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Revelations on the Left Hand Path

Working with demons one learns many things.  It is amazing, honestly, the things that are revealed from working with them.  Though at times it is challenging, it is also one of the most empowering journeys that one can take.  It is one full of lessons, lessons that will lead you to where it is that you want to go and oftentimes many places that you don’t.  These are the places though that you have to go, for they are coming up to help you grow.

When you work with demons you are shown things, you are shown things about yourself and also about others.  You are challenged to make changes in your life and quite often those changes are for the better.  As we move through life the experiences that we have, we can let them defeat us, or we can let them empower us.

Growth is never easy but it is the key to get what we desire.  We have challenges and we have things that we are faced with that we need to overcome.  It is not through the fun times that you learn who has your back,  it is through the darkest of times.  It is through these times that powerful friendships are formed, friendships with demons and spirits, and you really learn about yourself and who you are.

Who are we? That is the question. Why are we here? That is another question.  This experience and our journey here is so unique and also so beautiful.  It can be tragic and horrible and it also can be empowering and incredible.  The experiences that we have, good or bad, they add to the journey here. What we do with them, the perspective that we take on them, helps to shape us and our experience here.

They are all lessons and opportunities for learning and growth.  

We at S&S have learned a lot, in fact working daily with demons we are faced with new challenges and new perspectives.  One of the most amazing lessons that demons teach us is about perspectives.  I remember the first time that I was challenged on one of my perspectives.  Mammon told me that the perspective I had was limiting me.  It was blocking my growth.  He told me that perspectives could keep you a prisoner of your circumstances, but changing them, challenging yourself to see a new perspective can free you. it can liberate you.

Mammon: Your perspectives are right now shaping your world, they are shaping everything that is around you.  They were created by your upbringing, by the culture that you live in, by the people that are around you.  Whether you want to or not, you adopt them, they are ingrained in you.  You do not have to keep them though.  When we challenge where we are and we challenge the perspective that we hold, it can liberate us from where we are. Different people see things from different angles and in order to get what you want, it is important to look at the perspective of those who have what you want.  

That is what the left hand path is about.  It is about liberation.  It is about freedom and it is about uncovering who you are at your core and really stepping into that and embracing that side of yourself.  The left hand path will show you who you are, it will awaken you at your core and you will have a choice, you will have the choice to embrace freedom of yourself.

Mammon: Your subconscious is a minefield of these programs that you have been ingrained with.  It never hurts to look at your beliefs and ask if they really are serving you.  Some will be, something will be a part of who you are, but other things are not your own, they were planted there.  They are programs that are running on auto pilot in the background, and many of them are sabotaging you.  

This is one of those roads that is very rewarding.  When you do the work and uncover what is going on inside of you, you can release these binds that hold you and you can release these things that put you in a disempowered state.  Much of our world is shaped by our beliefs and the current view that we have of the world.  The current view that we have been told of the world.

Mammon: Indoctrination goes on everywhere. You are told how you think, you are told how to be, but is it really serving you?  Some of it yes, but most of it no. Most of it is locking you where you are and keeping you confined to the reality that you have been implanted in.  This world is fluid, but quite often you are trapped in patterns.  When you release those patterns you can move through the energies of this world and manifestation becomes as natural as breathing.  This is not easy work though, you have to become the programmer of your own reality and be willing to let go of the things that quite often bring you comfort.  

It is true. So often things that give us safety and comfort are often the things that keep us where we are.  Change is beautiful but it also is a scary thing.  When you really want something though, the change that comes with it will shake your world, but it will take you exactly where it is that you want to go.

We have been working at solidifying our process, this means that changes are coming to S&S.  They will be good changes. We are watching and observing what is going on and we will be making changes that will be beneficial for everyone.  We have been improving our email time and will be continuing to make things that will make it simpler to communicate with us and stay up to date on your orders.  We are seeing where we are lacking and making improvements in those areas.

If you have any suggestions of things that you would like to see improved please feel free to send us an email and let us know! We would love to hear from you!

Darkest Blessings!

Akelta, Satyra, Yllidra

One thought on “Revelations on the Left Hand Path

  • Rod01

    I can see that you have received amazing revelations. These are thing perhaps I know in my subconscious but until they are brought to the forefront of your mind, examined and worked through will always continue to hold you back from becoming all that you can be. Without the help of a demon familiar one may never bring the erroneous programming that is disempowering us into the spotlight of your minds focus and be dealt with appropriately. I give thanks to The Dark Lords for offering this type of enlightenment to us. The more I learn about the left hand path the more I see the shining path before me and my wish to gain more Demonic knowledge grows. Thank you Akelta, Yllidra and Satyra for the wonderful work you are doing in bringing us to this place of becoming!


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