Lessons from Mammon : Abundance vocabulary

Had a great session with Mammon the other day and a great exercise and lesson to learn. Mammon was talking to me about how important it was that I watch the vocabulary I use. The amazing this about this is I had never really given much thought to the words I was saying, I just spoke, sometime eloquently, sometimes like a joker, depending on what was going on. I had never thought to censor my words and watch what comes out of my mouth. I know from past experiences I need to watch what a read and censor the amount of energy depleting info that coming into my mind, but Mammon gave me some great insight into why I also need to watch what comes out of my mind.

Mammon said – Words have energies to them as do thoughts. Your thoughts and words do a vast amount of the manifesting for you and what you are primarily focused on will be what you are creating in your everyday life. When you speak, those vibrations go out from you and help to shape the world around you. If you speak very poorly of yourself and of your life it wll affect your life.

That is why some people always seem to have a horror story to share about their life, they speak of all that does wrong and all that is bad in the world and seem to never catch a break or rarely have good things come their way. Our vocabulary and words we speak become like a pattern. These patterns are all influencial in shaping our reality which is why most people seem to always be stuck in their life circumstances. This is not everyone, some peopel do have distasters befall them for educational purposes or becasue they are changing their lives and the old energies are crashing with the new ones creating challenges to over come. But Our words that we use do play a huge role in where are life is, and they can also play a huge role in changing our life curcumstances. We just have to have the desire and the dedication to monitor what we say and alter our default language to reflect and more richer posiitive world.

Here is the conversation.

I’ll also tell you a bit about the ways I converse with Mammon. One way, I have my husband channel him for me. Another way is I will meditate and drift to his Palace where I will sit at his throne and listen to his vast words of wisdom. Palace of Gold, docrated in gold, surrounded by gold, have I mentioed me likes gold, lol.

Me: Hi Mammon, I have completed my last assignment and am ready for my next lesson.

Mammon : Alright, your next lesson will be the most simple, yet most challenging one yet as it will test your focus, concentration as well as your ability to remain present and also test your mental mastery.

Me : Ok, I am ready.

Mammon : You need to watch what you say.

Me : Can you elaborate?

Mammon : Your words that come out of your mouth, they are vibration, a focal point of you manifestations and everything you speak works at creating a foothold into your reality. the more you speak of something the stronger the vibration get and the more powerful it becomes to your reality. It also creates strong neural paths in your mind scuplting the reality around you. The more you feed those neural paths the stronger that reality will becomes. It will become a pattern, the patters that creates your reality and your default state that the energies around you will always seek to go back to. That is why some people sell easily, and others cannot sell to save their lives. Why some can produce great wealth while others always struggle. It is the words they use that help shape this reality. Listen to the vibrations coming out of your mouth and the primary thoughts about your life in your mind and you will see it is an almost identical match the vibrations that sculpt your life.

Me : I see what you are saying, the words are in a sense are sending out vibrations from me creating what is around me.

Mammon : Correct. even now think about your life and where you are. What feels right. It only feels right because that is what you have created, you have a default point, if you change your words and adopted a richer vocabulary you would find over time and dedication, that would end up becoming your norm, and that new reality would become your default point.

Me : What about the Neural patterns, what is the best way to change those?

Mammon : It is hard to just change patterns and neural pathways , but easy to change ones vocabulary and that, by default, will lead to a change in thinking, it is an easier route to help that happen. D and Azazel can also help you to remove these blocks as they come up making the transition easier.

Mammon : Think about that car you want, what vibrations are coming into your mind.

Me : Future vibration of being able to afford it one day soon.

Mammon : Right, change that and begin planning to afford it now, bring that money into your vocabulary and then it will come into your reality, and trust, we will make it happen fast, you just need to rewrite the story of that car. The vibrations will shift and make it happen, trust then and just remain present. Keep correcting yourself as your notice slip ups, remains present and allow these new vibrations to settle in. Pay attention to your thoughts on things and work at changing your words around them. Also on yourself. How do you talk about yourself and how can you talk richer about yourself. Things are going to crop up to test you as the new vibrations clash with the old vibrations, just relax through them. These challenges are good and always offer opportunity and lessons. See them. Change your vocabulary and you will change your life.

Mammon : Let take some other examples, look at people who have bad things befall them and seem to always have disaster after disaster and exist in poverty and tragedy. What words are they using, what do they talk about constantly, is their energy vibration low, or high? Then look at someone who seems to have it all and gets more and more each day, what are they speaking and vibrating? Pay attention to the vibrations people are sending off, and the vibrations you re sending off, and watch what your are saying!

Me : I shall watch my words, thank you


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