What is Demonosophy?


Demonosophy meaning to work and walk with learning knowledge and wisdom from the Demons and Dark Lords, and working with Companion Demons and the Dark Lords to learn to leave an inspired and empowered life.  There are many demons out there, thousands that are undiscovered and many who enjoy helping humans and guiding them as Demon Companions.  Demonosophers invite demons to join us on this journey and are our guides and mentors.

-sophy [-osophy] ~(Greek: wise, wisdom; knowledge)

They are our passion and our pleasure and we have joined forces to offer those a safe place to practise and work with demon

A Demonosopher is one who is inspired by a demon or devil


How is this different from other Demonic Paths?


We for a while a felt most aligned with Demonolatry, though it never fully fit what my practise is with demons.  Though I have the utmost of respect for them and do in a sense worship and honour them. it was not my entire focus or working with them.  I do adore them and love them and worship them, but I also want to walk side by side with them, learning from then in pure gnosis and living with them here to enhance this human existence.  Demonolatry left no room for Demon Companions so it never fully resonated, as my Demon Companions are a HUGE part of my life.

“-olatry” ~ (Greek: worship; excessively, fanatically devoted to someone or something; “service paid to the gods”)

Demonolators worship demons and have a great deal or respect for them and appreciation for the amazing beings that they are.  Their tradition are older going back many generations.



I never really resonated with Demonologists, I found their views of demons did not resonate with mine and they seemed to just want to learn about them.

-ology ~ The word -ology is a back-formation from the names of certain disciplines. The -logy element basically means “the study of ____”.  Through the years -ology and -logy have come to mean, “study of” or “science of” and either of these suffixes often utilize the form of -ologist, “one who (whatever the preceding element refers to)”.

Demonology is basically the study of Demons, There are many people on teh right hand path who study demons and their view of them is biased from their point of view.  They see them as evil nefarious beings.  Demonologists partake in the study of demons from a distance and are more about learning about them, then working with them or worshiping them.