Balance of the Shadow

Balance of the Shadow

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Satan's Academy

Satan’s Academy

Lord Satan calls on us to master the self and learn about who we are.

Humans are not all light and they are not all dark. They are a balance of both.  But not every human is the same concentration of light and darkness.  Each individual has their own unique scale of how dark and light they are.  Some of us are darker then others, and some of us are lighter.  It is the personal scale of darkness and light that resides in all of us.  It is important for us to look into our core and find the individual balance that is right for us.   When we find balance for ourselves  it awakens in us our core power and we are able to embrace pure empowerment.

The darkness and the light are infinite,  you can walk down each of them for eternity, you can always become darker and you can always become lighter.  It is important to know your boundaries and know where you fall on this spectrum.  If you do not, or if you cross your boundaries you can become unbalanced, and this is dangerous.   Boundaries are not a bad thing, they define things, they define the world around us and they can allow us to define ourselves and know ourselves.  The only way to really know ourselves is to know where our spectrum lies.  You can push yourself, sometimes boundaries hinder us, when they are not in alignment with ourselves and our goals, or they hold us back and they should be challenged.  But we also have to make sure we are not just pushing boundaries for the sake of pushing them.  Growth comes from challenging our boundaries, but sometimes we are pushing boundaries in an area we do not wish to go, and we are not allowing ourselves to honour our personal spectrums of balance.

When walking the darker paths and working with demons and other dark beings this becomes especially important, because there are many things out there that can harm you.  It is very important on the darker paths to know yourself and know where your balance is.  When you  walk into the darkness you only have yourself, you have your skills and abilities, and you need to work at knowing your light.  For when you are in the darkness you need to call upon the light from within to illuminate the path.  It is this balance of darkness and light that allows one to safely walk along the dark paths, honouring themselves and knowing their strengths, their weaknesses and their boundaries.

People who walk the darker paths from a place of balance do challenge themselves to grow, but they do it from a balanced place.  They know themselves enough and can challenge themselves to grow in a balanced way.  They stay grounded and focused, taking the steps they need to get where they want to go.

It is through the exploration and uncover of the self that we learn who we are, and from there we can step into our power and take back what is ours.  We are born into a world where we are taught what to think and what to believe, what to feel and how to act.  Some things are out of alignment with who we are, this is not to say we rebel against everything in society, some things actually will resonate with us, but the only way we will know is to delve deep into the shadow and immerse ourselves in our light, our darkness and really discover who we are!

Once you know who you are you can move through the world acting in accordance with your beliefs, not those dictated to you, and you won’t care if your beliefs are the same as others, or the same as societies, or if they are different, you will know yourself, and know what is right for you.

This is the balance of the shadow, this is the path to understanding the truth of self.




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