Delightfully Dark Discussion ~ Lucifuge Rofocale

Delightfully Dark Discussion ~ Lucifuge Rofocale

Demonic Enns and Meditations

What is an Enn? 

When first starting working with a demon, specially the Dark Lord and Dark Ladies, this is a common question asked. An Enn is a phrase that is particular to a demon that is connected with them energetically. It can be used as a call or invitation of their energies into a space through meditation or ritual workings. 

Most use this as a form of invocation of the Demon Lord or Lady of their choice to aid them in their desire or request or even just to connect with their energy. Some will speak the Enns themselves or they will use a video or audio of another chanting the Enn. These are meditation videos or audios that help people connect in a way that works for them. 

On our Youtube, we offer many of these Enn Chanting meditation videos of the Demon Lords and Ladies, which people can use to help meditate or connect. During these times when they are used, it is normal to fall asleep. There has been some concern from those new to working with Enns, that it is disrespectful to the Demon that one falls asleep amidst listening to these videos. 

***If you fall asleep during the Enn, this is completely normal and valid. They are incredibly relaxing and soothing. If you do fall asleep, it is not disrespectful. Usually if this occurs, it means that you are depleted of energy. You need the rest and that Demon is infusing you with the energies to help you rest and to help your body to feel replenished.***

Introduction to Lucifuge Rofocale

Lucifuge Rofocale is an Underworld Demon and he is one who understands execration work, curses, banishing, and also protection against those nefarious and sinister forces. He is one who can help you through challenging times where you’re being bombarded with negative energy. This also applies to situations where you are being bombarded with negative situations and you create a shield for yourself and banish what is unwanted. 

~ He can help banish what is damaging and destructive

~ He can help create a sanctuary where you can heal and you can find your peace. 

~ He will help you to find your footing, especially when you are being hit with things from the outside world.

He was extremely helpful for me during a very difficult time of my life, where a lot of my friends stabbed me in the back and talked badly about me and tried to destroy my business.


When times like these are happening, Lucifuge Rofocale is a wonderful Demon that can help you work through it. There are times where we go through these trials and times we have those moments. These Dark Lords step forward to help us through trying times and they teach us profound and incredible lessons.

I had a reading from a Demonolator, who does not know me personally, knows nothing about me. I mean, they know I’m Eilana but that’s about it. And they did a reading, and one of the demons that stepped forward in the reading was Lucifuge Rofocale. I had worked with them a little bit here and there, but not really too much. . And at that point I was like, that’s pretty interesting. And in the reading it said, there’s people talking about you behind your back gossiping, and Lucifuge Rofocale is going to help you with that.

So within like a week or two after that, somebody else who’s my friend who was an artist randomly mailed me a package. I had this giant box of the post office that appeared and I brought it home and opened it, and it was a statue of Lucifuge. So I was pretty impressed by that with the reading and then also with the statue appearing and immediately set up an altar to him in my room, which has been there  ever since.

And it’s been years now. I moved the altar once, like I had to take it down and, you know, to clean it, but I didn’t put it right back together right away. And that day everything just went completely to hell. And I was like, oh no, I moved the statue. So I went back and put everything back. And after that it was like dust, move it, put it right back. It stays where it is now and working with him has been incredible.


Protection from Lucifuge and Dark Lords

Working with Demons is realizing that in their own way, they will take care of you. They will teach you and guide you in your life. Lucifuge is one that offers protection and defense. He went out of his way to be protective for Eilana in her time of need. 

He is one that is excellent in helping with gossip and those around you that are your enemy and not a friend. They can reveal the people and who they are. 

~ Guide you to understand who is right for you and who is not, 

~ Whether they are toxic or scheming behind your back. 

~ Demons will give us warnings when people are scheming behind your back or when they’re talking about you and will let you know. 

They will show you through subtle messages through others or through situations.

Lucifuge is a wonderful guide through these types of situations. He will take your hand and carry you through them. He will show you, guide you, and he will help expose other people too who are involved. There are times when you have people around you that are very close, yet you are unaware that they do not have your best interests. 

Sometimes people conspire against you. 

Sometimes people send energies or curses to you. 

This can happen and you need to know how to protect yourself from these people, shield yourself from these harmful intentions and energies. Working with a Dark Lord like Lucifuge is perfect because he is a demon that can facilitate that.

~ He can help build those shields.
~ He can give warnings and guidance.
~ He can give direction and he can offer sound protection.

When the statue was moved and the altar was taken down just for a temporary time, we noticed the shift. We noticed things happening. We noticed the energy’s changing. He was protecting us that much, that even for a couple minutes, the energy started changing and things started falling apart.


Much like with the altar mishap with Lucifuge and Eilana, there is a very important message in this story. If you set up an altar for protection and you move it and things start to go bad, move the altar back immediately. It means that it was doing its job. It was working and things were shifted to where it couldn’t protect anymore. 

Transmutation of Energies

When there are energies coming at you, especially when you are surrounded with people that bring these negative intentions, you can convert these energies. There are ways that you can convert negative energies into financial gain, money, wealth, and abundance for you. You can transmute curse energies and energies that do not serve you into money and prosperity. If there are people who hate you or trying to curse you, take all of the energy and transmute it into wealth abundance or whatever you desire.

Mammon always tells me you’re haters. And those that wanna see you fall, they are your biggest cheerleaders.

They’re your biggest fans, and they can be the biggest source of energy. To bring you success. So don’t hate your haters. Love them because they are your biggest fans and they often will know things about your business that you don’t even know. Know things about you that you don’t even know that’s true.

And they’ll tell you. They’ll flat out tell you, and it’s great. It’s absolutely great because these people, they spend so much time, so much energy, and so much attention that they give to you, and you can just transmute that. You can transmute all that energy, you can transmute all that hate. You can transmute anything they say because at the end of the day, if you just stay true to you, if you just stay true to who you are, it doesn’t matter what people say about you.

It doesn’t matter what people do to you. It doesn’t matter about any of this. It’s just energy. It’s just energy being directed at you.


What does one do with energy that is sent to you? 

If you use it in a positive way, then it will become a positive thing. 

You define your reality. 

You define the energies that are around and you can transmute them. 

You can do whatever it is that you want with them.

 Working with Lucifuge will help you to expose these energies, the negative or harmful ones. He can expose these people and can shield you from different vibrations of energies that you might not have been attuned to protecting yourself from yet. 

When you are creating these shields to transmute these energies, something you can get hit with other energies that will take you off guard. You can get blindsided with something different and it can get through the shields. When you are working with Dark Lords like Lucifuge, he is there. He will protect you and shield you. He will guide you through this time and help you to learn the lessons and find empowerment in any situation.

Manifesting with Lord Lucifuge Rofocale 

There are many ways to manifest. 

You do not have to manifest just from light energies like most suggest. You have love of attraction. They’re all manifesting from the light. 

But there are many ways to manifest from darkness. 

There are ways to manifest from the shadows. There are ways to manifest from the underworld. There are so many different ways to work with the currents of darkness. You can manifest and create what you want and desire.

Lucifuge Rofocale can teach one of those ways. He can teach you the essence of the earth and the treasures of the earth. Underworld Demons are also referred to as Lowborn Demons but we choose to refer to them as Underworld due to the name being more fitting. These demons have the knowledge of the wealth of the Underworld, the gems and the sacred treasures, and the beauty of the Underworld where they can help you to manifest from that place. They can help you manifest from the vibrations and use the darkness to sculpt and craft your life.

It is not just light energies, but dark energies too. Dark energies and all of the spectrum of energies. If you can tap into these different currents, you can use them to manifest. You can shape the world around you. 

There is nothing holding you back from using the energies that are thrown at you. It is energy, there is no reason to be prejudice about it. Stop judging the energy and use it. It’s been programmed, but you have the power to transmute it. 

You have the power to change it, shifting the vibrations and do with it what you will. It is energy being directed at you, why waste what is being given? 

Take what is being thrown at you and use it for your advantage.

Shadows & Standards of the Self

Once you have removed the personal insult of people backstabbing or talking about you, there is a realization that a lot of what is being thrown out towards you is not personal. They are talking about themselves and they are projecting their insecurities onto you. Many people struggle with looking into the mirror and being able to see your flaws and seeing your imperfections and decide to fix them. 

Many cannot face it and so they turn that insecurity and anger outwards. They turn it all into external and then attack other people that become a representation of the thing they hate within themselves. 

***Instead of doing shadow work, instead of looking within and understanding their own energies and where things are coming from, they project onto other people.***

Devote your time to things that only promote what is positive. 

Why focus on the negative things when it only brings more negative. If you are focusing on the negative, you are wasting your time and energy. 

You could be creating a reality you desire if you were to put that same energy and focus into that positive creation. Be careful on what you devote your time and energy to. Choose to be positive and create the world you want to be in. 

Things will be rough at times, but the overall focus is very important. Focus is the foundation of magic. Focus is  also the foundation of working with demons. Anything spiritual, in fact, is involved with focus and how you direct your mind, how you can direct your thoughts and concentrate. You can always focus more and do more. You can always commit yourself more to this practice, but when you have a solid grasp of focus, you can do anything. You can manifest anything. You can create anything you want and desire. 

It comes down to your ability to focus on what you want and direct those energies.

Lucifuge Rofocale teaches focus. He can teach different methods of focusing and concentrations. Lucifuge will teach these different method of focus from the darkness, like using dark energies. 

You can use these dark frequencies and dark guided journeys to train the mind. You can train your mind, to focus to help you direct your thoughts and to shield from destructive or unwanted thoughts that distract you from your goals. You can do this through ritual. It can be ritual in the sense of magic or it can be the ritual of routine. 

Take time to make a designated time to either do a ritual to connect with a Dark Lord, a demon you really connect with. Form a deep connection with that Dark Lord. You can learn a great deal from them. Doing a ritual with them through dedicated time is making a commitment. You are making a covenant with this Demon Lord and you are allocating that time to connect with them.

~They will teach you and they will guide you, inspire you. 

~They will teach you to direct the energies and show you areas that you need to improve. ~They’re going to build a communication foundation with you and it’s going to strengthen your spiritual abilities. It will strengthen your spiritual foundation.

Lucifuge can help one to focus and to get on track with their journey. He can help regain or build the skills and abilities. With spiritual abilities, it is the same as with other skills.

 What you focus on is what grows and what you do not focus on is what diminishes. 

When you put energy into it, you are building it. When you are not building it, it will deplete and naturally melt away. When you have the committed time, the focused time, you build on your skills and abilities. You focus on building these and you will see growth within yourself.

Lucifuge is incredible to work with. He has a lot of wisdom to share. He has many lessons to give. Being an Underworld Demon, one of the darker ones, sometimes those lessons are a bit harsh. He is not afraid to tell it like it is. Lucifuge can be blunt and direct. He absolutely will tell you when you’re sabotaging yourself and will let you know that this is not good for you. You shouldn’t be doing that. He will tell you when you’re doing something wrong.

Well, I was recovering from depression. He was very much like, you need to do this.

You need to do this, and you have to get yourself out of this. You can’t stay in this place. You know you’re making a choice every day. What are you doing? What are you doing? What’s building things up? What’s not putting you where you wanna be? Where’s your focus? My focus was entirely wrong, and just getting that back on.


As previously mentioned, having a ritual is very important, specifically the morning routine. 

In the morning routine, what is it that you are doing when you wake up?
What are you doing to start your day?
What are you putting in your mind, your body?
Are you eating good food or are you eating bad food?
Are you watching good things online or reading good things?
Or are you watching things that upset you? 

All of these little nuances and these little things will dictate how the rest of your day goes. There are only so many hours in a day, so what are you doing with it? 

My favorite thing, one of my favorite things that I hear from demons is if I’m in a bad mood, it’s like, well, what did you do to get yourself here? You are responsible for where you are.

You’re responsible for the reality you’ve created. And when you stop blaming everybody else or stop thinking it’s external things outside of you, control and take responsibility for it, that’s when you can change it.


Take responsibility for yourself. A lot of the time people don’t want to take responsibility because they are afraid of it. They do not want to solve any issues, instead point fingers. Take responsibility every day. Take responsibility for your morning routine. If you want to work with a Demon, connect with them at the designated time. Hold yourself accountable. The demons will.

Lucifuge has a very dark energy to him. This dark and beautiful energy from him can help you to awaken your shadows. He can help you to work with your shadows. He’s excellent at aiding in the integration and facing the sides of yourself that you do not like. You can look at the aspects of yourself that might not serve you or that is holding you back and limiting you. He can help expose these limiting beliefs. 

Lucifuge can help you to look at the sides of yourself that you don’t want to face or the sides of yourself that are buried deep within. These are the shadows, the parts of you that have been repressed, the parts that you hide from the world in shame. Shadow work is about this. It is a process of looking at the ugly and what is not perfect. It’s about looking inside of you to see those shadows and to see these imperfections to find beauty in them. You bring them to you and integrate them into yourself to find that holistic element of who you are.

There are unrealistic standards of perfection. People, society, will hold you to these unrealistic levels. When you’re held to certain standards, there will always be the possibility that you will disappoint someone, but that is not your business. That is not your problem. It is their problem. 

If someone has put you on a pedestal and held you to such an unrealistic standard that they cannot even accept your flaws, or the person you are, then that is their problem. These are not the type of people that you want around you. Everyone has flaws, has shadows, and that is something that people will have to accept about others. If they cannot, then they are not those that are good to have around you.

If you have a bunch of people around you that have these unrealistic expectations, take a look at the standards that you have set for yourself. We tend to attract people around us that are representative of what’s going on inside of ourselves. If you feel a certain way about yourself, whether you are conscious of it or not, you’ll attract people into your life that will reflect that back at you. You do not have to forcibly remove people from your life. 

If you turn inwards and work on yourself and work on your shadows, people will naturally drift away. It is because when you start changing and growing, you will awaken new things inside of yourself. You will naturally shift friend groups and new people will come into your life and some older people will go. It’s a natural process. 

It is also a possibility that people from the past will return back when you shift. It is the natural ebb and flow of life, much like the tides. This is part of the energetic cycles. If you go with them and allow them to happen, you will see a great deal. It’s taking a step back and observing what is going on around you. 

If you find that things are not changing around you, and you’ve been working to change your environment and the people around you, focus on yourself. Remove the external and turn inward to focus on yourself. Change yourself and the world around you will change. Some people are stuck right now and there is this stagnancy. If you find that you are saying “I’ve tried this and this and also this, but it’s not working”, then your focus is in the wrong place.

Lucifuge speaks of cycles. These dark cycles and the dark essence of the soul. You dip into these shadows and then return to dip into them again, and each time you’re more integrated and healed. Each time you return to dip into these shadows, you’ve recovered and reclaimed an aspect of yourself that contributes to the holistic essence of who you are. 

All of this teaches the importance of self-focus, self-work, and taking the time to work on both of those. When you look inside yourself and you do the deep work, you will change your entire life. You will remove block and naturally remove the obstacles that are holding you back. You will release the limited mindsets that are stopping you from taking action. You will begin to feel yourself shift and as you shift, the world around you will move with you. It is a beautiful lesson and working with Lucifuge will guide this process. 

Understanding & Identifying Spiritual Attacks

Lucifuge works in many areas dealing with the self and shadows, but he is also one that is excellent in working protection. He can teach energy work and even execration work, which is working with curses. Lucifuge can teach you how to work with dark energies and how to handle them. 

In addition, he can teach about using those energies and protecting yourself from them. He is also able to teach about nefarious entities or parasitic creatures that are trying to get a hold over you. He will teach how to recognize and understand how to protect yourself from many forms of energy, especially those that are quite toxic.

If we think of energy as radiation, when you are exposed to it, it can cause severe damage. There are certain energies that are damaging to get close to us. Learning how to shield against and remove these damaging energies is very important. 

One important thing to remember is that being checked out from a medical professional is important to establishing a base of whether something is physical or a spiritual attack. Always go to a medical professional first to be checked out for ailments before assuming that it is a spiritual attack. Once you learn that it is not physical or mental, then you can work to understand the spiritual aspect. 

There are many different ways of banishing, but sometimes you will do a banishing ritual and it will not work. That’s why it is important to have yourself checked out. It is then that you can look to spiritual solutions. There are many different entities that want to harass and haunt people just because they can. And no matter what someone does, it will not go away.

There are different things that can be the cause for spiritual attack or harassment. There’s more than just sludge entities. There are thoughtforms, tulpas, to things that people have sent. 

There are two parts to learning protection. 

~ One is that you learn how to identify what these negative entities are.
~ The second is that you then have to figure out how to remove it and get rid of it. 

Lucifuge is one Dark Lord that can help you with this. He can help you identify what they are, and then work to getting rid of that thing specifically. This is where Lucifuge can teach you about these hooks in your mind and is an excellent teacher on developing the mindset to combat these hooks. 

Most of the time, nefarious entities will go into the mind and they will hook themselves in. They will hook their energies in and create this lock so that even if you banish them, they will find a way back in. 

Sometimes there is a dual component to banishing certain malicious entities: 

~ you must banish them, removing them from your space

~ then you also have to remove those hooks in your mind.

Ask yourself, “What’s going on in my mind?”, and look to see what answer you receive. 

What manifested these entities in the first place and what is holding them there. There are a lot of times that we have these stories in our mind, they help create these narratives. They create these false narratives to allow themselves to stay implanted within the mind. 

Working with Lucifuge, you can work to remove these energies, these narrative stories, and change the perspective. How you perceive a situation can remove those hooks and release you from its hold.

If you do not work to release these hooks, you risk falling back into it. It can turn into an addiction. It will come back and will continue to do so until these hooks are removed. Many times when it comes back, it will come back harder and stronger. It comes back much worse. 

This is because each time it does return, it is getting deeper and deeper into your mind. As you work with Lucifuge to remove these hooks, he will also guide you in removing these mindsets and mental patterns. You release yourself further and further from it. 

That is the banishing process. Once you do that, there is the healing process. Lucifuge can work with that and identify the patterns in the mind that are contributing to this entity still maintaining a hold over you.

It is crucial to remove those hooks. Hooks are allowing not just the entity back, but even if you do banish the one bothering you, those hooks can allow a similar entity to take its place. It can use the same pathways as those hooks to get through. This is because after a time, those hooks create a habit within that mind that is centered around interacting with these entities. If one is not careful of removing these patterns and habits, they can actually create a thoughtform that are copies of these entities. 

They’ve banished the original thing, but because they are in so much of a pattern of experiencing it, that a thoughtform is created and returns to torment them. It is very hard to remove these thoughtforms because you have your own mind contributing to the creation of these nefarious entities. 

This is why working with Lucifuge on removing the hooks can help to undo these mindsets and creation patterns. He can undo those patterns and help one to bring their mind from this torment. It is an incredible and powerful working. He does deep healing and has many lessons to share. 

Lucifuge Rofocale comes from a place of dark empowerment. He will help you to help empower yourself from the shadows and from darkness. Be yourself. Be true to you. Be proud of your darkness and those flaws, because everybody has flaws and it’s what makes us unique.

Working with Lucifuge

Working with Demons and Dark Lords creates this deep connection

~They do not force you to be something that you are not. 

~They accept you as who you are. 

~They accept those imperfections. 

~Demons accept you for those fun quirks that are inside of you, and they accept you for your shadows, the sides of yourself that might be ugly or messy or the sides you’re ashamed of. 

~They accept all of that. 

That is one of the biggest lessons from working with Lucifuge, is the complete acceptance of who you are. 

When you’re hit with something in the world and you’re exposed, it can take a moment to step back and examine what is going on and what was manifested. It is easy to get upset when these moments hit. Working with Lucifuge, he will help you to take a step back and look at the problem. 

Asking yourself: 

“What can I do to change this?” 

“What do I need to do to energetically change this?” 

Sometimes these things happen that we perceive as disastrous are times that it is actually the best thing that could have possibly happen to you. There is complete clarity that happens. There is destruction and pain, but once things have passed there is a beautiful sense of clarity and the path forward can be seen. These are the cycles.

Lucifuge Rofocale is an Underworld Demon that works with darkness and dark energies. When beginning to work with him or deciding to work with him, it is a good idea to begin with research. Read up on him and learn his history. Construct an altar to him using his sigil and his Enn to connect with him. 

All of these things can be found on our Encyclopedia for Demons and Demonolatry. This information also includes our Coven’s personal sigil to connect with Lucifuge.

When you work to connect with him, his energies, you will want to have that altar with the sigil as a focal point and the Enn memorized. You will want to sit with the altar and gaze at the sigil while chanting his Enn. This will help you to attune to his energies. You are attuning yourself to his vibrations and infusing yourself with those energies. 

If you feel more comfortable with something in hand, you can choose a crystal or object that you can take with you. You can hold it while you are chanting and it will infuse that object with those energies. There’s the option to use prayer beads or malas. 

When there is not the ability to move the altar, you can use this chosen object to carry with you. If you’re a traveler, it can help to retain those connections with that Dark Lord or Lady. It creates this physical manifestation point that is infused with Lucifuge Rofocale’s energy. As you are chanting his Enn and gazing at his sigil, you are infusing that crystal and yourself with his energies. This crystal can then become a focal point of connection where you can open a spirit bridge. This bridge where you can now hear and communicate with him that you can take with you wherever you go. If you are the type that prefers to be discreet, you do not need to have the altar, you can just use the object focal point. 

There are different methods of connecting with the Dark Lords and to hear and receive guidance from them. 

One of which is a ritual (not the routine, but magical). You can use a ritual that aligns with you or one that you constructed, or even found one through online or a book. So long as you are connected with it and it feels aligned with your purpose, absolutely use it. 

We recommend that when you begin working with demons, that you do it from a place of respect and where you do not command them. You don’t from them or threaten them. It is all about respect. What you put out into the world is exactly what will come back to you. 

Giving this respect, it goes a long way to working with Demon Lords. When working with demons, we do not see it as we’re calling them to us. Instead we are seeking counsel with them. We are inviting them to join us in a sacred space. A ritual invites them in. Have offerings and invite Lucifuge Rofocale to join you.

Remember that oftentime when you do invite demons in, there will be times where you don’t hear them or sense them, especially if you are beginning or new to spiritual working. 

Remember that if you don’t have your psychic senses and psychic development open, there will be a need for those to be developed. 

Are your senses open? 

Can you Hear? 

Can you See? 

Can you Feel? 

What is your dominant psychic sense? 

Work on identifying which of your psychic senses is the strongest and develop those. When people call the demons and they can’t hear them, it’s just because there are blocks in their psychic senses or their psychic senses are not open to the point that they can create a bridge to the spiritual world. 

It comes down to developing your psychic foundation and developing a communication foundation with the demon, which chanting the Enn and gazing at the sigil will help. This is because the more you become attuned to the demon, the more connected you are to them. Set up an altar and/or have a crystal or mala or sacred item. When you do the ritual, open up the energies and invite them to join you. Invite them to join you and connect with them. 

Nefarious Entities vs Dark Lords

“How do I know if I’m connecting with a demon versus a nefarious spiritual entity?”

This is one of the top questions that is asked in regards to working with Dark Lords and Demons. 

You want to have your shielding foundation developed before you start to do any form of ritual work, including invoking the Dark Lords or any form of spiritual work. This comes to the spiritual foundations. 

Can you shield? 

Can you ward? 

Can you cleanse? 

Can you ground? 

Are you in control of the energies in your space? 

When you set up a shield, especially a shield with specific parameters, it creates a barrier. You create this ritual space where you invite the demon in to join you. You have a lock on the demon’s energies through the sigil gazing and Enn chanting, which will make it easier to know this is the correct demon. 

You have your shield and your wards, then you have this space with the energy lock, you can then keep out what is unwanted. You can keep out those parasites and the nefarious creatures. Your wards and your shields will keep them out and you need to trust them. 

You need to trust yourself and you need to trust in your abilities to cast those shields and wards. When you invite the demon in, you have an energy lock from the sigil and from the ward. You can then invite them to join you in this sacred space.

Energy locks are very much the spiritual equivalent of having a phone number. You are not just having a random call out into the ether for anyone to come into your space. You have this specific energy that is unique to that demon alone and you’re using that to call them into your space. Having your wards through setting up shields and those initial foundations built with the demon, you will have a connection to that demon’s vibration. 

This is why sigils and Enns are used because it contains the vibrations of the demon so when you invite them in, it is only that energy that can come through while all others are kept out.

It’s very important in any amount of spiritual work to develop that foundation and to make sure that you understand the energies around you. 

You have a solid grasp of what’s going on around you.
You can remove anything that’s unwanted. 

You have to have control of the space that is around you. 

You have to have control of the spiritual energies that are interacting with you. 

That is one of the responsibilities of working with the spiritual world is having that. You need to have the base foundation. With shielding, warding, grounding, and cleansing so that you can protect yourself and define what comes into your space. Once you’ve done this foundational work, open yourself up and just trust. Trust what Lucifuge is saying. If you start experiencing negative thoughts or negative sensations, the first thing is to be checked out by the medical community.

Make sure that everything is healthy in that department and once you get cleared, cleanse. Because it could be something that’s attached inside of you. It could be something that’s already there. It could be a negative belief. It could be a negative energy that is impacting you. It could be family programming, it could be societal programming that is acting on you. It’s where you’ve taught yourself to not believe in yourself. You’re doubting yourself. You’re talking badly about yourself and self-sabotaging. 

Look within and do the healing work within, because your interaction with the Dark Lords should not be destructive in any way that completely destroys you. There can be some destruction, but it is going to be in a way that will empower you and there will always be a way through it. As you work with these Dark Lords and heal and practice foundation work, you will learn to see what is the Dark Lord or what is a sludge or negative entities. You learn the difference and through this exposure and education, through training yourself, you will be able to develop and grow.


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