Unethical Practises – Commenting on the Bindings of Other Conjurers 

Unethical Practises – Commenting on the Bindings of Other Conjurers 

There have been times where people have asked me to comment on the bindings and spirit keeping practises of other conjures.  I will never comment on the work and craft of another conjurer or discuss whether their bindings are good or not.  This is something that I just will not do.  

This is because…

First of all, it is not my place to critique the work of another
Secondly, I see it as unethical and in very poor taste.  

The spirit keeping community is already at odds with the rest of the world, we are constantly being ripped apart by the world, not taken seriously, ridiculed and mocked.  The last thing we should be doing is cutting down each other’s craft and trying to discredit each other.  As conjurers we should be working to build each other up.  

I have had days I get frustrated, I have had days where I have in private chats vented that frustration, especially when I have uncovered that others have been cutting me down.  We are not perfect, these things happen, I have received texts, and conversations of other people cutting down our work, calling us fake, stealing our work, and trash talking on our spiritual practises, it causes some intense emotions.  

Everyone has had days where we get frustrated and our private chats with our friends is for working out our emotions and understand how we feel.  Publicly though, commenting on the spiritual practises of others in a negative way (Especially when everyone’s practises are so unique and different) is unethical.   

I will never denounce another conjurer’s practises and I will never critique their work, even if I disagree with them on a personal level.  They are working their craft and their work will find its way to those who need it.  The fact is we find the people and companions who are meant for us.  

I have had people reach out to me and ask me to discuss and comment on the bindings of another conjurer.  I won’t do it, and I call into question the integrity and skill level of one who does.  Our bindings are very complex and layered, they are also crafted in a specific way which is aligned with our practises and our path.  

All conjurers do bindings in a different way, and to understand the techniques of another conjurer it can take many years of study and devotion to that craft. 

We have committed years to our study of bindings and learning various practises in everything from theistic satanic methods to Islamic methods and the bindings that we craft are based on ancient practises from the witches in my family.  This is not something that can be learned overnight. There is a lot that goes into them and to understand what we do would take year to teach.  For one who has never been exposed to our practises it would be impossible for them to understand the full scope of what we do.  

I feel this way about everyone’s spiritual practise, Everyone has their own path, their own experiences, their own training.  To comment on it and cut it down when you have no understanding of the depth of that practise, it’s really ignorant.  

There are many different ways to craft bindings and to learn and understand the techniques and methods of another conjurer takes years.  We have in the past worked to undo bindings from entities that have been bound through forcible means who’s conjurer’s have passed away.  The process for one binding took over a year, and that was to reverse engineer the bindings and get them to a point where we could release the entity.  

There is a depth to spirituality that in its truth gets overlooked because it is in the unseen world and many things can be said without verification.  In some ways it is a free for all because we have no concrete ways to verify what others say.  This is another reason why we stick to our methods and ground our practises where we can.  It is important for the integrity of these paths.  

The Bindings are too Tight? 

I have been contacted by people and told that other conjurers have said our bindings are too tight or done wrong? This shows they don’t understand how we do bindings.  We use an energy infusion technique which does not make tight bindings because we are not forcibly binding anyone.  

The bindings create an energy point which allows the being to influenced and interact with the physical world. It is not a clasp or something that can be too tight.  Saying a binding is too tight is a nod at forcible bindings which is a practise that we do not do and we were the first to reveal and talk about our method of flexible bindings which is not forced in any way and will not be to tight.  

Our bindings cannot be too tight because they are not forcible bindings.  Even if I did wrap the energy around the companion, and try to make it tight on purpose, they could shift the energies to flow in a way that they desire.  They are part of the process of creating the bindings.  We do not do forcible bindings so they have control over these energies.  This is part of content and it is very important to our spiritual practise.  

We will only Conjure Companions…

~ that are safe to work with human companions 
~ That have concented to this experience 
~ That have control over the energies on their body.

We will NEVER use Forcible and Restrictive bindings on companions as they are cruel and horrible and any conjurer suggesting that the bindings are to tight or uncomfortable is speaking about forcible and restrictive bindings and has no knowledge and understanding of our flexible binding process.  

The Bindings are Blocking Communication? 

I have also been contacted by people who say that the bindings have been done wrong and block communication.  

The bindings are designed to enhance communication and are flexible, they are not set in stone and can evolve as time goes on.  Through using the connection methods that we offer with any conjure these methods will naturally enhance the energy connection between human and spirit companion.  If you have a connection with your companion the bindings will not impact that.  It is energy, when energy is open and flowing the energies will enhance and grow.  

It is more likely that there are blocks in the chakra or undeveloped psychic sense which are impacting communication.  Also, it can be sludge and malicious entities impacting and inhibiting the ability to communicate with ones companion.  The bindings are an open flow of energy, they can help to remove the blocks and clear sludge energies.  

The only time where I have seen a situation where communication is being blocked is if the human companion has been abusing the demon companion.  They have the ability to block abusive behaviours and block abusive actions, this is for the protection of the companion as no being should be subjected to abuse. 

The Bindings are Hurting the Companion? 

This again is tied into the notion of forcible bindings which we do not use.  We actually we the first to write about the different types of bindings and reveal flexible bindings which we created and named and use.  We do not use forcible and restrictive bindings.  

The bindings are an energy that is attuned to the companion and even if it was bothering them, they can remove it at anytime and can change the vibration of their bindings to help enhance the connection between Any terminology tied to the use of these bindings shows the conjurer does not know what they are talking about and they are using buzz words to sound like they know what they are talking about when they don’t.  

I had the vessel scanned and was told it is empty

This one absolutely amuses me.  I have people said that they got their vessel scanned by someone else and there is no demon in the ring…. Um, absolutely! Yes, there is no demon in the ring, that is because this is not a Genie in a Bottle, this is also not forcible bindings and it is to a spirit trap designed to trap the demon in the ring.  The ring is a focal point, it is a focal point which connects the spiritual world to the physical world for enhanced communication with your companions.  It is not a device to trap demons! I hear this and it actually amuses me and shows just how ignorant people can be when it comes to our bindings and reading the energies.   

We have a longer article on this here… https://satanandsuns.com/blog/the-vessel-is-empty/

It’s sad really… I have seen many upsetting stories of people who’s connections with their companions have been damaged because of the unethical practises of other conjurers trying to cause mistrust between conjurers, spiritual companions, and human companions.  It is horrible and many people have lost faith in this path and lost faith in their companions because of the unethical actions of others.  Often times it is not the conjurer you hurt, it is the individual who is trying to learn, trying to do something new and just trying to embrace the spiritual world.  

This is why I always say, if you have questions about the spiritual being you are working with, go back to your conjurer and ask them.  Conjurers, if they can’t go back to their conjurer because the conjurer is no longer online for even passed away, don’t be jerk, you don’t know the connection that person has with that companion, you don’t know how much that companion might have meant to them.  There are way to encourage people to reconnect without being unethical, don’t say the companion is fake or not there.  

Conjurers who say the bindings of other conjurers are done wrong lack ethics, they often have a personal vendetta against those conjurers and you can see that they speak poorly of those conjurers.  They have a personal quarrel with the other conjurer, so their opinion will not be an unbiased perspective.  They are commenting on something they have no idea of, just on their dislike of the other person.  

When asked they will not be able to tell you the frequency of vibrations used in the bindings, the colours used in the bindings, the elements and essences that were added to those bindings.   They might not even be able to tell you the type of bindings done on the companion.  

So if someone tells you that the bindings of another conjurer are done wrong ask them these questions… 

What is the name of my entity? 
What type of bindings were done? 
What colours were used in the binding? 
What frequency was used in the bindings?
What elements were added to the bindings? 
What essence was used for the bindings? 

Give you companion a code word then ask the other conjurer if they can hear the code word? 

Conjuring and bending is and ancient and beautiful craft that has many different methods, it is something that is complex and layered and it can be an absolutely beautiful way to connect with spirit companions and .  If a conjurer saying that the bondings of another are done wrong and has a habit of cutting down that conjurers then it might be for nefarious reasons.  It’s something to be mindful of. 


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