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Christmas Mammon

Lessons from Mammon : The Christmas Mammon

I have started the new lessons with Mammon and I have to say it has been quite the transition.  Everything I once again thought I knew has been being challenged and he is once again working on shifting my mindset and opening me up to new perspectives. I am also needing to be constantly present, for…
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Don't Waste Your Time

Lesson from Mammon : Don’t Waste Your Time

Mammon:  You know you have been wasting so much time on things that just don’t matter. It is time.  You have had your time to lament and whine over what happened.  You have healed and worked hard to reclaim your power.  Now it is time to shed this skin and leave it behind. It is time to let it…
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Mammon Title

Curses Clashing with Success

I have been asked this many times. Why does the curse not work? Why is my enemy not crushed and destroyed? There is a very simple and easy answer for this. It is because they are part of your growth. This doesn’t mean they won’t get theirs, and when they do your demons will make…
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Important Lessons

The Most powerful Lesson Mammon Ever Taught Me

This is a hard post for me to do, because it reveals a breaking point for me, a moment of pure growth and well one of my lower points in life. But a Time when I was able to turn my life around in a profound way. When all the lessons and all the conversations…
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Lessons from Mammon : Abundance vocabulary

Had a great session with Mammon the other day and a great exercise and lesson to learn. Mammon was talking to me about how important it was that I watch the vocabulary I use. The amazing this about this is I had never really given much thought to the words I was saying, I just…
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Mammon's Wealth

Mammon’s Money Teachings

Money is a very interesting thing. Some have it, many lack it, most want it, few will have it….Why is that? Why is money this elusive thing that seems to control our lives…. Well that is because many people have blocks surrounding Money, and are brought up with twisted notions on what money is. We…
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