Curses Clashing with Success

Curses Clashing with Success

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I have been asked this many times. Why does the curse not work? Why is my enemy not crushed and destroyed? There is a very simple and easy answer for this. It is because they are part of your growth. This doesn’t mean they won’t get theirs, and when they do your demons will make sure they pay, but… the person might represent a part of you that you need to heal, a part of you that you need to realize, something that you need to reclaim your power from.

Sometimes people come into our lives because we are put in a disempowered state. We have given our power away and they are acting as our oppressor. Why won’t the demons just remove this person? Because you are not healed, you have not taken your power back so even if the demon removes them they will just be replaced, possibly by someone worse. So they are not going to take out this person until you take back your power because it isn’t going to help you. It is just going to replace one oppressor with another. These situations come to us to challenge us to grow.

If someone comes into your life and they are immediately taken out then they were just a jerk who was interfering with your life. But if they don’t get taken out right away you need to look at that, and see what growth you need to go through. Because sometimes the demon removing a person will actually hurt you more than letting you grow. If you need to grow, if you need to rise and move away from that person and retake back your power then them taking them out might actually damage your growth. This is especially true if you have financials goals… Stay Tuned for More Mammon…

Me: I am just so frustrated! I jut cannot take it anymore, how could this have happened! How come they are still here taunting me!

Mammon: What have you learned from this situation?

Me: That I am a universal punching bag!

Mammon: No that is not the lesson.. listen to my words. The lesson here is that this person is here, they are showing you what you don’t want, but you brought them into your life because you feel like you don’t deserve better, you feel like you have to settle for these energies, well you don’t. You don’t have to settle for these energies and you don’t have to settle for this place you have found yourself. You need to grow a thicker skin and look at what they are actually doing to your life and look at why you are letting yourself be treated like this.. You are allowing it, and if you are allowing it it is not on me to clean up your mess.

I stopped and was stunned.. I wanted to argue, I wanted to fight back but a little part of me knew he was right. I knew that his words were accurate and that I was solely responsible for this energy that was infiltrating and seeping into my life.

Me: So if I throw curses at them?

Mammon: What a waste of time that would be. Akelta they are here because of a feeling inside of you that is lacking, they are directly tied to your own self worth. They are tied to your growth and the faster you realize the lessons.. the faster they can be dealt with in the appropriate fashion. Look inside yourself and find out what has to be healed, find the part of yourself that doesn’t feel worthy and feels that this is appropriate treatment. Then take your power back form it. This is not a hard concept to understand but often times you make it hard because you are trying to justify why you are being hurt.. In actuality you are allowing yourself to be hurt. Now go into yourself, sever those ties, transform yourself so that Tiger can go after them already. You are the one holding yourself here, not us.

I was completely dumbfounded by his words but I knew he was right. This was not the first time that he sabotaged me to get me to grow.

Mammon sabotaged my attempts to get a job, he took my job away and left me with 2 Mortgages and no income. This was because having a job was not aligned with what I wanted. I wanted to be successful, I wanted to be in control of my life, Having a job didn’t align with that. Having my own business did. I remember that day so well when It was all taken from me. I felt like a gaping hole had opened up in my heart and I was genuinely afraid. I had no idea why this was happening and I had no idea how I was going to pay my bills.

Mammon: Your whole work environment was toxic, how did you expect to be anything but dumb, sick and broke working there? The hours you put in, the stress you were under, those conditions were horrible. Really it was a blessing that they stopped paying you. You got everything you asked for, you wanted a way out, you wanted a chance to start your own business now you have it. You removed a completely toxic situation from your life. That path was not yours, I would have done it sooner had you not been so opposed to leaving that job. I am going to guide you to what it is that you want, I am not going to enable you to stay at the mercy of a toxic situation that allows for no opportunity for growth and prosperity. You want to go to a specific place well the road you were on was not going to take you there. This road that I have so forcefully placed you on will take you there.


Mammon: Now you can spend time whining and crying, looking for another job or build your business *grins* The choice is all yours!

Working with Mammon I went through times where nothing was working, it was so frustrating and I felt like everything kept falling apart and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. It was because Mammon was trying to guide me to where I needed to go, an area where I can grow and have what I want and desire. Sometimes the path that we are on is actually preventing us from getting what we want.

Mammon is one of those demons who pushes people in the direction of getting what they want, and he and I have had our moments. I have screamed at him, I have yelled at him, I have been so frustrated with him and sobbed because of him, but I found the path that I was meant to walk through his actions, I found the journey that I was meant to take but following his guidance.

I lost my job at 7 months pregnant, it was horrible but it guided me to where I needed to go. I was so stubborn I was set on what I thought should happen, but Mammon showed me what needed to happen. Sometimes these people who seem horrible, they cross our paths to get us back on track. Throwing curses at them won’t help the situation, Finding out what you need to heal and reclaiming your power will!!

Once you have your power back and are in an empowered place, throw the curses you want and ask your demons for justice, especially if one has harmed you and Yes they will be dealt with in time, but for your initial encounter with them they are meant to re direct you back onto the path you need to be on, so removing them until you reclaim that power will actually hurt you. Be mindful of the work you need to do, some of it is external, but some of it is internal and meant to transform you and get you back on track to where you want to go.


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