Delightfully Dark Discussion – Spiritual Callings

Delightfully Dark Discussion – Spiritual Callings

The following post is from the above video.

Spiritual Foundation

“What exactly is the spiritual foundation work?
How do I work on my spiritual foundation?
Are there any courses or ways I can start to strengthen my spiritual foundation?”

A very big question that is asked frequently, but is also one of the most important areas. This is a very deep and vast topic that can be explored further in another Delightfully Dark Discussion (DDD). A very basic explanation will be the focus of this as this topic deserves a lot of respect and the time for this DDD is meant for Spiritual Callings. 

There are so many layers to the spiritual foundation, as it basically is your ability to control and define what comes into your space. Your spiritual foundation is your shields, wards, your ability to cleanse yourself, to ground, and your skill in banishing what is unwanted in your space. Having a spiritual foundation means building up your spiritual skills and abilities to the point that you are confident in interacting with spirits in a way where you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

It is very important to any spiritual path to have a spiritual foundation. It comes down to the idea that if you are interacting with the spiritual world, then you must know how to guard your space. 

~ You have to know how to shield yourself from malicious entities, energies, and even people. 

~ You have to know how to cleanse yourself and how to ground after any ritual or energetic work. 

With that, the spiritual foundation is the skills and tools that you have with interacting with the spiritual world that make it safer. 

Attunement to Energetic Beings

“Is there some time for one’s energy body to need adjusting to Succubi?

I’ve gotten an uncontrollable feeling as they get near that feeling like they are shocking me and I can feel my body move away from them. I can’t help it. My body just reacts like that and I feel bad for pulling away.

Then do you know what’s going on or have you ever heard of this?”

Oftentimes people need to have a period where they attune themselves. It is where you adjust to the energies of another spiritual being. We have an attunement ritual available for people to use to help in this area. This ritual helps you to focus on their energy and focus on connecting with them. It allows your body to become acclimatized to them, and to their energies.

Spiritual Beings can have very intense energies that are overwhelming. Our bodies are not used to being exposed to those energies and we are not attuned to being in contact with those energies. There are many reasons why you could be having a reaction to their energy. An attunement ritual though, or working to attune yourself, is the best way to resolve that. It can take time and patience to do so. 

***Some people are naturally more attuned to specific entities. For other people, it can take years to become attuned to working with different entities. It all depends on where you are energetically and your individual connection to them.*** 

A note on working with these spiritual beings is that they do not have to be in your space if you do not wish for them to be. If they are hurting or causing harm in some form, they do not have the right to be there or do so. This is where the spiritual foundation is very important because it can help you to enforce boundaries with the spiritual world and spiritual entities. 

You have spiritual authority in your space. 

Just because it’s a spiritual being, it doesn’t give it the right to be in your space and cause you harm. Banish them, it is one of the key parts of building that spiritual foundation mentioned before.

Spiritual Callings 

“What is a calling?
How do I know I’m called?
How do I know a Demon wants to work with me?
How do I know that this is the right path for me?
How do I know that this is the right choice?”

The first thing that comes to mind in response to these questions: you know yourself best.

This is your journey. This is your path. This is your energy. If you feel a calling, if you feel a connection or a pull towards something: Explore it. When you explore it there are some questions that you should keep in mind. What does this calling mean to you? What does this entity or being or deity mean to you?

A very common thought for people when first starting on their path is, “I don’t think I’m worthy” or “I don’t think I am good enough”. This line of thought is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing at this time. Self-worth and the lack thereof towards ourselves. It comes with a feeling that we are not good enough, that we are not worthy enough.

This is completely wrong, both from a spiritual and a deity perspective. You are absolutely worthy. Don’t hold yourself back or sell yourself short. You are worthy of these interactions and callings. Whatever spiritual path is calling to you, by holding yourself back, you are doing yourself a disservice. You are not honoring yourself and your journey by feeling as if you are not worthy. You are preventing yourself from possibly exploring something that could be meaningful and life-changing.

If you feel that there is a connection, if you feel called to something, explore. Go for it, pursue it. See where it can take you.

First Steps of a Calling

There are many layers to identifying and honoring a calling. 

~ The first step into working with any being, especially demons or deities: Research!! You must educate yourself. Read as much as you can before you take certain steps, especially in regard to working with demons. Make sure that you know what you’re connecting with and that this is something that you want to do. 

~ The second step is that you must eliminate fear. There is so much fear that is told to us in this world, especially in regard to demons, darker energies, and other aspects related to these topics. Do not approach this path and working with demons from a place of fear. It will end badly for those involved. Educate yourself and if you decide to honor your callings, eliminate the fear that comes from stigma.

Recognizing a Calling

Many of the questions that we get asked about are “how do I know I’m having a calling?” or they come to us with a situation of “this happened and this happened and I think I’m being called”. What matters is that you stop to think of your feelings on the matter. How do you feel about being called? If you are feeling called, then you very well may be.

How a Calling has looked to me is I usually start obsessing about things. My mind is very obsessive, especially when it is drawn to a certain energy. Now people can be like, oh, you just have, you know, obsessive Compulsive disorder, which is probably true. I do have a form of O C D . It does run in my family. But obsession is not a bad thing. Obsession can actually be a very good thing.


Obsession can be used for manifestation. If you’re obsessed with something, there is a reason behind that. This is a part of the whole scope of where we are taught to doubt ourselves and doubt what is coming up inside of ourselves. If you’re obsessed with something, it means that there is something that is calling to you. It is something about the energy that is pulling you in, that is drawing you towards it.

So this was before the internet, and even before I really had books. Anytime I heard the name Satan, I would feel something and I would feel like, oh, that name. It’s so beautiful, that name. It’s so profound. It’s so amazing. And I wanted to know more about that name. I wanted to understand more about it.

I wanted to learn about it. So anytime I heard, I was like Satan. And I tried to, you know, find things out and obviously like the only source back then was the Bible, which was funny. Or my stepdad who was very important but has been very helpful because he was very anti-religious, so he was more than happy to explain things to me from an anti-religious level, which was fantastic.

Because he very much was he had, there was no shame to it. There was no, ‘Satan’s an evil and all that’. He was very straightforward. But I kept seeking it out, and I kept seeking out, and I wanted to learn about demons, and I wanted to learn about darkness. And it was this calling that was in my soul.

It was this insatiable desire to learn more.


If you find yourself attracted to a name of a Demon, be it Marbas or Baal, or Belial or Marchosias. Follow it. Ask yourself these questions:

~ Why are you obsessed with this?
~ What does this name mean to you?
~ What do you feel towards the energies of the name?
~ What is coming up in you?

It means that there is something happening within you. Your body is energetically responding to the energies of that name, which means that there is a familiarity there. There is something for you to learn. Something there for you to explore. If you find yourself obsessing about a demon, obsessing about an entity… pursue it. Go for it. Learn everything you can. Read Information. If certain information doesn’t resonate with you, don’t feel as if you have to adopt everything. 

Layers of Gnosis

There are different layers of the spiritual world. 

There are different layers, different beings, and different people connecting to those layers. Gnosis is defined as “knowledge of spiritual mysteries” if you were to look it up on Google. Having different experiences and knowledge of those experiences falls underneath the idea of having gnosis of your path. This is called UPG, or unverified personal gnosis. It is the experience that you have had that is personal to you. 

This is why the spiritual world is explained with so many different layers, because there are so many experiences within the human collective that either resonates or contradicts each other. This is normal, this is expected. Having a personal experience that may or may not resonate with others is part of your journey and is absolutely valid.

With the different layers, there is more to the spiritual world. There is the universal spiritual world which is right next to us. There are the Qliphothic realms. There is the inner spiritual world and the outer spiritual world. There are different demons of the same name that can exist within these different layers. While you may be connecting with a Belial, someone else could be connecting with a different Belial on a different level of layer. This can explain the discrepancies between people’s experiences.

With this understanding of people having varying experiences with the same deity or being there is one point that must be stressed. Do not feel like your experiences are wrong just because they are different. Don’t feel like you don’t have a calling to this spiritual being just because something you’ve read about them doesn’t align with what you’ve experienced. A lot of spirituality is about learning to trust yourself and learning to trust your own individual connection to the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is big enough for everybody to explore and for these different layers to offer those experiences. You will be connecting with the one that is right for you. Others are going to connect with the one that is right for them. If you read something that doesn’t resonate or align with you, that doesn’t mean you don’t have calling. It may mean that the person is connecting to a spiritual being that you are not connecting to.

Continue to explore your calling. Continue to explore your individual connection to them. It will help you to understand not only your energetic resonance with them but also the level that you are working on with them. Trust your feeling. Know that different people have different experiences. Realize that you have value, your worth, and your experience to reconnect to that part of yourself.

What Works For You

There will be people that will try to tell you how to practice. They will invalidate your experiences by attempting to convince you that because it didn’t happen one way, that it is wrong. These people are not people that you want on your path. Just move away from those people and listen to what is right for you. That is the most important thing. You will read books, which sometimes those books come with a certain authority. This will not always align with your beliefs and your experiences. Not every book is going to have things that you will agree with.

“I’ve even thrown books at walls for things that they’ve written,” Akelta mentions in the DDD video on callings. Eilana also explains that “people will say that it’s hundreds of years old, so clearly it’s right. It’s like, no, clearly it is not right. It’s not working for me. I don’t have to do what they did 200 years ago. How does this even factor into modern life?”

That is what it comes down to. Sometimes it doesn’t factor into modern life or even our own personal life. Sometimes it is “complete crap” as Eilana says. People wrote things just to mislead people so they could hide the knowledge for themselves. It comes down to an awareness of what you are reading and using that discernment. If you don’t have discernment, then this is the time to start training it.

Nobody has the authority to define the entire structure of the spiritual world.

Do not feel as if you have to practice or have experiences that are defined by other people’s standards. Don’t let others convince you that your experiences are fake because they are different. This is especially true with demons. If you don’t work with demons like this, then you’re doing it wrong – says those who want to control you. You work with demons the way that you feel called to. The diversity of the spiritual world is what creates the exciting enjoyment to explore and learn more. There’s layers and beauty to be found. 

When feeling like you are experiencing these feelings of unworthiness or invalid, take that time to step back. Look at you experiences that you have had and acknowledge that yes, this person had their experiences, but you also had yours. It does no good for anyone to force experiences.

This is part of the reason why I started talking about the different layers of the spiritual world because everybody’s like, when I started talking about the outer spiritual world, a lot of people were like, oh, it’s fake.

You made it up, you did this. You know, it’s just fake. It’s like, No, it is not fake. It is to define different levels of experience to show that there are different layers of experience, and this explains why my layers of experience, my teachings with the demons are different because I’m connecting from this layer or that people might be connecting from other layers.

Aand this is all, okay. This is all wonderful. This is all amazing. So I find it so funny are people that are like, oh, well it’s completely wrong. Demons are only from the infernal. It’s like, okay, that’s your belief. That’s your view. That’s wonderful. That means that’s the level that you are connecting with.

You are connecting with demons who solely exist in the infernal that’s beautiful. It doesn’t mean the other stuff doesn’t exist. Nobody has authority to define the entire structure of the spiritual world


The things that we teach are from the levels of experience that we understand, the levels of experience that we connect to. We teach people who are drawn to those levels and how to connect to them. Those who are drawn to those levels of experience, know how to find their way to that. There are many other ways to work with demons. There’s not just one path for all. There’s not just one. 

While you are exploring your calling and educating yourself, be aware that there are different ways to work with demons and you should find one that works with you. Don’t let others tell you that your way is wrong if you are getting results. If you’re not getting results and talking to others, seeing their perspective and seeing what works for them or finding different ways to improve, seeing what works for them can help. But it’s not negating where you are, it’s not negating what you’re getting.

Understanding Callings

With callings, it must be said that there are different types of callings. Each time you have a calling, it may appear or manifest differently from a previous one. It could be that you might see a demon’s name, or you may read the name and feel something intensely. You could have a dream about them. There may be a voice or auditory or clairaudience message. Some may manifest through a sigil or through some sort of symbol. You may experience a repetition of a particular message that reminds you of them.

In the case of working with demon companions, if you read information on them and feel this strong emotional feeling, that’s a calling at a deep level. It just hits you really hard. There is a possibility that you are called to that one or that they remind you of somebody else that you should work with or will work with.

While speaking of recognizing callings, it is also good to mention that you do not have to honor every calling that you have.

I had a deity step forward to me like a few months ago, and it was right as I was finishing up an underworld journey and they were an underworld deity.  I was kind of surprised cause it wasn’t one I would’ve worked with.

It was not a demon. And I actually had a reading done from somebody who doesn’t know me at all, you know, has no idea who I am. And they also said that the deity wanted to work with me. And I ended up not following that because I just did not want do more underworld stuff. I was like, I’m kind of done with this, you know?  Sometimes you will get reached out to, but you don’t have to do it. Like, I just didn’t wanna go back into the underworld. I was like, no, I’m not ready to ascend now.


It is your life and it is your journey here. You will always have a choice of who you work with. And you do not have to answer all the callings. You can have connections or callings from deities from past lives. You could have honored them in those past lives and it might be memories from that time and is irrelevant to your current life. This may be something that you do not want to pursue and that is very valid. You have to honor what is right for you. The biggest part of spirituality is learning to trust yourself.

Learning to trust yourself, trusting that intuition, and learning to trust what is right for you and your path. And if you feel called to a specific deity, but you don’t feel right about it or don’t want to do it, there is shape or form of obligation that you have to honor that. You are not under a contract to do so. You can politely decline.

~ You at some point have to take a step back and ask yourself, do I want to work with them?
~ Do you feel you are able to have the time to work with them?
~ Do you really want to do that type of work? 

Sometimes it is apparent that people feel obligated to do things just because they’re this spiritual being reached out to them. You do not have to follow every path that is presented to you. You decide what you want and where you proceed from there.

Spirituality and callings are about getting in touch with you and what you want. It is where your energies are being directed at. The whole notion of understanding a calling is learning to trust yourself. It is leaning to trust what you’re receiving from your senses and intuition. It’s learning to trust what you’re feeling and it’s learning to trust your own individual essence.

Trust Yourself

When you begin any spiritual path, learning to trust yourself and what you’re getting, learning to trust your own intuition is the most important. And that comes down to callings too. So when people say: I feel called to work with this demon. I feel called to work with this entity. 

Am I worthy to work with him? 

You are absolutely worthy. You’re feeling this connection and this energy. Spiritual beings are there to help us. They’re there to guide us. Some are going to ask things of you and that is normal. Akelta says that this is exactly what Mammon does with her, but she loves it nonetheless. It will bring a sense of accomplishment. Your life will change and you will begin to see improvements in your life. When you feel as if you are unworthy, that is your lack of self-confidence speaking. That is the world telling us that we are not worthy. This is far from the truth.

You are absolutely good enough and worthy enough. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. Don’t let them tell you what you can and cannot achieve. You will find a way to make it happen. You just have to be willing. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. Trust what you’re getting and charge towards those goals. This is the same with a calling. If you feel called to a specific deity, do not think they do not want to work with you. That is society speaking. 

~ You are absolutely worthy to connect with them. 

~ You are worthy to walk this path. 

~ You are worthy of receiving guidance, wisdom, and inspiration from the spiritual world. 

This is what the spiritual world is here for –– to help you so that you find the guidance and the empowerment for you to move forward in your life. Manifesting what you want and desire is all a part of being in the spiritual world. Our connection to the spiritual world is important and it is a part of this journey here with whatever path you are on. 

Whichever culture you are from and whatever journey that you are called to walk, that is the calling journey that is right for you. This is the connection that you have to the spiritual world and it is something that is worth exploring. It is something worth opening up to. 

Where to Start

This was mentioned previously, but it cannot be stressed enough. Education. Read up on this path that calls you. Learn about it. Educate yourself and the history of it. Learn about the path that you are walking and this connection you have with it. Education is important and if you feel a calling to work with a specific demon, read up on that demon. Learn about them, their history, and about your connection to them. Trust what you get.

If you are unsure of which demon is reaching out to you to work with, you can ask them directly. It is perfectly valid to ask them to give you a sign or to communicate with you in some manner. Ask them to lead you to resources that can help you connect with them. Ask for the sheer desire to have confirmation if you need it. If receiving outside help for confirmation, be aware of who you are getting a reading from. Be very careful of what you tell them before the reading to begin with. If you say something beforehand or explain a bit too much in detail, it can influence the reading and the results that they are going to give back to you. Doing a blind reading – where there is no information given – is one of the better options if you need this avenue. 

If something that they say doesn’t feel right to you, trust yourself. You do not have to follow what the reader says. Nothing is set in stone. Beware of people that want to scam you for your money and give you the results that you want or try to fear monger you with false statements. One example is a reader telling you that you are cursed, when in reality you are not, but they come to this situation with “I can fix this for $5000”. It’s a ploy to get you scared and afraid, to part with money. Be aware and be careful when reaching outside yourself for confirmation of a calling. Get a second opinion if you have to in order to feel more confident in the results.

Once you have reached this point of “yes, this is something that I want to do”, then it has been validated with you. What you want to do is you want to start reaching out to that deity. You will want to being building that bridge and the connection. One of the ways to start with this is to build an altar. This is where your research comes in. Learning about them, you should be aware of their likes and their associated colors. Trust in what you feel is the right combination for you and that connection. If you feel that they love a specific incense and that this color will be their color to use, go with that. Use what you feel aligns with them. 

I use a lot of golds for Mammon, but purple is just as good of a color. Purple means royalty. It means regality, so some people would use purple, some people would find purple amethyst. I use a citrine and carnelian and a lot of gold because my connection with him is gold. It’s all gold. He wants all the gold. He actually has gold, real gold in his altar.


Figure out what works for you and for that deity. What is your connection with them? What colors align with them? What candles, scents, and crystals? What objects make you think of them? What objects resonate with them?

Set up an altar, which feels like them. This space will feel like them. This becomes a space where you connect with them and work with them. You can now reach out to them and receive that guidance and wisdom. You can begin to figure out why you have that calling from them and why you feel that connection. Now you can learn just why they are calling you. You may be surprised at what comes up, but trust it and yourself. Everyone has these intuitions and insights, but they get shut down. They harbor a disbelief. It is important for you to trust yourself. 

With spirituality and psychic senses, allow the energy to flow because you are getting something. You are receiving a stimulus, whether it is internal in your mind or if it is external, such as a companion or deity or even your higher self. When you shut down one, you begin to shut down them all. This will make it harder to learn how to distinguish which one is coming from where. When you start to get things from this connection with this deity, run with it. See where it goes. Where does it evolve in you. Ask yourself: 

~ Does this make sense? 

~ Does this work? 

~ Does this align? 

~ Does this feel right?

Explore it, and don’t be afraid to be wrong. Everyone will get things wrong or perceive things differently. Usually when we are wrong, it is because it is leading us to something else. It is leading you to the truth. It is the true aspect of what it is that you are to uncover. Even if you get something wrong, it might be just the right stepping stool for you to figure out what is right. We’re conditioned to worry about being perfect and worry about being wrong. This condition is terrible because it blocks us from our intuition. It can block us from our guidance and it blocks us from our ability to receive knowledge and wisdom. It can ruins the trust we have in ourselves on the information we receive. Do not worry about being wrong. You will learn more from being wrong than you will from being right.

If you stop thinking of things as being wrong, as a negative thing, and start seeing it as feedback, it is a much healthier way of looking at things. Take it as feedback instead of “I’m wrong and it is the end of the world”. This is called a course correction. It is something that you need to do and is a learning experience. If we are taking more of these lessons as actual learning experiences instead of failure, things would be much better.

Do not worry about missing a calling if you decide not to take it the first time. If you are truly meant for walking a path, it will find you over and over and over again until you say yes. When you are ready, you will be able to say yes to the path. Those callings will bother you until you are ready to accept them, and when you do, you’ll notice your life is much better. It’ll feel like it’s flowing in the direction it needs to go in. You will also have this core feeling of “this is what I should be doing or this is the one I need to connect with”. It all comes down to trusting yourself.

If I could sum it up in a single sentence, I would say spirituality is about learning to trust yourself. It is about learning to trust yourself when the world has consistently told you that you are wrong and that your beliefs and views are not accurate. Spirituality is reclaiming that power and learning to trust yourself. Learning to trust what you get, and learning to trust your power.


Trust what you are getting, trust your intuition. Follow that calling. See where it goes. Only you know the connection you have with that deity and only you can unlock the secrets of that connection. Nobody else can tell you. Spirituality is a personal journey. People can help you. They can tell you what they see, but in the end, it comes down to your individual connection with that deity.


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  1. robert ambrosini says:

    that was a great video lesson. i enjoyed it the lesson about listening to ones self and trusting ones self as the heart of spirituality is spot on. i think after i got the satanic orb satan opened up my eyes to that what you both talked about he has been a big help in liberating me from the matrix. i just started working with the mammon manifastation box he is for my material pursuits and satan is for my spiritual pursuits. thank you two for the chance to see a wonderful video and thank you for the satanic orb and the mammon manifastation box

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