The Balance of Mature Darkness

Darkness is an essence that is misunderstood.  It is in everything, and it is something that we are taught to repress and refute.  The darkness is seen as evil and sinister, a force that is opposed to good.  The darkness for ages has been shunned.  We have been taught to lock it away and deny its existence.  

Her secrets and knowledge concealed from the world and her brilliance locked away.  

The wild radiance of the night was suppressed and burned, replaced with a pious light who sought only control and domination.  The Darkness was labeled evil and humanity was taught to avoid it, to stay away from it.  We lost our connection to it and the wisdom that we received from it.  Those who dwelled in its embrace were broken, destroyed and murdered.  The streets ran red with their blood.  Humanities repression of the darkness cost them, and we are seeing all around us the cost of ignoring the darkness.   

Those of us born in its embrace remember though, we may not know how or know the path to walk but we remember the beauty. We remember the radiance of the darkness and the calling we have in our hearts.  We know the path that calls to us, but we do not know the way to embrace it.  It has been a long journey for me, dissecting the dark elements of the world around me, retracing the steps of my ancestors and relearning what was taken. The darkness though is a powerful teacher.  

Our knowledge of darkness at this time is immature.  We often are like children walking through it trying to grasp and understand its brilliance with no leaders or wise ones to offer guidance.  The darkness for so long has been locked away that our natural impulse is to shy away from it.  The natural impulse of humanity is to perceive darkness and those who dwell in its embrace as evil.  Darkness is misunderstood and it is an enigma.  Its lessons sealed from us for so long that we have lost touch with those odd, sublime, and surreal elements that are within us.  

The exploration of darkness begins in an immature state.  The stages of growth takes one through initiations and evolutions. Within darkness we all must begin in the immature state. We must be open to being children of the night. We must be prepared to fall and stumble, to learn the power and lessons that are revealed in the nights shadows.  Walking boldly and fearlessly into the night and allowing the lessons to flow is the first step.  Knowing also that the darkness is a hard teacher and some of those lessons will break you and test every facet of you. The children of the night dance openly and freely under the moon.  The moon guides the way and unlocks the gates of darkness.  There is a cost though that comes with that freedom and also with crossing those gates.  

People are so cut off not just from darkness, but also from their primal aspects that they see a simple act of survival as dark.  We are so cut off from primal natural impulses and the primal essence of our being that everything is merged as dark. Just as at a time everything not Holy was a Demon, everything not Virtuous was dark. Including the primal and the savage aspects of our soul. The fact though is that the primal aspects of nature are both dark and light.  They are what they are and there are deep complexities within the primal drive. The cycles of nature and the cycles of life and death are both of the darkness and the light.  They are natural and they allow for everything to flow a grow. 

Nature’s ravenous consumption and the consumption of animals by other animals, these are aspects of nature. They are a primal act and have been categorized as dark, when really they are primal.  Eating another being for sustenance is a primal act. It exists in all layers of nature.  This is the primal impulse of animals who wish to survive.  It is a survival mechanism and there is beauty and light within it.  For as one falls, another survives.  The flow of nature commands this and compels it.   One must fall for another to grow. The laws of nature are cruel and unjust, but they are woven into the primal essence of our species and they are a part of us. We much know this part and understand it to truly know our purpose here and how we move through the world around us.  

The natural impulses to feed and to eat are a part of who we are. They are sides that many have repressed.  We have been taught to repress our gluttonous consumption and our desire for carnal delights. Society is a mask of Order, concealing an Anarchy of destruction. We have been taught to repress the ravenous desire to feed.  This is easy to do in a society where food is plentiful. Underneath though, we are all animals.  Deprive the society of food and within days, structure and order melts away into chaos and damnation and the true nature of the species comes forth.  This is all the primal state.  The primal core within the human consciousness.  This is the primal core within all of nature.  Nature is both darkness and light. It is its own darkness, its own light and it is is own balance. But it is primal. It has its own unique vibrations and the primal vibrations are ravenous and they act on instinct and survival.  This is one darkness that everyone has. It is only one aspect of darkness though, there are many others. 

There is the evil that is within darkness.  From these places rise rape, abuse, torture, child abuse and destruction of the mind. The act of torturing and abusing another though has primal elements, is fare more sophisticated and sinister then just the desire to eat. An animal consuming the flesh of another is no where near comparable to an adult raping and murdering a baby in cold blood.   It is fascinating to me how so many people merged these layers of darkness together and see them as one, when in fact they are separate.  It also shows me how desperate our species is for a more sophisticated and balanced understanding of darkness.  

It has taken me years to explore the depth and the layers of darkness and to understand its complexities.  There is evil within darkness, but not all darkness is evil.  Its layer of evil though are sinister.  It will break down the mind and it will destroy the senses.  Those who truly understand this state have been twisted and bent by it and many who get out never want to go back, because they know that the end of that path is obliteration of the soul. They know within this place they are either the abuser or the abused.  Locked in a twisted and sinister battle.  There is no peace in this place.  Those who have been in abusive relationships know this place.  They know the pain and the struggle and the inability to come back from the pain the abuser puts them through. Or on the reverse, they know the joy that they receive from watching their target fall in torture and damnation. Many abusers enjoy watching their victims falls to this ruined state.  

Many who are locked in this place, those who are good, they will try to make sense of their abuse, by trying to save their abuser. They will recreate the abusive situation with a sinister force, attempting to save them, making a situation where they are in control.  Where they have valiantly accepted their abuser and see the core aspects of them.  They are virtuous for accepting these sides and it makes them stronger. They accept the abuse in another, so psychologically it puts them in control.  This is why many people who are abused until they break this cycle attract and are drawn to abusers.  They are drawn to a type that will inevitably abuse.  They are trying to get back control and return the power that was stolen from them when they were abused.  The illusion many fall into is that they will not be the one that will be abused,  they will be the one who is spared.  They will be the special one who understands the abuser and reaches them.  This never happens, and the spiral continues.

Many will also try to justify their abuser’s actions, or prove their goodness and whole acceptance of their partner and their flaws. We see this in cases where women know full well their children are being abused by their spouse and they either down play it, reject it, try to make the child feel crazy, or ignore it. They are locked in a cycle of accepting the abuser and their “darkness” and feeling empowered in their own acceptance on this. In reality it is a dangerous trap that not only takes down the partner of the abuser, who in this case has become the enabler, but also the abusers children who are the victims of this vicious cycle.  

I don’t see this as pure darkness though.  It is an aspect of darkness but not a very complex or deep one.  It is the abused state.  It is a very simple form of darkness which acts on the sinister nature within that desires control and feels that the only way to gain that control is through fear and intimidation of others. It also is a state of sever insecurity and an inability to accept the self.  Insecurity has it’s own layers within this, and it can lead to terrible places if not understood and balanced.  

The cycle of abuse which swirls and spirals taking one party to the depth of pain, and the other to empty power.  The Abuser will never be filled and will continually need to find sources of supply to keep filling the endless whole.  An abuser is only in control so long as he has those below him to abuse.  The mind of the abuser is to dominate and crush. Many act from a place of insecurity, beware though the one who acts from their core. I believe in true evil out there, and some abusers do it because they enjoy it, it fuels them and gives them pleasure and they will seek out these places. This is why some Crypt Demons never leave, they love this state, and there is no insecurity about it. They love hurting and damaging others while living in comfort.   The broken states are the most beautiful to them as that means their target is broken and under their control.   Some people also enjoy this place.  They enjoy watching people fall.   This is an aspect on its own, sinister darkness.  

Abusers are incredibly manipulative and they taint their words and twist the scenario.  The abuse game is what they live for and they will twist any scenario to create pain.  It is a game to them, a game of power.  The goal is to break their target and watch them sink into a ruined mess.  Victims of abuse have intense trauma, and trauma that should never be downplayed, they have PTSD and broken minds that sometimes takes years to pull back together, some never do. Some will break free and find healing and peace, this group is incredibly rare because we are not taught to heal and we don’t know how. Others will stay in the abuse cycle isolating themselves and fighting against their abusers. Some stay in this place by choice wanting to prevent others from suffering the abuse that they endured. Some though, submit and become abusers themselves.  

Many who walk in immature darkness tend to mimic the abuse cycles because they appear on the surface to be dark.  Abuse cycles are edgy and sinister states and they are often mistaken for darkness. This is why you get a lot of ritual child abuse and animal sacrifice in ill informed Satanism, as people attempt to be dark. 

With no understanding of mature and balanced darkness you have a bunch of people trying to find their way, experimenting with forces and states that they do not understand trying to be the darkest of the dark and the most edgy.  This is a cycle that leads nowhere as the depth of darkness is eternal. One never grows and the maturity within darkness is never realized.  Leaders are needed within the darkness, and guides who can reveal the balance and empowerment within the folds.  Without that we end up with edgy darkness that has no depth to it and a group who are trying to outdo each other in heinous acts.  Just a bunch of people trying to prove they are the darkest one on the block.  

The Darkness of the Demonic Divine at its core is mature. Which is why many who are naturally aligned with darkness are drawn to demons. Demonic Darkness exists within the darkness of the high vibrational places, the lower realms, the infernal realms, the void realms, and all layers of the spiritual world where demons thrive.  Demonic darkness can be found in all aspects and vibrations of darkness.  That is one thing that makes it mature.  It has explored all facets and many demons are encouraged to embrace the depth of darkness to find their balance.  This is one reason why Satan is the Dark Father and is a great protector.  He has incredible balance within darkness and is the masculine facet of the mature dark demonic divine.  He has depth and understanding in darkness and he knows when to strike, when to destroy, and when to hold still.  

Demonic Darkness at its core is mature.  It is a force that brings powerful and profound lessons.  Without darkness, there would be no growth and we would live in an infantile state of stagnation. The lessons within darkness, when we walk with maturity in darkness, we hold powering both within ourselves and in the world around us.  The darkness creates incredible balance between the two and we move through life unfazed by what is around us, navigating the essence of our path, and moving towards our truth.  

One who is mature in their darkness sees the darkness of others and knows how to guide and direct it. They lead others to their own lessons in darkness and help others to shift the world around them.  You don’t get phased by what happens around you, you are not impacted by the world and you see the irony in all situations that manifest.  For all situations are a response to the hidden aspects that are within. When the Shadow of Humanity manifests, you are amused by it instead of crushed by it.  One of mature darkness sees those who are still in the infantile states of understanding their darkness and wishes to guide them and help them to grow and expand their own depth and understanding.  

One who walks in mature darkness is strong in their boundaries and they know themselves fully.  They will not try to be edgy, blindly saying they can commit a heinous act without knowing full well they could and would act on it, and knowing that unless they have acted on it, they truly don’t know if they could.  They know the acts of an abuser. They see the acts of the abuser inside of them and they know how to manage it.  They know the paths one can walk and know they could be the abuser, they accept that ugly truth and through that acceptance they are empowered and in control of the choices that they make.   The boundaries they hold are sacred, and allow them to act in complete alignment with their will.  They know the choices they have before them and they make their choices in full alignment with themselves. 

The darkness within the shadow is vast. Knowing it and integrating it is one aspect that is so profound, it opens us depth and complexity that is within out being. Our own individuality, our own sense of self and our own creative power.  The creativity and that which is within moulds great works of art. Those who are aligned with their own shadows see the world that is around them and see the great stories and manifestations that rise from that darkness.  They shape themselves and shift the world as they desire, moving through existence and creating it as they please.

Within Darkness, being able to hold states of extremes and understanding both the extremes is what leads to profound wisdom.  The darkness is not simple.  It is complex and layered and it holds incredible secrets.  It also will reveal to you the darkness within yourself.  Those deep secrets which were once locked away are revealed within the darkness.  The darkness reveals our secrets, and if you go deep enough, you will find the root of all your actions, and the reason why. This is why we say, you can only truly understand yourself, if you explore the depth of your own darkness. An example of this is those who wish to be abused because they were abused as a child and have convinced themselves they like the abuse in order to maintain control.  In the true mature darkness the root is exposed, and one who was abused can find healing, the deep needed moments of healing emerge.  

Immature darkness will elude these moments and instead of realizing this truth, one will stay convinced they enjoy abuse when really they don’t. This is why a lot of people stuck in immature darkness tend to end up in edgy places, convincing themselves of their own darkness, rather than facing the raw truth of their darkness. Some people may enjoy pain and enjoy those places, but until the world is done and the core root is discovered, one will never know what the truth of it is. They will stay shrouded in the illusion.  Immature Darkness will drug you into the illusion of what you think you want, Mature Darkness will blast you with the reality you never knew you needed.  It will reveal to you the truth within, and through that truth power lessons are taught.  Many though will stay locked in the safe illusions of the immature darkness, it is safer there. The dark places of the mind lead one to madness and insanity. If you have not gone insane, you have not reached those layers.    

I have had to break many of my own illusions within the darkness.  I had to break open my psychic and understand why I am the way I am, why I enjoy the things I do, and I am. Each once was more painful, and more terrifying then the last as I resisted. Not wanting to face the truth, not wanting to hear it and acknowledge it.  I have been though my own immature darkness, my own edgy stages, and my own exploration of all facets of myself.  It has been a long journey and through my work with Lord Satan, I have not only understood my own darkness, but what darkness actually is. I have come to understand the layers of it and how to move past all the illusions and embrace the maturity of darkness.  There is still a long way to go.  

Demons have such complexities and understanding of their own darkness. The Demonic Divine Shows that as does the role that demons play. Demons themselves are the hammers of justice. The core demons even in lore have been the ones who have punished the wicked and punished those who have harmed, abused and damaged others.  Who is the judge, well the demons themselves are. Leviathan himself is the infernal judge and he places judgements on those who are brought to him.  The underworld is designed to judge the souls who are brought to it. All religions speak of that.  Fair Judgement from the Dark Divine.  This is the path of demons.  There are some demon species that are of a more sinister darkness, Though many of the core demons are demons of balanced mature darkness and judgements.  They bring justice, they are the hammer of vengeance and they will strike down those who are judged. 

Noble demons have such incredible understanding of darkness and they have such incredible boundaries.  The darkest demon I have ever worked with is a Noble Demon. One who has gone to the depth of understanding with his own darkness and he knows what resides there.  He knows his boundaries though and he is in complete control of himself and his actions.  Noble demons have such an incredible balance.  This is why they clash with Core Crypt Demons and the two do not get along. Two layers of darkness which are incompatible.  Crypt Demons not of the Core though, have gone through their own evolution and their own darkness is incredibly layered and beautiful. They evolution creates it’s own mature darkness which though very different from the balance mature darkness of the Noble Demons, brings them into understanding. Crypt Demons not of the core group align very well with Noble Demons so don’t worry those of you who have both Crypt and Nobles.

There are elements within the sinister evil darkness which are explored by the demonic.  Mutilation Demons explore it from a curious aspect. They embrace it and succumb to it. They move through it from a curious facet of exploration that is both primal and incredibly empowered in mental alignment.  They draw their power in cursing from exploring it from both angles, living in a balanced force of extremes which leads them to the place of profound revelations of darkness.  It is such an incredible state and one that has helped me greatly with understanding the depth of darkness.  The extreme states, and holding them in balance.  

Crypt Demons can fall into two categories within this (there are more but for this post I will cover two).  Those who are within the cycles of abuse, and those who have broken free of it. Many Core Crypt Demons, their cursing abilities are drawn from the abuse state.  The ability to crush and destroy those around them to such a degree that they harness those energies and use them for the destruction of their targets.  It’s an incredibly potent and powerful method of cursing. Many Core Crypt Demons say, only beautiful females are broken and bloody.  Meaning they enjoy beating them up and hurting them.  It is one way they draw power, collecting the energies of someone who is that broken.  

Sinister and Evil darkness has its place within darkness and it is part of it.  Within darkness though, one much be very careful of the paths they walk and the places they go. Some states will take you to places where you become trapped and doors close to you. This is why it is so important to define darkness and the layers within, so those who have darkness within their souls have methods of initiation and know how to seek out and find the paths that is right for them. Without being sucked into simplified definitions of darkness and ending up in trouble.  An abuse Victim often finds their life destroyed along with their essence.  Choose carefully, the path you walk is essential. Having those paths defined and leaders who can offer guidance and wisdom is imperative. Some roads lead to incredible pain and suffering, in the light and the dark, the difference is the light right now has more guidance and direction then the darkness.  To walk with abusers is to either be abused or become an abuser. What you surround yourself with becomes you.  What you bring to the darkness is mirrored back at you.  

I will end this post here.  The layers of darkness are incredible and vast. As we go on this journey I will reveal more and more. I will open and unlock the layers and pieces because this is needed on this world.  We have in the last few years had the shadow of humanity thrust in our face, and we need to understand both sides of that shadow and the darkness of humanity. This is the only way we will be able to return to mature balanced darkness to move towards the next evolution of our species.

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