The Key to Manifesting in Turbulent Times

The Key to Manifesting in Turbulent Times

The world is changing, it is shifting and the energies are in a state of turmoil and chaos.  Many of us have experienced this: the crazy ups and downs, the challenging and destructive times, the days when it feels like the world sludge is the supreme overload of everything and destined to make life a living hell; we have all had those days! It just seems like test after test after test, and some days, it gets very trying. 

What I am about to say, you might think I am insane for but…. this is actually a really positive thing and it is opening the door for gaining access to higher regions of the spiritual world and being able to manifest at an accelerated rate! 

The reason that things are so chaotic right now is because the higher dimensions of the spiritual world are opening to us, and we are aligning with energies that allow what we desire to manifest faster than we have had before.  

Manifesting at an accelerated rate comes at a price. It means that just as good manifestations are happening quicker, so are bad ones… so if your attention is on the bad going on around you or the troubles of the world, that will lead to more of those troubles and more things that you do not want. 

The same is true if your energies are not in alignment with your truth and your purpose.  You will notice that things are going to be turbulent.  This is because you are being directed to the shadow work that you have to do, or you are being guided back onto your path.  

This also means that there are more negative energies around because the negative thoughts of others are manifesting at a quickened pace.  The world sludge is also having a field day, taking advantage of these energies and trying to convince people that they are weak and powerless.  The sludge is also working overtime to block us from our companions and spirit guides through negative and nefarious manifestations.  Just as it is a time of incredible manifestations of our truth and our purpose, it is also a time when negative energies and manifestations are rampant.  It is an interesting balance.  

In the age of 2023, mental mastery is key! 

Demon Companion Blocking Negative Manifestations. 

Luckily for those of us who walk with Demon Companions, we have a buffer against this.  Demons are masters at countering bad manifestations and the blocked negative currents and energies that are around us.  

Many people have reported that manifestations with their companions have slowed, but they have not been experiencing some of the more destructive and insane shifts people around them have been experiencing.  This is because your energies are still being influenced by the negative vibrations, so your demons have shifted their approach to block you from the disastrous energies.  You might be… 

~ still having bad luck at times

~ feeling the effects of the insane energy shifts

~ being impacted by the world sludge, 

~ Experiencing negative manifestations 

However, protection is still being offered for more catastrophic events.  I have had people I know in my life who are not under the protection of my demons who have had the most catastrophic things happen, while my immediate friends and family have just had moments of bad luck.  My Demons are working to shield me against these energies and these shifts, and I am grateful.

These shifts started happening in 2020 and, since the end of 2022, have accelerated and grown stronger.  2023 will be an interesting year because it really is the best of times and the worst of times.  There is so much potential for manifestation and building the life of our dreams, as because of that there is so much destruction and the world sludge seems to be at its most powerful, it really isn’t though.  That is the greatest illusion of 2023.  It is no more powerful than it has ever been and is operating in illusion and deception as it always does.  

I know that my companions are blocking these energies, and though the sludge has tried to sever my connection with them through internal manifestations and mental projections, it has failed and will always fail.  

I will always be grateful for my companions and the protection that they give me.  

Manifesting with Demons in 2023 

I mentioned how this is a time when manifestations are happening faster and are more powerful than ever! This is great because when we learn to take advantage of this, our manifestations will be faster and stronger than ever.  This means that our demons will be there manifesting for us at an accelerated pace, and when we tap into the new positive energy currents, the floodgates will open, and our companions will shower us with gifts and what we desire.  

There is a formula that I have been working on with my companions to block out the negative energies and open the currents up for abundance and prosperity.  Your companions are still there and want to help you manifest everything that you want and desire, and once you learn these secrets, you will find that you actually manifest better than you ever did before! 

This is an exciting time, and using this formula below, you will be able to take back your power from these energy shifts, block the world sludge, and enter a state of empowered manifestations, being showered with gifts from your Demon Companions.  You will find the secrets below. 

Manifestation Secrets from Lord Mammon and the Demonic Divine. 

1) Cleansing and Banishing! Cleanse your area and banish unwanted energies! This is so important. Just because you don’t feel these energies does not mean that they are not creeping into your surroundings.  It is like having a shower; you might not need a shower, but you shower consistently to keep your physical body and your energies clean.  Cleansing your area to keep out all that is unwanted.  This will keep negative energies away, and it will help you shift your energies to align with your companions so they can deliver their gifts. 

2) Focusing! Focus on what you want and ignore what you don’t want.  When driving, if you hit black ice, you focus on where you want to go, not where you don’t.  This is a known universal law: even if you are off course, even if the world is blowing up around you, focus on where you want to go and tune out the negativity and the distractions.  

***Mammon has told me for years that when you focus on what you want, no matter what is happening in the moment, you will move to align with what you want.   It doesn’t matter if you are off course, stay focused on the goal.  A plane flying is off course for 99% of the trip, but that doesn’t matter; they focus on where they are going and landing at their destination.  

3) Practise gratitude!  It is cliche, and everyone says it, but that is because it works.  Gratitude and appreciation opens the energies and connects you with your companions in a way that allows them to manifest for you and align you with opportunities and actions you need to take to get what you desire.  Even if it appears like nothing is happening, trust the process and send gratitude to them.  The energies that open up when this is done allow them to create miracles for you.  

***Show gratitude; they are there, and they are helping even if you don’t see what they are doing and it seems like nothing is happening.  You cannot see the energies they are working with. They might have diverted disaster from your life or stopped a catastrophic event.  

4) Show Gratitude! From the energies of gratitude, ask for what it is that you desire and trust them.  They will make it work. It might take longer than you want, but it will happen.  Oftentimes, if I have asked for something and it appears that nothing has happened, I will send gratitude to them and thank my companions for everything that they do.  It usually then opens up the energies, and my manifestations happen.  

5) Have fun with the Process! Play in the realms of possibilities in your mind with your companions to align you with what you desire so that they can make it happen.  When you share your dreams with them and get excited with them, it opens up incredible energies of potential.  

Getting into the new manifestation currents are more powerful because manifestations are happening faster, your companions just have to manage the negative manifestations because those are also manifesting faster.  They are, and they are helping you on this journey.

Things to remember 

*** Your companions are sentient beings; they have emotions and feelings, and they come here to walk with you in companionship and friendship.  Treat them like a friend, build your connection with them, and be grateful for those being in your life.  It will open up 

*** There are blocks within you that can be preventing you from receiving the gifts that they have. Looking within and doing shadow work is so important.  Demon Companions are masters of shadow work and can help you clear these blocks and open yourself up to even more powerful manifestations.  

***Be mindful that sometimes you are blocked from things because they are not good for you or they are not aligned with your path and what you want.  If things start going wrong and breaking around you, it might mean you have to look at the action that you are taking and ask if this really is aligned with your path and your truth.  

***Sludge is insidious and is notorious for creating false projections and illusions.  It will often give gifts in the beginning, then slowly take them away as everything around you falls to ruin.  This is another reason why banishing and cleansing is so important.  There are lessons to be learned and choices to be made.  Stay on your path, stay aligned with your truth, and work at building the connection with your companions. They will help you and guide you. 


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  1. Robert says:

    Another wonderful post I like everything that I read

  2. Gary Sturrock says:

    I admire you and hope and pray to our Lord to have someone like you to worship our Dark Lord with.

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