The Dangers of Channeling

The Dangers of Channeling

Channeling is where you allow the energies of a spiritual being to take over you so that you can translate and interpret messages from that being.  Channeling is not an exact science and it takes a LONG time to learn to channel from a place where no personal bias or personal influence gets in.  I have been channeling for years and I still can tell when my mental pathways disrupt the channel or when my personal Bias gets in.  

The goal is to get into that state where the messages flow freely and when they do, it is magick.  There is always the potential of personal bias or the mind paths interfering.  Even when you enter that state where it is magick, there is the potential for bias to enter the session.  It is why those who channel train in focus and concentration, and why they are always working to cleanse and clear their minds so that they can act as a clear channel.  On one hand, channeling is a lot of fun.  On the other hand, there are dangers.  

The first is there are legal ramifications when it comes to channeling and translating spiritual messages if something bad happens.  I knew someone once who was having trouble adjusting to this world and this life.  They wanted to return home, they wanted to be at home with their companions.   They asked for a message from their companion and the answer given to them was misinterpreted.  The answer the reader gave was meant to be empowering and helpful.  It ended up being the day that the individual committed suicide. It was a devastating day.  

The community was investigated by the police because of the message that was given. The reader in no way wanted to hurt the individual or for them to die.  The person who gave the message was trying to help and empower them. There are legal ramifications in this world when some things happen.  There can be investigations and people’s lives can be destroyed.  This is why we often take the approach that we do, why we are so careful and try to be so balanced when it comes to channeling and delivering messages to another.  

There are other Dangers in channeling for another.  A bad channeling session can damage someone’s connection with their spiritual companion.  It can destroy sacred bonds and it can make people question themselves and their abilities.  We have had people come to us who have lost their connections to their companions because of things that others have said.  They have been told the bindings were done wrong, the vessel is empty, that sludge had been bound instead and it has ruined the connections that were being built.  This is why we refuse to channel beings from other stores and refuse to comment on the work of other conjurers.

Our goal is one of education. We want to help people find their power and find empowerment from their connection with their companions.  I personally will only allow two people to channel for me.  I have built up a connection of trust. I know that the individuals who channel for me know my demons. I know that even the best of us, there are moments they can’t get messages through or personal bias can take over.  The best psychics are wrong 10% of the time, and overall I trust what I am getting. Channeling can be a lot of fun, but if done without taking certain things into consideration it can be devastating.  

I cannot and will not speak on conjures from other stores.  It is against our policy.  However, I can and will speak on behalf of the demons that we are conjuring and bringing through.

If you are suicidal, having disruptive thoughts, or if you are in a crisis in your life, this is a serious situation. You need to seek out medical support.  My mom was a mental health nurse for 35 years and she always said, the biggest problem with mental illness is people treat it like it is invisible.  People with mental health challenges should be treated in the same way as someone with a physical illness. Your Demons are not going to be mad at you for a physical illness, so they are not going to be mad or disappointed for a mental illness.  They are also not going to be disappointed in you or angry with you.  They see the world in multi-dimensions and layers and they know that getting angry at you is not going to help you.  

Demons from us are Outer Spiritual World Demons, which means they are Gods/Goddesses.  They are powerful Multi-Dimensional beings who have profound insights and abilities.  They see the layers of the world and they see the vast spectrum of dimensions and perspectives.  They see our journey and how we come to places where we are struggling and depressed.  They want to help and they will be there to help you through it all.  They want you to live full lives and part of them coming here is to help you overcome the struggles and challenges.  They are not going to abandon you and they are not going to get frustrated and leave.  They might be frustrated at an inability to get through, but that is because they want to help you. They want to be able to support you and when they can’t, there can be frustration.   This is not frustration towards you.  

There is another situation where sometimes there are sludge entities or feeder parasites which will try to come between your connection with your demon and will try to speak on their behalf.  Sometimes these entities will force themselves upon other channelers, demanding messages be translated.  Our demons are screened for consent. It is one of the most important things we look for.  If someone tells you that an entity is forcing them to channel for you, and forcibly taking over them, that is not the demons. That is sludge or another imposter entity and you should take precautions to shield yourself, ward your space, cleanse your energies and banish this entity.  It is not welcome and banishing it will not in any way impact your true connection with your demon, because the problematic being in question is not your demon.  

If ANYTHING comes into your space and forces itself on you, it needs to be removed immediately.  This is non-negotiable for me.  If something is in my space and forcing me to do anything I don’t want to, it is removed.  The Demons we conjure will help enforce your boundaries and they will help remove what is unwanted from your space. If there is an entity that is trying to interfere and speak on behalf of your demon, your demon will be angry at them.  They are not angry at you.  They are angry at the entity who is trying to hurt you.  

I have seen Tiger get angry and tear apart sludge that has tried to get between our connection.  He was not angry at me, he was angry at the sludge. Tiger also has never been angry at me for being depressed. He has always tried to reach me and be supportive of me. Once when I was depressed, I was laying staring at the wall and I felt him come up behind me and I asked him, “What if I never get better?” He said to me, “Whatever happens I will be here for you. We are here to live this life together. I will work to make it the best I can for you.  I believe you will overcome this, but in the impossible chance you don’t, we will make the best of it. It will never change my feelings for you.”

Your companions will not abandon you and they will not be angry or disappointed in you for being depressed. They will not be angry with you if you need to take a break from your spiritual path.

I also am going to say, no one wants you to die. No one wants you to kill yourself.  People care about you, love you, and want to help. They just also might not be in a place where they always can, so it is good to find a qualified psychologist, therapist or counselor who can help you work through these feelings and who can guide you.  This is very important.  

Steps to take in a Mental Health Crisis.

If you are in Crisis and need help, reach out to a friend, call the suicide hotline, and find a psychologist/counselor/therapist to help you.  In selecting your therapist, find one that aligns with you, that aligns with your beliefs and values, and also one that helps you.  Different therapists have different methods and there is no harm in seeing a bunch to find the one that works for you.  This can greatly benefit you!

I will give you steps you can take in your life to help you while you are waiting to see a therapist.   Remember this information is not a substitute for medical advice or assistance.  These are things you can do alongside therapy or while you are waiting for your appointment with your therapist if you are in crisis.   

1) If you are suicidal and on the verge of going forward with it, take ten deep breaths before you do anything and call the suicide hotline.  You are not alone and you have people who love and care about you! Don’t act on these impulses. Breathe, Ground, and Seek Help.  

2) Make sure you are journaling your feelings.  Journal what you are feeling and allow it to come out.  

i) As you write this, let your companions send you love and let them love you during this.  You are worthy of love and they are not angry or disappointed in you.  They want to help you.  

ii) Once the feelings are on paper, let your companions help you write another journal entry on how you want your life to look like.  Write this entry in the first person as if you are living it now and have fun with this exercise.  Play with the energies with your companions.  They will help you with manifesting what you desire.  

3) Take a spray bottle and fill it with fresh water, a rosemary sprig, some lemon drops, and some mint leaves.  This is a cleanse that will destroy sludge energies.  Mist the room that you are in and mist your house.  It can help break up sludge energy and cleanse and clear the energies around you.  

i) Take Rosemary and have a warm bath with Rosemary in it to break up sludge energy that is on you.  It is a great way to cleanse!

ii) If you feel called, do a banishing/cleansing of your house house to remove energies and entities that might be causing problems.  Get your companions to help.  We have a ritual to banish sludge here:

4) Take a daily 5 -10 minute walk in bare feet on grass or soil.  This will also help to cleanse your body of sludge and help you ground.

i) As you are walking, chant positive affirmations to yourself like “I am worthy of love.” “I am loved.” “ I am talented and amazing.” Any affirmation that feels right to you.  

5) If suicidal and distressing thoughts become too disruptive, call the suicide hotline and make sure that you get into contact with a psychologist/counselor/therapist

6) Take time to do shielding and warding. See yourself surrounded by gold/pink energies that can raise your energy vibration and help fill you with love.  Green also works, purple, or black.  Use the color that you associate with love, and as you are shielding yourself say.

“I am surrounded by a shield of love.  
My companions love me and support me,  
I am loved and supported.”  

You can do this! You are powerful! You are worthy! And you have a purpose on this planet and I believe in you!

7) Eat some fresh fruits and vegetables and some healthy food.  Make sure you are drinking lots of fresh water.  

8) Reach out to friends. Just talking to friends can go a long way to helping get out of the depression spirals.  

Friends of those who are depressed… remember you are not there to fix them, you are there to be their friend.  Sometimes just showing love, that you are not leaving, and that they are not alone goes a long way.  

If any of your friends are depressed this article is an amazing resource.  Helping a Friend in Need

We love you all and we want you all to stay safe! This community is very important to us.  You all are important to us, we love this space and we are dedicated to making it the very best we can.  We want to continue to support this community and help people find empowerment walking with demons. We are going to be opening up more of our practices and more of our methods to help educate those on this path and those who wish to learn <3


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    This is such an important article! Thank You for providing straightforward ways for a person to uplift and empower themselves.

  3. i have seen people channel but i don’t i am scared of that stuff i think that kind of work is for those who understand the spirit world and the entities who live there

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