Delightfully Dark Discussions ~ Companions, Familiars, and Guardians

Delightfully Dark Discussions ~ Companions, Familiars, and Guardians

Defining Demonosophy & Demon Companions

In Demonosophy, which is the path that our Coven walks, we walk side by side with the Dark Lords and with Demons. There are many spiritual paths that have different forms of guides, much like angelic guardians, spirit guides, animal familiar spirits, entities, and more. There are many different ways that one can connect to the spiritual world and connect to these different spirits. All paths have their guides and those that they work with. These paths all have those who they connect with to help empower them on their journey. As Demonosophers, we are able to work with all three types of guides: Companions, Familiars, and Guardians. 

In Demonosophy, we work with demons and that is the main spiritual entity that we work with. We allow demons to come into our lives to guide us and be with us on our journey. Although Demonosophers are mainly demons, we are not exclusive to demons is we do not wish to be. Sometimes we do invite other spiritual beings to connect with us and work with us, though there is a focus on demons on the path of Demonosophy. 

Working with spirit companions is not uncommon throughout history. Many people have spirit guides. They have spirit familiars, they have those spiritual forces that they connect to and they work with, embracing those that we call upon. In our time of need, when we need help or assistance, those we reach out to will be those companions, familiar, or guardians. The spiritual world is aligned with these energies and it connects us with them to be empowered. 

~ A demon companion is a demon who chooses to form a working partnership with a human companion and assist them on the betterment and empowerment of their life here.

~ There are many different species of demons, many different ranks, and demons who can come through from their realm and connect with us on this realm.

~ Humans benefit from this, but the demons also benefit from this as well.

~ There is a mutual exchange in energies when we assist them and walk together.

~ They will learn from us just as we learn from them.

~ They get to experience the perception that we have here and experience the exchange of energies.

~ Demons get to use their skills and abilities to help us live a more empowered and fulfilled life. 

As Demonosophers, we seek a very empowered connection with demon companions. We see them as our mentors, guides, and our friends. They are here to walk with us. Demons have come forth to this realm to help us, to empower us, and to guide us on our spiritual journey.

Rumors on Demon Companions & Slavery

One of the biggest concerns that Demonosophers face is the accusations of being a scam as well as that we are enslaving demons to sell them as prisoners. This is a false claim and we work hard to change the misconceptions of not just working with demons but also as those that work with demon companions. This notion originally came around from the “genie” in a bottle mythos, where the Jinn is trapped in a bottle and forced to do their master’s bidding. This is not what Demonosophy or the practice of working with demon companions is about. We walk with demons from a place of respect. They choose to be here, and the bindings that we craft is actually a connection point between our world and the spiritual world. It is a spiritual bridge so that our companions have a physical point of manifestation to connect with us and work with us. 

The concept of spiritual companions has been known throughout history. There is evidence of this in many of the older books and manuscripts, even the grimoires, that mention of a demon having a personal connection to humans. The demons of the Goetia are an incredible demonstration of this. People call upon them and ask them for aid. People ask them to aid them from a companion standpoint. Demon companions are a companion that only you know about, whereas the demons from the Goetia or Dukante, are demons that help everybody. A demon companion though is one that you have a personal one-on-one connection with. These demons come from the same realms and the same places as the well-known ones, but they choose to work one-on-one with a human companion. They have a more personal and working relationship with them.

You can see that even in the Goetia, King Paimon grants familiars. He grants demon familiars so that they can come to assist the one who is calling on King Paimon to help them in their life. There is a lot of evidence in the past that demon companionship, is something that has been practiced throughout history. The notion that it is fake or it is a scam, are the same ones that were calling the old practitioners back then fake or a scam. Now, a lot of people that make these claims are those who don’t have a connection to the spiritual world. Instead of seeing that people connect in different ways and have different methods of working with demons, they do not understand it and they call it a scam or fake. 

Unfortunately for Demonosophers, very few people take the time to truly go deep into understanding it. Mainly, this is because up until very recently, it has been incredibly private and one did not go public with it. You did not put it out there and advertise that you were working with demons. Most of the knowledge was underground and different familiars had their ways of connecting with demons. They had ancient books that were only known to a select few that had the method of working with demons.

This knowledge was not common and it wasn’t common until recently. With the shifts occurring in society and the evolution of the internet, we have the opportunity to teach people and share this path with them. We can share and educate, showing them just how amazing and incredible this path can be. This is a path that is rich with history that is woven through our evolution. There has been this secret path, this dark underbelly of the human experience has followed. With it, our connection to demons and the demonic divine, there is this opportunity for this darkness to rise in the world. It can rise and help those who are called to that darkness and those that are on a darker path to find that connection in themselves and to find the balance in their lives. It is a beautiful and exciting time. 

There is the understanding that because there is not a lot of information that has been out that there is a recent comfortableness about speaking out about it, despite there being a stigma attached to working with demons. Now, as these energies as shifting, more and more people are opening up about working with demons. We have this opportunity to teach and clear up these misconceptions. Instead, we can showcase the incredible beauty of working with demon companions and forming connections with a spiritual being.

Go at Your Own Pace and Stay Safe

There is one sad truth that we touched on when it comes to working on this path. That is the fact that there is a stigma around it. Some people cannot come out and speak of their experiences with demons. They cannot open up about their path because they are worried about how their family is going to take it or if they will be disowned by their family. Every person’s situation will be different and not everyone will be accepting of this path. It is getting better, but there is still a very heavy stigma attached to it.  As we keep putting it out there and we keep challenging the stigmas, the better it will get. There will still be those moments of unsureness, where you’re not sure how much of yourself you want to reveal because it is so sacred.

Everyone is going to have a different journey and for those that feel unsure or don’t know if they can be open about it, stay safe. Do not feel pressured to release the side of yourself. Do not feel pressured to release your identity. Don’t release something about yourself that is so sacred that you could get hurt. Take it slow and don’t ever feel as if you have to talk about it. We’re working to reverse the stigma and offer resources so that people can look at Demonosophy and demon companions differently. That it is not what the media portrays. It is a beautiful and amazing path. Do what is right for you and make sure you’re staying safe.

Companions and Vessels

A personal demon companion is a demon who has come forth to assist the humans here, both in the spiritual and the physical world. Due to the dark nature of demons, they do have a powerful influence over the physical world. Many of these demons have incredible skills and abilities that they can use to help guide you on this journey. They are very wise and powerful dark divine beings that have such deep and profound wisdom. Demons can help in so many areas of our lives. 

Companions have volunteered to be here and they want to work with us. It is their choice and consent is a huge part of this path that is very important. We do not imprison them. Consent for the human companion and consent for the demon companion is crucial. These are some of our core philosophies that are vital to our practice. We would never for a demon to be here against their will. The binding that is crafted is not something that traps them here. It is a focal point, which is a tool for the human companion and the demon companion to create a space where there is an established connection. This space allows for the human and demon to connect and work together, receiving the demon’s wisdom and guidance.

These focal points, vessels, act as bridges of energies between the physical and spiritual world. This allow for the energies to open up and methods of communication can be established. A good example of this would be the purpose for churches being built. Some people do not have their psychic senses developed and need a physical anchor to help them build a bridge to the spiritual, the non-corporeal to the physical. Churches act as physical points of connection to the spiritual world, hence why they are considered sacred spaces.

A sacred space is a space where the energies are dedicated to spiritual work and spiritual practice. This is why when you go into a religious building or a place of worship, you can get insights and inspiration. You can have those moments where you feel completely connected to the path of spiritual energies and completely connected with that spiritual path. Different religious and spiritual practices all have these foundational methods, which help us as physical beings to connect to the spiritual aspects of who we are and the spiritual world and those spiritual beings that are helping us on this journey.

Sacredness of Spirituality

Your spiritual side is sacred. It is something to be protected and embraced. Do not feel that you have to be open about your practice. One of the worst things that somebody can do is to expose themselves before they are ready to reveal that side. There are people out there that will try to tell you that your spiritual side is fake. Or they will try to say that you are fake. Do not listen to these people. Your spiritual side is sacred. Your spiritual name is sacred, and it is just as much a part of you as any other name that you will have. Do not let anybody tell you that you’re fake or that you are not doing spirituality right.

There are many different ways to work with demons, different ways to connect, and many ways to walk this path. Don’t let people tell you that you’re not doing it right because you are not doing it the way they would or how a book says to do so. You work with demons as you are called to and the ones that connect with you. They are going to guide you to the way that is best for you to work with them. If you are getting results and it is working for you, don’t listen to what someone else says. Even if they are exactly who they say they are and that they are an expert, if someone is telling you you’re wrong and yet you are getting the results you want, keep doing what you are doing. Do not listen to them. Unless you are in serious trouble and having those difficulties, then you may want to seek our someone who has more experience.

If you’re sharing your experiences and someone is cutting you down to tell you that you’re wrong or fake, do not give them the time of day. You know your path best and you know you best and not everything will work the same for everybody. The way that you are practicing may not work for someone else. But if you’re getting results and seeing the benefits from the way you work with them, then follow that. Follow the inspiration that the demons are giving you. When you begin working with demons, you’re going to end up with demons who are going to assist you and help you in your personal life.

There is an interactiveness that comes with working with demons. They are very involved in helping, guiding, and mentoring you to show you what you need to do. They’re going to reach out to you and guide you. The demons who are close to you, the personal demon companions, they’re going to learn as much as they can about you so they can help your personal journey on this path.

Demon Familiars

Demon familiars are very close to the familiars that come with practicing witchcraft. Familiars are a spirit or a demon, often in the form of an animal though not always, that serves to aid a witch or an individual. There are many different tales of witches having familiars, especially black cats, and the different types of spirits that connect and aid the witch in their journey. Those of us who walk a spiritual path, who walk a magical path and use magic, we know of our familiars and these guides who walk with us and assist us. With demon familiars, many of them have been there since the beginning of our lives, though some of them do come in at later stages of our life. They are here basically to help us serve our needs and to help. With the practice of magic, some people do use familiar and companion interchangeably.

We define familiars and companions differently. Whereas a companion is a spiritual being who has their own essence and presence, they have their own lives and families and connections which are apart from yours. They can exist in another plane and they can move between this world and their own. A familiar is a part of your life. It is completely a part of your life and they are here for the sole purpose of serving you and helping you. They do not have a separate life and they do not have that aspect of themselves that is separate from yours. They are here to walk with you and guide you, to serve you, and help in any aspect of your life. They are here for your whole life. 

Even with this, they are still vastly complex and they are beings themselves. They are complex and they have their own thoughts and feelings. Demon familiars are here within this realm and they are here to connect with us. Demon Companions do have an aspect outside of this realm and have a connection to their own realm, whereas familiars are connected to this realm and connected to you within this realm. They do not have something outside of that. They exist within the planes and dimensions that are directly connected to the world here and they work with only that one person. 

A companion can work with multiple people. When you have a demon companion, they work with you but they can work with others. If you are part of a coven or a group, that one companion can work with others within that group. A familiar will work with you and only you, as they are your personal guide. It is their purpose and their mission. They walk side by side with you and will do what you need them to do. 

A familiar can be many different spiritual beings. Demon familiar, they usually are entities that will step forward to work with you and be bound to you on this journey. They help people who are aligned with the darker energy spectrums. They can help those who need help balancing the darker energy spectrums and learning to work with their own dark energy. They come to this world to stay close to their human companion and to connect with them to guide them. All of those who are on a magical path have different kinds of familiars depending on the path that they’re on. Depending upon the individual’s energy makeup, they’re going to be different from person to person. Familiars, depending on the matching energy, some will have animals and some will have demons. Others will have more natural world-based familiars, like elves or fae. It depends upon the individual. Everybody has their own unique connections to the spiritual world, and that is one thing that defines the type of familiars that you’re going to have.

Everyone who is on a magical path, they all have familiars and those familiars can come to you at different stages of your life. Some can be more connected to you when you’re young. Others can be more connected to you during middle age or even when you are past that. Usually, it is you who becomes aware of them at different stages of your life, but sometimes you’ll have a new familiar that will walk with you for a different stage of your journey.

Spiritual guides and familiars are very sacred and personal. At the end of the day, you will want to find the path that aligns with you, that you can call home. There is no one singular path for everyone. There are many spiritual paths. The right spiritual path for you is the one where you feel that connection. You feel like you are home if you have a connection with a certain spiritual path. This is where you are meant to be and it is a beautiful thing to experience.

Demon Guardian

A guardian is a person who guards, protects, and preserves. A demon guardian is a demon who has stepped forward with a specific task of guarding and protecting. This is a demon that is usually assigned to you at birth or who walks with you from birth. They are there to keep you safe and secure. Many people speak of guardian angels and the protection they bring and them watching over you to make sure you’re safe. But those who are aligned with darker energies? What about those who are on darker spiritual paths?

We have guardian demons. These are demons who have been there for us our whole lives, who protect us and watch over us to ensure we are safe. It could be a Dark Lord, it could be one who is a high-ranking demon. It could be a demon that you are connected to in the spiritual world. Usually, it is a demon that you are connected to in the spiritual work and they are there to watch over you. A demon guardian is a demon who is charged with following you and watching over you and your life. They play the role of protector and they act very quickly when there’s trouble around or when they need to shift the energies. They are capable of shifting and moving negative energies away from you to protect you.

I have a demon guardian that I became aware of when I was six years. This was when I first really started connecting to the spiritual world. I started to notice that there were creatures around me that were not nice. There were nefarious creatures around me, and my demon guardian came and protected me.

He chased them all away and he made sure that I was safe and he saved me many times throughout my life. I remember one day I was climbing rocks at this beach. And below me, there were a bunch of sharp rocks and really high waves. And I was climbing and I remember I slipped and I couldn’t grab onto the rock face and I started falling backward and I felt something shove me and pushed me back so that I could actually grab the rocks again and it was him.

He pushed me. He managed to push me so that I was able to grab the rock so I didn’t fall because that would’ve been a very horrible fall. I probably would’ve had some serious injuries from that one, but because of his intervention, I was safe.

A demon guardian will do these things. They will intervene and they will work to keep you safe. 

I did not realize till I was much older. I actually was brought up in a Catholic family and there was mention of guardian angels, but every time I tried to connect to angels, it was like nothing.

And then finally, later on, I was also skeptical cause I was like, I don’t know if I really believed this, but when I found demons, then everything suddenly made sense. I was like, oh. This is what happened. It all kind of fell into place.

Signs of Demon Connections

Even if a person is at a certain age in life and hasn’t connected with them, some people naturally have connections and they have been there for a long time. When you figure out that you have these connections, it will all line up, and understand that they were there with you. If you’ve tried to connect to a different spiritual being and you can’t, that means that you’re on the wrong path or that you are not attuned to those spiritual beings. For some people, they cannot connect with one and then connect with demons and find that everything makes sense. It means that your energies are attuned to those spiritual frequencies. You have that alignment and connection to demons over these other spiritual beings like angels.

There are different elements that go into these connections, and sometimes it is not that you are not spiritual or that you are not psychic. It is more based on that you are not connecting with something that you’re aligned with or attuned to. If you are asking if you have a demon guardian, if you feel like you’ve been connected to demons since you were young or even recently, it is very likely that you do have a demon guardian or familiar. You have this connection to the demons and the darkness. That is a sign that you are connected to demons. You have this connection to the Demonic Divine.

There will be people that naturally fall into working with demons. They feel it and they know this connection in their heart. Others will be that they feel a draw to it. A curiosity that when they are exposed to it, they start to interact. It will all come together and they realize, yes, this was the answer all along. If you feel that you have a guardian or a dark presence watching over you, this very well could be a demon guardian. These guardians are also there at the end of our lives. They can help us to cross over and return to the energies where we came from. They know us and the lives we’ve had, giving us the ability to return to our spiritual home. These guardians have a deep connection with us, whereas companions can come to us at any stage of our life. 

Since they are with you from the beginning stages of your life to protect you, this doesn’t mean that you are invincible. You will always want to do your best to stay safe, but oftentimes they can intervene to help sway danger or help avert a disastrous situation. Your guardian is there with you and it is a spiritual being that you can talk with, that you can connect with, and you can ask for help in your time of need. They love us and care about us and will do what is within their power to help us.

Beginning Working with Companions, Familiars, and Guardians

How would you recommend working with them?

With Demon Companions, you can find a conjurer or a spiritual person to help connect you with different companions. When it comes to your familiars and demon guardian, you can ask them for assistance from another person who is psychic. Although, one of the things in our practice is that we encourage helping people develop their own psychic gifts and skills. We work to help people to learn how to connect with their spirit guides. There are different meditations that you can do. 

For a demon familiar, we recommend a meditation where you sit in silence with yourself and you look inward. When you do this, look inward to your heart and ask your demon familiar to step forward. Make sure that you have your spiritual foundation in place, to prevent nefarious and dangerous entities. This includes knowing how to shield and ward, learn to cleanse, and ground yourself. 

Before doing this meditation you will want to set up a ward around the room you are in. You will program the ward by saying, “I am going to keep all nefarious entities out, all spiritual forces that wish me harm, cannot cross the barrier of this ward”. This will define your space. You will then want to define your own personal shield. In your personal shield, you will want to program the same thing as your ward. Once this is done, you will have your ward and your shield, which will keep you safe. Sit in your space and keep yourself grounded with your energies and you will want to cleanse yourself before beginning the meditation.

Wash yourself with white gold energy or if you are connected more to the darker energies, then wash yourself with the demonic black energies. Wash the room and yourself with these energies to get rid of all other energy. Visualize a white gold and black shield that expands and surrounds the room and cleanse it. You can use incense or even a rosemary cleansing spray. 

Now that you are ready, you will want to get comfortable and meditate. You will look within your heart because your familiar is going to be connected to you. They are going to be able to get through your energies. Where a lot of spirits around you will communicate externally, a familiar and guardian can communicate with you through internal means. It is a way to isolate those energies away from the spiritual forces around you so that you know you’re connecting with your familiar or guardian instead of a wandering spirit. 

You will want to meditate by closing your eyes and looking into your heart and asking your familiar to step forward, asking them to connect with you. Connecting with a spiritual familiar or demon guardian will feel wonderful. There will be beautiful sensations and you will feel like you found a lost part of your soul. This is one way to tell that a spirit is beneficial from a sinister entity. If they are sinister, you will feel off or there will be a sickly feeling in your stomach. You will fell that something is wrong. You will not have that warm connection that comes from connecting with them through your heart chakra. Another thing that you are able to do is send love energies to yourself and guide those energies to your connections. This will help to open the connections as well as purging the nefarious.

When you connect with your familiar, you will notice the positive shifts in your life. When you connect with a nefarious entity, you will notice that there are negative shifts in your life, that there will be things that feel wrong. 

Demons are fantastic at helping you to remove what is hurting you so that there will be growth. The goal of a nefarious entity or sludge or sinister entity is that they will want to destroy you. They will consume your energies and you will see a progressive decline in everything around you. There is a difference of clearing away what needs to be cleared and then the complete destruction of your life. These are some things to keep in mind when you connect with your familiars and guardians. Make sure that your spiritual foundation is solid. There is usually a warning before things are cleared out by the demons versus your life blowing up because you’re connecting with something negative. The other aspect is that if you do have things go wrong, those demons will be there to help turn it around. You can turn the energy of things that devastate into opportunity. 

Some of the ways that we connect with demons will be by chanting their Enns or gazing at their sigils. We also do rituals and meditations with them. There is the option to set up altars dedicated to your companions, familiars, guardians, or even a Dark Lord/Lady. You can ask them to step forward during a ritual. 

To communicate with demons, you will want to increase your focus and you will want to work at developing your psychic senses. There are many different things that you can do in order to awaken your psychic senses and develop your natural skills. There are exercises that can help you to train your senses, such as clairvoyance and practice looking and viewing your companion. You can see their outline against a wall or if you want to hear them, meditate with them and ask them yes or no questions to see if you can hear what they say. There is the method of clairsentience, where you can feel the different answers. It is about finding a way to connect with your companions so that you can feel the answer to the questions that you have. 

When you have the breakthrough with your psychic senses and communication becomes clear, the sky is the limit. There is nothing that can hold you back. You will get to the point where you can pick out the differences from different demons, companions, familiars, guardians, and any other spiritual being you work with. When you start connecting with these beings who are helping you, it is life-changing. 


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