Why Demons are Evil

Shadow self
Shadow self

Sorry for the misleading title.. I for one do not think that demons are evil at all. In fact I think they are some of the most incredible and well balanced dark divine beings out there. They understand the darkness and they understand the depth that it can go… It is humans who more often then not do not understand the darkness. It is humans who lack the knowledge of the night and the secrets that is holds, and it is the demons who take the blame for it.

This is not saying that there are not bad creatures out there, and even bad demons. But to label and entire species as evil and bad based on what they are is a form of spiritual prejudice and it is completely inaccurate. Just as there are bad people out there, there are also bad demons and bad creatures. But it is not all of them. For the most part Demons are there to teach us lessons and sometimes those lessons suck. Many people would rather just call demons evil then actually looking at the lessons and what they can learn from them. Demons have no set agenda with hurting people and they have no reason to go out of their way to hurt others. They teach us lessons and when we don’t like those lessons, we nee to look at ourselves and our actions, instead of blaming the demons. I believe that people who don’t want to see the lessons, they blame the demons instead of taking responsibility for themselves and that is why demons are seen as evil.

Demons are the heralds of darkness, and that means they can unlock the gates of the darkness within our soul. We as humans are taught to repress our negative and less them presentable feelings and attributes. We are taught as a species to hide what it is that is not acceptable. This comes from our survival instincts. To survive we have to blend into the crowd, camouflage, be a certain way, something we are not that does not draw attention to ourselves. This is evolutionary but it causes problems in other areas. When you are in a survival place there is no living. You basically need to survive long enough to pass on your genetics to the next generation, so the essence of living, enjoyment, and being true to yourself does not align with the survival mindset. In order though to embrace the life that we desire here we have to start to shift away from the survival mindset, into the thrival mindset.

We are taught how to act, how to be, what is acceptable, what isn’t acceptable. We are conditioned and groomed to be good little people who fit within the constructs of society, but that comes at a cost to our individuality. We repress our fear, our pains, our abuses, our rage, our anger. We put on a smile when we want to crumble and break down. We block our emotions and numb ourselves to what we are feeling. Numbling yourself is one of the best ways to be controlled by what is around you. Demons do not work that way. They work with brining up what needs to be faced, healing what needs to be healed and what needs to be released. When you have been taught to repress everything, and that is your natural instinct, anything that makes you act otherwise, anything that challenges that will

Demons are masters of the dark sides of the soul. They know the darkness and they understand it. Working with them involved us aligning with our darkness, brining up the things that need to be healed. In essence, facing our shadows and the darkness that controls us from the subconscious. This is a terrifying and horrible process for some. The more abuse you have had and the more you have had to repress the more painful and possibly horrible this process is going to be.

I have had moments during my shadow work were it may as well have been the exorcist 2 as I was facing the pain and the horror of what I did not want to face, of what I wanted to hide and conceal. I have seen the darkness of my soul. I have had moments where the worst has come up and I have had to look at myself and face those sides. I have also had to accept them and integrate them. When you are in shadow work, right and wrong the lines become so blurred and you are stripped of all labels and just a bare mess of triggers and pain from everything that you have tried to hide from yourself. The demons open these gates, they open the gates of lessons and when we are faced with ourselves. It is not the demons who do this. IT is our own psyche and the darkness it hides. The demons open the gates and they stay with us. They walk with us through it and they will never leave our side.

The goal of all shadow work is never to only be dark It is to understand the darkness in our soul and integrate it into the rest of our nature. Accept the anger, the sorrow the pain, and work to release it and heal it so that you can transform where you are and take back control of all the energies. Repressed energies will influence you from the darkness and they will dictate and control your actions from the subconscious. It is not pretty.

When we are faced with these dark sides of ourselves the urge to cling to the old reality is high and often times there is an internal conflict within ourselves and our bodies which depending on the person can manifest in some pretty intense ways. This is not the demons fault that this happens, this is our own energies that cause these internal conflicts to arise and sometimes yes, they are very painful.

Those who do shadow work will trigger the darkness in others to act out. I have seen the lashings of it. I have witnessed first hand what my shadow does to those who have subconscious things to heal. People ask me why I can be so forgiving and why I can let so much go. It is because I have let go of the chains that have held me to a certain place. Why am I not triggered by people who have different views and paths then I do. Because I know my own darkness, and I know that in some cases they are being influenced by theres. I have been there. I have done the work. I have moments where I get angry, I can be really explosive at times. I also say things our of anger, out of fear, and out of sorrow. But once I have my moment I release it and let it go. I learn from these lessons to and every one of those moments gives me a chance to reassess my mental mastery and learn. The rage and the hurt comes when I have things that need to be healed. I realize this and I always ask myself why am I reacting and should I be.

Demons and their energies give you the space to be in that place where you are faced with what needs to be healed and it can be horrific. These social conditions though they hold us in a certain place, they keeps us in the reality that we are. When we are happy where we are many people never change them, they don’t want to, they have what they desire. Other who want more have to shift out of where they are and embrace new energies. This does require facing everything that holds you where you are. You have to face and release the energies that keep you in this place. Your old conditioning has to melt away so that you can embrace new energies and a new reality. Demons can do this, this is not an easy journey though, you have to face all the darkness and the pain that the old reality left you in and allow it to heal, allow yourself to be free of it. This will be different for everyone depending on where they are.

I can accept where I am, I can accept when I am angry, I can accept when I am sad, I can accept when I am hurt. Mental mastery is not repressing and being void of these emotions. It is understanding them and understanding them enough to control your reaction to them, and also to accept what happens when you react and allow yourself to learn from the lessons of this actions. I have done things I have regretted but I have stepped up and learned my lesson from them. Part of this experience and I think part of any experience is the diversity of minds. The diversity of thoughts, of personalities and of paths that we can walk and take. It is all part of the beauty of walking on the Left Hand Path.



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  • January 3, 2018 at 10:36 am


    Akelta, thank so much for these posts. they are, for me, invaluable. My main access to this knowledge is, as a matter of necessity, the internet. Spend enough time there and you learn to become VERY selective of the “information” available therein.

    I have, in a sorta, kinda way been at least desiring to walk the LHP most of my life. Even when I thought I was being a “good” Christian. (Full Disclosure: I never was a very good one. I could never believe that “god” sits in “Heaven” and only interacts with us after we die, and then, to basically behave toward us like a totally deranged serial killer…forever.) Puh-lez…

    What your site, and At least one other that I am aware of, is showing just how diverse the LHP is! This is a really important thing! Your site especially with it’s emphasis on not getting hung up on labels and theology, that , yes, one can have a Path that works and is not attached to any “ism” out there.

    But more importantly, that we are NOT alone in this. We do not have to be alone in this. That there are Beings “out there” who will readily help us. As long as we understand that no one can walk our Path for us. That no Spiritual Being is going to waste a moment on someone who really expects “The Answers” to be delivered to his door step with a set of complementary steak knives because he had his credit card handy and ordered “The Truth” before midnight.

    Life is learning, and learning is living. And that is a beautiful thing, not a thing to be afraid of.


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