Discussions with Mammon : The Climb to Success

A successful man once said, “it took me 20 years to become an overnight success”…. Every day I am understanding of depth of this more and more.   

There have been a lot of shifts in my life as of late.  A lot of things I need to change and a lot of energies that need to be cleared.  They have been coming up in an insane way and there have been a lot of challenges that I needed to face in order to rise and be where I want to be.  I set a massive goal for myself this year and in order to do that, serious restructuring had to be done and changes had to be made, my life broke again, but unlike last time, this time I was ready for it and I was waiting for it because I knew it was going to take me where I needed to.  I had to release and leave a lot of things behind.

Mammon has been working with me, guiding me, bringing me the people I need and removing the people who have been damaging to me and my path.  It has been amazing and there are lots of things evolving.

Mammon : “Why is it that some, despite their best efforts, still fail? Why are there some that never seem to get it?  They read the right things, they take the right actions, but they just seem to be spinning their wheels.  Why do you think that is?” 

Me : “I have noticed that, there are some people who seem to not get anywhere, some people it takes a long time to attain success and they do, but others they seems to just keep going and going and never attain anything.” 

Mammon : “Yes, there is a reason for this and it is not luck.  It is not even about people trying hard. People try hard every day and they just spin their wheels never attaining anything.  There are certain, mindsets and approaches one must take in order to attain success.  Some people with the right mindset and ability to take action, will manifest things in the blink of an eye, others they never seem to get off the ground.  You are starting to see the difference. I want you to compare your energies of where you were 13 years ago when we started working together to now.  Look at the person you have become and tell me what you see.” 

I took a moment to scan the person I was 13 years ago to who I am now.  I am much more confident, I know how to manifest, I know how to create, I am much more focused.  There were lots of things that had changed. But one thing was I had done a LOT of self work.

I remember those days… the days I tried to be a success, the days I pretended I had it all, and the days I knew it was just a matter of time before it all manifested… None of it worked. It took my life falling to ruin for me to finally snap out of the patterns that held me there.  I had to face my horrors. I had to face my anxieties, my fears, my traumas, my pain. Now I am a success, working towards being more of a success, and in order to attain that I still have a lot to learn. I am so grateful to Mammon for guiding me through these lessons and walking me through them.

Mammon : “There are secrets to success. You have touched on one and you are working with Azazel continually on exploring and shifting the patterns in your subconscious mind.  However, that is just one element to this.  Going into your mind and reprogramming all the limiting beliefs and energies that are holding you, that is another powerful component and one of the hardest ones.  People who are willing to do this work experience success. The more proficient they get at this, the more success they attain.” 

Me : “Yes, Azazel has been talking to me about the subconscious mind and we have been working to reprogram the layers that have been holding me back.  It is going very well!” 

Mammon:   “Those who are successful are programmed for success. They are programmed to succeed and attain what they desire, they have not been beaten down by the programs and beliefs of those who cannot. They have a completely different set of beliefs than most people.  It is why success comes so easy to some and not to others.  So many people act from a place of fake success, but they will never make it, they will never rise up until they actually delve into the subconscious and figure out why they are sabotaging themselves. Until they figure out what is happening that is blocking them and stopping them.  There are certain programs and energies which lead to success. The next part is to reprogram your mind with those beliefs and patterns. This is why I say this work is hard, in fact it is grueling. This is because you have to face every horror, belief and block that is in your subconscious and be prepared for your life to shatter and fall apart when they are released.  You must continue, knowing that this is what you want and holding the course of where you want to go.   Then you have to reprogram your mind with patterns and energies that you have never been exposed to before.  For this part you have to be committed, dedicated and focused.  You have to set your mind on where you want to go and move towards them at full force realizing that you have never been here before so it is going to be uncomfortable and it is going to be terrifying.  If you have reprogrammed you will find yourself in alignment with what you desire.  If you still have blocks at this point they will make themselves known and you have more work to do.  This also works with people. As you shift, people who are damaging and holding you in place will shift away from you. People who do not have your best interests will be exposed and those who are holding you back will be removed.  You have seen this, but you have to start letting it naturally happen.”  

I listened intently and hung on Mammon’s every word.  I knew he was right, and I knew that there was something I was missing, some piece of the puzzle that I was not yet grasping.   I knew that people around me had been changing. It had happened rather abruptly and rather harshly at times.

I remember a conversation with Paimon once where he told me… that as certain people were removed, I would have to let them go and that they didn’t want to be there anymore. It was my own will that held them here.  I tend to get attached to people… sure enough, he was right. As soon as I stopped, they disappeared.  It was a powerful lesson for me.. People who want to be here will be, without me having to chase them.

Mammon :  “Those who would abuse you and lower your vibration will eventually shift away from you.  Those who help you grow, will stay and those who are beneficial to your path will be drawn closer to you.  Those though who would bring your energy down, I will make sure they are removed from your energies. Those who are your allies will surround you like a barrier, and together you will all rise and continue to grow higher.  But it is important to let go of this, and it is important to shift your attention” 

Letting go has caused a major shift in my life, but the people who remain are amazing. They are true friends and allies. I need this… I needed to let go and release the energies in my subconscious mind.  My mindset was unhealthy before.  I was manifesting Narcissists who clung to my projections and fed off my desire to prove everyone right,  everyone right but myself.  Shifting inward, returning to my creative roots and being completely aligned with myself has brought me people who are aligned with me and who compliment what I am trying to do, what I am working to build.  I have to admit some of the people who have left, they were damaging me, and I don’t want to manifest narcissists again.

Mammon : “This is why you won’t manifest them again. You released those energies and shifted away from what manifested them in the first place.  The ones who linger are removing themselves from your life.  Those who feed off of your energies are shifting out of your reality and they will continue to. You will bring to you people who will help you and compliment your business and allow the growth that you desire.  It is because of the self work you are doing on yourself and the journey within that you are taking.  This is why success is coming to you and it is getting easier and easier.  We are working on reprogramming and building the new patterns that you need.  It is time for you now to really embrace who you are and your talents.  Surround yourself with people who will build you up. Surround yourself with those who will compliment your skills, who have their own skills and mastery they bring.  You will never be a master of all. Now it is time to be a master of your craft, and find those who are masters of theirs.  You have them. Shift this around so that you can continue to grow and shine. Be bold and know where you are going. Push forward without doubt, but don’t be blind to the blocks that still are in your mind. Do the work and master yourself.  This will lead you to the success you desire.  I will always be here to help you, and crash your world when you need it.”

He smiled at me and I laughed and smiled back.  13 years of working with this demon and my life has changed continually for the better.  I would not trade any of it for the world.   



4 thoughts on “Discussions with Mammon : The Climb to Success

  • May 10, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    A very inspirational article! It is a reminder that our own thinking is often the only thing holding us back. Your points have given me a kick-start to re-evaluate my thinking and try to identify blocks that I must remove before I can progress forwards.

    Many thanks for sharing this and for taking time out to construct this important message from which we can all benefit.

    • May 10, 2018 at 7:39 pm

      You are very welcome ^_^ I am glad you enjoyed it!

  • October 2, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    Amazing points he makes. I am just starting to connect with Mammon though he had been waiting for me to pull my head out of your know where. He is surprised it took me this long to seek him out. I am reading the rest of your posts about your work with Mammon.

    Thank you for your thoughts and sharing his here. You site has been exactly what I needed. Please notify me of any new posts from him!

  • August 1, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    Reading all of this, this morning, has given me a profound sense of direction. I have sensed Mammon’s call in the back of my mind, but I always react with such hesitation: this is programming which I am actively working to dissolve. I am going to dive headfirst into communicating and working with him to achieve what I originally thought was unobtainable in my life. Thank you for posting this truly inspirational conversation that you shared with him!


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