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A Discussion of Crosses

The cross for ages has been associated with Christianity.  It has long been the symbol of the Crucifix, and the faith of Christianity, but its true meaning takes us back to pagan times and it has very different roots.  For you see Crosses are not just exclusive to the Christian faith, they actually can be found across…
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Ethics of Forced Love Spells

Q.  Akelta would you explain please about the ethics inherent in trying to use demons to control a romantic partner who is not interested in being controlled?   A.  Yes, I can answer that… Ethically speaking it is not really redeemable in any way,  it’s black magick through and through and I personally think it is…
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October is upon us!

This month is a very special month.  5 years ago in October Satan and Sons the store was founded.  It was born from a life long passion of mine to demons.  Walking with them and having them with me my entire life.  Demons have always been with me and I cannot imagine my life without…
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Pondering the 1 Year Energies

We have been so so busy that we ended up missing a week of our Newsletter, but we are happy to get back on track this week. Last week we worked to get more posts up in our demon encyclopedia.  We have so many new ones coming and hope to finish the Goetics this year,…
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Fall Woods

Welcome Fall!! 

Welcome Fall!!  As the months turn to September we begin to enter my favourite time of the year! The Fall season is one of magickal energies and feelings.  There is a sacredness to this time, a calling of the powerful energies.  There is something so beautiful and empowering about this time of the year. This…
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Cleansing Fire

The Art of Banishing

We all have things in our life that we would like to be rid of. Whether it is an annoying person, a bad habit or something that is disrupting our path, we all have those things that we wish would leave our vibrational field.  Before we begin talking about banishing, we have to talk about why…
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Alchemy of the Sun

Welcome Summer – The Reign of the Sun

This is the time for the reign of the Solar Demons for they are the masters at harnessing the power of the Sun.  They are an incredible group of demons who work with the solar energies and utilize the power of the sun for powerful manifestations and transformative magicks. The solar demons are called so…
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Solstice Fire

The Solstice cometh! 

This week is a very powerful time.  It is a time for renewal, for cleansing and for growth.  The sun rises high as the flames of life and death wash over the lands, cleansing the world and preparing it for the growth of new life and abundance.  The fires of summer are a very powerful…
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Welcome June 2017! 

The middle of the year is upon us, and I have to say that we are all amazed at how fast this year is moving.  2017 is a 1 year, and that is a time of growth, new beginnings and new journeys.  1 year is often full of chaos as the energies from the 9…
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Disposing of Ritual Offerings

This questions has been asked a few ties during the group rituals.  Really the answer is there are a bunch of ways that one can dispose of the ritual remains.  It can depend on a number of things; What traditions you follow? Some tradition or spells have a very specific way in which the offerings should be…
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Fraud Alert

Shameful “Conjurers” who are scammers

Normally I am pretty tight lipped about what I think about other conjurers for the fact that there are genuine legitimate people out there and I don’t want to trash talk anyones business. But… then there are people like this guy, who fully admits he is a scammer, and well if he is going to…
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