Mammon’s Money Teachings

Mammon’s Money Teachings

Mammon's Wealth

Money is a very interesting thing. Some have it, many lack it, most want it, few will have it….Why is that? Why is money this elusive thing that seems to control our lives…. Well that is because many people have blocks surrounding Money, and are brought up with twisted notions on what money is.

We have all heard the memes..

Money doesn’t grow on trees
Money is the root of all evil
Money is dirty
You can only make money by being corrupt and a criminal
All rich people are rich from scamming poor people

This does not make for a healthy money vibration… Think about it. What are we fed in the media, the noble poor person who is spiritual rich and virtuous which is why they do not need money. They are poor, and that is portrayed as being noble and good.. While rich is being portrayed as evil and sinister…much like demons.. Most rich people portrayed in films are evil, the bad guy, manipulative, the problem that needs to be fixed, egomaniacs who need to be brought down to earth. Most poor people on the other hand are virtuous, noble, the hero.. There are exceptions to the rule but for the most part this is the energy vibrations towards money that is abundant and that we all pick up.

To be frank, money is nothing more than a measurement, a measurement to the value you are providing.

From a young age we are taught the virtue of being poor, and teaches its population that it is pure to be poor.. while their leaders are treated to luxury and wealth… don’t believe me.. look at the Pope. Why do they want this. because when people are poor they are humbled, they lack power and are easily oppressed. They want an enemy to blame so they blame, the devil and the rich people as to why their life is terrible and look to Yahweh and know that because they suffered and were noble in life they will be rewarded in death…. Bah is all I have to say to that..

Let me tell you… this is all untrue.. They feed people these vibrations to keep them oppressed, poor and dependant on money… What do most people complain about. I don’t have enough money, money is tight, there is never enough. This is not an abundant mentality opened up to the abundant vibrations of the universe. When people are poor all they are thinking about is their next paycheque. Most of them are so dissatisfied with their lives that they try to numb themselves by escaping into other realities.. Look at all the reality TV Shows on TV, they are all ways for people to escape their own reality. Most people live paycheque to paycheque and basically eat work and sleep. This makes people very easy to control

Walking the LHP we want to experience life, experience the fullness and the joy it has to offer. Embrace each passion and delight and live as we want to. Not as other would have us live. We want to live free with the ability to do what we want when we want..

I will admit it, I am a capitalist. an environmental one cares a great deal about animals and plants, but still a capitalist. I love business, I love money, I love working with Demons, and I am not ashamed of any of that…

The funny thing is, wealthy people are not controlled by their money, they control their money, they in a sense make it work for them (yes I know every money guru trying to sell you something says this, but what they say is partially true, they just salsify it to sell you stuff). Whereas when you are living paycheque to paycheque, money controls you. It causes you stress, anxiety, worry, you have bills to pay, money to make. Your are controlled by Money. So this is an oppressive block as well…

People who have money, energetically feel different. They think different and they see the world differently. Their lives are completely different, and ironically a good portion of them are into the occult and walk the LHP… go figure…

The Demons live in abundance. They delight in physical, spiritual, mental and overall complete abundance. They value people who value themselves and they also value those who value them. They enjoy teaching people how to live in joy and abundance.

My husband is a high priest of Mammon. That means he basically works exclusively with Mammon and communicates with him on a daily basis. Mammon has taught us a lot when it comes to viewing money and manifesting and I would like to share some of these insights with you.

Lesson one : Money Meme’s… Is money really evil…?

Think of all these memes we hear… (see above)

None of them are true… In fact money is nothing more than an energy designed to measure value. The value that is given. Basically when you provide a service of value and your are open to receiving that value money flows to you.

Ironically Demons are considered evil as well. But in reality they are not evil, they have the tools, talents and abilities to free us from our bonds and allow us to embrace existence as a free being and not a slave.. Ironically money has the ability to do the same in the physical realm.

Money is an energy. Basically it is an energy frequency. $5 to a poor person is a lot of money… $5 to a millionaire is insignificant…. $5 to a billionaire is nothing. It is all subjective and how you see it in your mind. I have a friend who can make $50 000 in a month just by making a phone call. His belief about money is very different than most. What is he doing that allows him to do that.. Well what he believes about money is very different than others…

His beliefs..

Money is easy to make
I can manifest anything I desire
I delight in manifesting what I desire
I am super grateful and thankful for everyone and everybody in my life
I make more and more money every month
Money equals freedom

So as you can see his beliefs and views on money are quite a bit difference. Think about it. If you desire to have more money, but deep down you believe money is evil, or having money makes you a bad person those energies will conflict inside you creating an energy conflict and since negative energies are more powerful that positive ones they will win.

He also vibrates at a different frequency, when I am around him I feel different I feel unstoppable, I love being around his cause his energy vibration is soo amazing. It is the same vibration that I feel when I work with Mammon. That sense of pure abundance that I can have anything and everything I desire. Mammon is teaching me to consistently vibrate at that frequency. It can be done by anyone, you just need to commit yourself and be willing to step outside of your world and embrace something new and amazing.

Lesson one is… analyze your beliefs about money and change them.

Lesson Two : Giving and Receiving

Most people are great at giving… They are amazing at giving.. to the point of Martyrdom… People can give everything including the shirt on their back.. Most people suck at receiving.. If someone gave you a giant gift. Like a gift valued at $10 000, how would you feel. Would you be suspicious of their motives? Would you feel wrong taking it? Pay close attention to how you would feel receiving such a giant gift. It says a lot to how your relationship with money is.

Sometimes you need go give without receiving back and sometimes you need to receive without giving back. This goes along way for your energy and how you manifest. Think of it this way. If someone say to you “my you are pretty” How do you take it. Do you ignore it and brush it off (dishonoring their gift), or do you say something like “thank you, you are very pretty as well (returning the gift), Or do you say “Thank you so much” Fully embracing the gift and allowing the generosity that person has shown to flow through you.

Giving and receiving is a very interesting thing. You need to be good at both to have a healthy money vibrations. Some times let yourself give freely without thinking of anything in return. Other times take freely offering nothing in return. It strengthens your vibration and also your sense of self and self confidence.

Demons value those who value them. We set our prices based on the Value they can provide their keeper and also the time and energy we invest as conjurers to find them and make sure that they are safe, secure and suited for working with humans. If a demon feels that they are not valued or respected then they will not fully connect or feel appreciated by their keeper.

We put ourselves out there to find and work with good demons…. We invest our time and energy and the time and energy we invest is reflected in the price that is set. We also take into consideration the value that the entity can provide their future keeper.

Mammon (one of the Demon I work with) taught me, never to look at the cost, as money can be manifested for what you truly desire… When one expands their energy abundance flows to them, but when they shrink it, it limits them and they keep getting less and less… This is true, whenever I put my mind to acquiring anything I always get it, no matter the cost….. He said to always look at the value you are getting. Money will flow to those who let it. I always ask myself when I want something… How can I afford it? Then I strategize with my Demons and we make it happen.

Lesson Two is – Giving and Receiving, can you give and receive without guilt.

Lesson 3 : You will never get unless you ask.

We are taught growing up not to ask, or that it is wrong to ask for things. This could not be further from the truth. I ask for things all the time. I would say 75% of the time when I ask I get right away, and the other 20 % of the time I eventually get what I ask for. THere is no harm in asking for what you, no harm at all. In fact it is all part of the circle of life. how do people know what you want unless you ask? When you ask for what you want you outline a clean course of energies which allows the manifestation to begin to get you what you want.

Even working with demons one should not be afraid to ask for things from them. Honor and respect them, appreciate all they do, but allow them to give you gifts. They like using their abilities and helping us get what we want, they come to this world to learn themselves and use what they know, when we ask for things it gives them stuff to do. They do enjoy it. They will let you know if there are blocks preventing it from happening or ways that you can grow to bring what you desire into your life. Demon love to use their abilites they enjoy teaching us things and getting things for us and if they do not want to do a particular task they will have no problem telling you so. They do not have the inhibitions we do and they view the world differently, They do not

Asking for what you want is the only way you will get it. There is nothing wrong with asking, we are taught that it is wrong to ask, but in actuality those who ask are the ones who get what they want.

Lesson Three is- Ask for what you want!

Lesson 4 – The Money Vibration

I touched on this in lesson one. Vibrating at a frequency that attracts money. People who have money vibrate a magnetic frequency that bring it to them. How you learn to vibrate at this frequency is simple. Think in abundance, feel abundant and allow yourself to always be pulling those energies in and through you. Money is very much like water. If you try to grab it, it eludes you. If you scoop it, you have handfuls, it you divert the whole river you will always have enough. but you have to allow it to come and go, like a flowing river.

This one is often the hardest one to get. Having mental mastery helps because you can control your thoughts and allow you thoughts to only focus on abundance which helps with becoming a money magnet. If you hold onto to those money vibrations money will flow naturally to you. But you have to hold the thoughts, it does take work to train yourself to vibrate at that frequency, especially if you have old programming to get over.

Lesson Four is – Change your money vibration by changing your thoughts

Remember, Demons live in abundance and they can help you to get over these hurled and attract what you desire. If you ask them they would be more than happy to assist you in recreating yourself and learning to manifest and reshape your life… All you have to do is ask.


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  1. Ntyama Thierry says:

    Après avoir lu votre article concernant l’argent, Démon Mammon et ces service, je tenais vraiment à vous faire à quel point je suis touché plus profond de moi. Je tout à fait d’accord avec vous et sincèrement je souhaiterai également devenir entièrement un adepte du Santan pour pouvoir travailler dans les côtés du Démon. J’aime l’argent et j’ai envie d’en avoir beaucoup que possible mais les moyen et les possibilité me manquent. Je souhaiterai devenir un grand homme d’affaire remarquable et brillant, créer des entreprises partout et offrir des emploies à ceux et celles qui zn ont besoin. Je voudrais signer un pacte avec le Démon Mammon, devenir son serviteur, le louer, le respecter et rester loyal à lui à jamais. Je voudrais donc savoir si vous pouvez m’aider à réaliser ce pacte car vous êtes le plus proche du Démon et je ne sais comment m’y prendre seule pour réaliser ce pacte. Je vais vous laisser mon contacte e-mail sur le quel je suis très joignable en espérant avoir de vos nouvelles bientôt.


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