Understanding and interpreting Dark Energy in the Aura

The Dark Side and Dark Energy; this is a topic that I find few people want to even mention, let alone analyze in grave detail. Everyone has a dark side, everyone, it is just our nature as humans, darkness and light. For most people the dark energy is a natural darkness, similar to the dark side of nature. There are many spectrums of Natural Darkness but even beyond that there are many types of darkness. The darkness in a persons can traced to different ancestors and the darkness of different beings in us. One, that I have been studying in grave detail since I first discovered it is Demonic Dark Energy, the Dark Energy of the Demons.

I first became aware of the different types of Demonic Dark Energy when I was young. I gave it the name Demonic Dark Energy when I was 15 when I really began to study it. I studied it and sought out people who had it in their aura so I could better understand it and begin to get a sense for what it felt like and how it vibrated.

Luckily for me, one of my best friends has it in her Aura. She has Fallen Angel Demonic Dark energy. At the time, I knew that their was a difference, but I only had hers and mine (Noble Demonic Dark Energy) to go off of. Then when I met my husband, who has Chaos Demonic Dark Energy in him, and his friend who has Hellborn Demonic Dark Energy in him, it opened up other levels of exploration.

I knew of the Demonic Dark Energy in Demons. But the energy in people was fascinating, cause it meant that our souls have Demonic Lineage. Those with it have this incredible dark side to them and a connection to demons and demon ancestry. There are so many species of demons out there and so many different frequencies of energies to learn about.

It really has been a wonderful journey, and for those of you interested, or wanting to learn about how the energy feels in a persons aura. Learning to sense the different energy vibrations in Demons takes time to learn. Learning to sense it in the aura takes even longer cause there are other energies that can take over and mask what you are sensing. You also have to be able to see through your own aura and unfocus your gaze on your own energies or it can interfere with what you are seeing in the other.

First, I had to learn to master my natural abilities to see auras (it is a gift that runs in my family) and make sense of what I was seeing, then I had to train my senses to pick up the different types of energy (each energy has a different vibrational frequency and appears as a different colour). I then moved into analyzing and sensing the different types of dark energy, then the different types of Demonic Dark energy. Mastery can take many years and it is important to practise and always be training ones skills.

One thing about Demonic Dark Energy, It is a very vast spectrum and learning about and understanding the different energies takes time and meditation, I think when it comes to energy we will always be students, learning new thing. Much like scientists are always uncovering and learning, so are those of us who understand and analyse the spiritual world. Curiosity and a desire to explore the unseen is our ally, as is our ability to take our minds to places most will not so. There is a scientific component to uncovering what is in the unseen world.

People who have Demonic Dark Energy in them tend to have some things in common; Passionate, a tendency to be drawn to darkness, a desire to take control of their life and their surroundings, power that can be harnessed and commanded, a force of power that brings results faster than other energies, and of course and understanding and appreciation of darkness. There are other forms of Dark Energy such as Vampire Dark Energy and Werewolf Dark Energy which can have these characteristics as well, the difference really lies in the vibration of the actual energy. It is like an energetic genetic code.

The best way to begin seeing the energy of the aura is to sit still in a meditation. Quiet your mind and focus on the person who’s aura you are trying to see. In the beginning, it is easier if they are physically there though having an image of the person in your astral eyes will work.

Focus on them as a being of pure energy. See into them and around them. See the energy that is moving through them, around them and influencing their physical form. See the layers of the energy and how they interact with different organs. Intuition os a powerful tool when learning to see, when you can release and just allow yourself to exist in seeing and sensing, then you will begin to see what is hidden.

Here are some different Types of Demonic Dark Energy I have worked with and what I have noticed. Remember these are all black energies and in the beginning they will all appear as black, the other colour are not so much colours more of an essence woven into the black.

Fallen Angel Demonic Energy – This type of black energy has a greyish silver underline to it. It feels cool and celestial, the vibrational frequency that it resonates with is very close to dark divinity and their is a healing component to it. Their is also an angelic quality to these people, though it is darker. They are innocent at times, but when you cross them that is when the fangs come out.

Solar Demon Energy – Solar Demon black energy has a golden undertone to it and it very high vibrational. It is a warmer energy very soft, yet powerful like the sun. Solar Demons originate from the upper realms, though Solar Demons thmselves can be found in many different places. Their skin tends to glow with a golden light and they are very good at using the energies of the Sun. Solar energy can also be mistaken for divine energy, some people who are just learning to see the black spectrum can mistake solar energy for the divine energy that comes in around the Crown chakra. It is something to be aware of when learning about the different types of energy.

Noble Demon Energy – Very similar to and can be mistaken for Solar Demon Energy except that woven under the black, their is a golden green sometimes Purple/red/bleu energy (depending on where your ancestry is from). Very high vibrational demonic dark energy with love energy woven into it. It is quite incredible. There is a sense of authority that comes with this energy. People with this type of Demonic Dark energy can be very artistic and passionate. Though that is not all cases, they also can be very entrepreneurial and domineering.

Lowborn Demonic Energy – Lowborn Demonic energy has an incredible intellectual vibration to it and is one of the vibrations to resonate with the infernal regions. This energy has a cool blue fire feel to it and has a unique black glow to it. It is very beautiful and powerful energy.

Abyssal Demonic Energy – This energy I actually have just been learning about and learning to read in the aura. It has a very close vibration to Lowborn Demonic Energy, these two black energies are very similar, they both have the cool blue underlaying colour and a calming vibrations. The difference lies in one is calming from an emotional standpoint and the other is calmed from a logical standpoint. Also, I sense the energies in different areas of my third eye.

Hellborn Demonic Energy – Passionate and fiery, this demonic black has a volcanic essence to it that can be calm and dormant, or enraged with a tendency to erupt. It can also be passionate and fiery and burn with a severity and rage. When a person will Hellborn DDE erupts. It is often violent and can both attract sludge and burn it up.

It does take practise to begin to see the different black energy spectrums. it took me many years to master this technique, just like going to school to learn I had to practise and train my third eye to see and analyze, and sense the different vibrations. It really is all a black energy, but the vibrations underneath the black (If that makes sense) reveal so much.

I also had different demons assist me over the years in getting a sense for the energies and what they feel and look like. Once you are able to tune your vision to the darker frequencies then begins the journey to decipher the individual types, it is a lot of fun to learn. The deeper you go in exploration the more you uncover and discover. Some energy frequencies can mask each other and even merge with other energies to take on traits of that dark energy. It is not something that can be learned over night so be patient with yourself when practising.

Another thing to watch out for when learning; sometimes if you have your own demonic dark energy it can give the illusion that the other person has that type. One question to ask when doing the reading is. Is this energy true to the person, or is my own energy getting in the way. Remember we have an aura as well so when reading another you have to learn to sense the difference between your energy vibration and the one you are reading.



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