and come back, if not you saved yourself a headache.  No one though deserves special privileges when it comes to your sanity, you stress level and your boundaries and though it is challenging to implement now, as your space grows this standard will grow with it and it will be a positive place for everyone.  

I got back to my house and let Bruce in.  I gathered my things and headed for my office.  I like the winter months and I like driving in the darkness.  

Mammon : Shift your attention, your projects, your growths, the people who are with you, who walk with you and are helping you.  They deserve all your focus, those who would push your boundaries and cause you stress deserve nothing more then to be reminded of those boundaries and to be told to stop.  If they cannot show you that basic respect, then you have every right to ask them to leave.  If someone is rude and yelling at the librarian they would remove them.  Now… on to growth.. 

I knew what he was saying and I knew this was the storm.  It was testing me, it wanted me to fall back to old patterns, old fears.  I remembered every card, every demon premonition, everything my companions had said and I shifted my attention back to my work.  My projects and everything I wanted to grow this year.  

New Skills, New Lessons, a New Path.  Welcome 2019… Those who want to join me will, those who want to help I would love it! And those who do not… I will no longer give chase, and I welcome the storm.

7 thoughts on “Mammon on the Importance of Setting Boundaries.

  • January 4, 2019 at 1:47 am

    OMG – I needed this. 🙂

    • January 4, 2019 at 1:48 am

      So glad to hear! Mammon is truly amazing 🙂

  • January 5, 2019 at 12:16 am

    Well said! We can all learn from this.

  • January 23, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    needed to hear this hun ty !

    • January 23, 2019 at 11:33 pm

      You are very welcome!

  • April 4, 2020 at 4:25 pm

    I like this a lot thank you for sharing i really want to work with Lord mammon he has got a lot of knowledge just hope that he would want to work with me

  • June 8, 2020 at 12:33 am

    OMG I can totally relate…. Ive been stressing out for different reasons. It sounds dumb but I’ve been caring to much about what my boyfriends family thinks of me and I finally had enough. I started to think of “what do I want to do, what do I feel comfortable with doing at this moment”? I was at a pool party and my bfs brother and sister- in- law were there and her friend. The only two girls there, everyone else were guys and the girls were separated by themselves. Usually I would go sit with them and just be silent or try to talk but fail. (they are both very rude) and I thought to myself “why am I going to keep putting myself in a situation where I know they are going to be rude or just be ignored” I wanted to do something that made me happy and that was swimming back and fourth in the pool.

    Although its a different scenario, I feel like this just validated everything I was feeling at the time. I usually feel anxiety and general being very uncomfortable around them. I have for 2 years. And Like your demon said, you should not doing anything costing your own sanity. even if it is as small as not wanting to hang out with someone or in your case doing business with them. its funny how it validated my own feelings with my own situation.


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