Companion Connecting

Satan and Suns/Sons Educational PDFs 

These Pdfs are written by the Priestess’s and various members of Satan and Suns to help people build their spiritual foundation, connect with their companions, explore their spiritual paths and help empower them in their spiritual growth.  We will be adding new resources as they are written!  We will be covering a wide range of topics, pleas feel free to disperse these at your leisure, just please do not remove the links at the bottom or the authors name.


Basic Booklets for Working with Spiritual Companions

Make it Yours Ritual – The Make it Yours Ritual is a Cleansing Ritual that is designed to remove any and all attachments from your Vessel and allow you to claim it as your own.  This also helps to link the demons energies to you and allow you to bond with your demon and form a powerful connection with them.

Demon Attunement Ritual – This Ritual is a ritual that is designed to attune your energies to the frequencies of your demon.  Sometimes we are unable to communicate with different spiritual entities because our energies are not attuned to the frequencies they are sending out.  It is very similar to a radio, you cannot tune into an FM frequency when you are on the AM channels.  You need to tune yourself to the frequency you want to hear and the same is true with demons.  This ritual is designed to attune your energies to your demons and tap into their energy frequency.  This ritual also is designed to help you link your energies to their and establish a communication foundation.

Demon Bonding Ritual – This ritual is a bonding ritual that is designed for helping to connect and build a communication foundation with your demon companions.  It is a basic ritual and can be altered how you see fit or anyway you are inspired to alter it.  It is just meant to be a guideline and it not set in stone.


The Satan and Suns 21 Day Bonding Ritual Series

21 Day Bonding Ritual – This pdf is a 26 page booklet that contains 21 rituals for bonding with and connecting with your demon companion.  There are exercises here that are designed to build upon each other to grow your spiritual foundation, there are also rituals designed to give you some ideas of different ways to connect and work with your demon companion.  This ritual series is complimentary please download your copy today!