Category: 3) Psychic Development

Spirit Communication

Levels of Spirit Communication

One of the goals of anyone walking a spiritual path is receiving messages form the spirit world and communicating with spirits.  We all come onto this path at different levels and it can be very frustrating for some.  Others are already aligned with their natural skills and they have a good foundation for spirit communication. Below you…
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Mental Illness

Spirit Communication and Mental Illness

I saw a post on Facebook that was pondering about Socrates and his Daemon (inner voice), and weather he was communicating with his spirit guide, or if he had Schizophrenia… These topics are really interesting to ponder and it got me thinking, my mom is a psychiatric nurse and she purposely kept me out of…
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What is the best option of your third eye workings?

Q: What is the best option of the third eye workings you offer?  ~Uphir psychic surgery ~Satanic Orb spell ~Hecate Psychic Gifts Enhancement A: It is hard to say what the best option is, as they all are unique and wonderful workings, but I will lay out their differences so that you can see which…
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