Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession



Demonic Possession

This has been a hot topic as of late.  There are so many movies and documentaries on Demonic possession and what it all entails.  The fact is that not a lot is known about possession and there is a lot of incorrect facts out there.  My goal is to help provide some clarity to the the different types of possession. Possession is not always a negative thing,  in fact it can be incredibly positive when done under the right circumstances.   I want to take this time to talk about many of the different types of possession.


Forced Entity Possession.  

What is interesting to know is that many possession cases with harmful entities are quite often not a demon who was causing problems.  There are many different dark beings out there that have not been properly labeled and categorized. Unfortunately many people just label anything that is dark as a demon.  Demons are actually dark divine beings, whereas a lot of the creatures that are involved with possession and harming us are low vibrational sludge entities which are predatory, parasitic creatures that latch onto a person using their fears and doubts.

Sludge entities and sludge feeders consume our energies and as a result they will do anything to cling to us to get at our energies.  Over time, they will wear down our defenses and can enter into a state where they possess us and change our energy vibrations.  They can take over and alter us and our personalities and this leads to many of the possession situations that you hear about.

Harmful possession and what comes from it, are from lower vibrational entities. Demons in their essence are a higher vibrational being.  When dealing with a possession you have to ask yourself what the point would be for the entity who is possessing?  These parasites possess people so they can consume their energies. Why would a demon possess a human with the intent to harm them?  With demons there is no reason why they would possess someone unless the person had done something directly to harm them.  Demons though on average do not seek out humans to harm them. Sludge entities however, due to their predatory nature are often the ones who do.


Mounting and Riding

On the Vodou path the loa are known for mounting and riding participants during ritual ceremonies.  These experiences are a form of possession and can be an intense experience for the participants.  Those who are participating in the ritual space will sometimes be mounted by the Loa.  During the ceremony the loa will enter one of the participants of the ritual.  It is considered a great honour to be chosen to be ridden by a Loa.  The selected individual will be ridden by the loa into the physical world and is one of the highest honours that can be bestowed on an individual during the ceremony.

A priest will prepare the ritual space with many sacred symbols and perform these sacred rites asking the spirit to join the space.  Participants will make requests of the loa while drummers will beat and ancient rhythm.  Chants are preformed and participants will dance to the beat of the drum.  If the loa accepts the invitation the dancers will often fall to the ground and appear to be convulsing.  They will be assisted by other participants in regaining their footing and they will move differently as the loa possesses their body.

Some of the Loa are gentle and their presence is more subtle, while others are stronger, violent and even aggressive in nature.  Other religious practises around the world share this method.  Speaking in tongues is a form of possession where one is possessed by the Holy Ghost.  It is a very fascinating form of possession that exists within many cultures around the world.

Like all forms of possession it is very important that one is prepared and has trained for the experience as they have be quite dangerous, which is why many people experience problems.


Channeling and Voluntary Possession 

Many of us who work with our demon companions can experience the benefit of channeling and being possessed by our demons. They will not force their way in and will only enter with permission and also if we can handle it.  Possession can be dangerous as the merging of energies can harm our personal energies if we are not careful.  It takes a lot of mental training and understanding of yourself and your demon’s energies in order to safely be possessed.  They will never force their way in unless you are ready and able to handle it, so you do not have to worry about it happening spontaneously.

Channeling works where you invite your demon to take over your body and merge with your essence for a time.  They can take control of your body, speak for you and control your actions.  The level of control that they have depends on you and how much control you give them.  You can enter into a sleep-like state and give them full control of your body, or you can stay present and watch what they do with your body.  It can be a very relaxing and enjoyable state.  Channeling one’s demons we can also gain a new perspective, and it can help one to benefit from the wisdom and guidance that they offer.

Once the session is over and your demon leaves your body it is very important to be able to ground and stabilize your energies after.  You have to be able to shift out of the state and release all residual energies that might have been left by your demon.  This is why it is very important to know your energies and be able to ground properly before attempting possession.



Transvocation is that it is a form of partial possession. In essence, you merge your consciousness with the Demon for a certain period of time. This one requires a level of mental mastery to attain as you have to be strong enough mentally to stay present as you and your demon share your body. You always have control of yourself but they become part of you and you become part them. This allows you to gain access to their knowledge and insights which, as you can imagine, can be very useful in some situations. It also opens up doors for a more intimate connection with them. You will learn how they think, share thoughts with them, grow closer to them and learn about them in a very profound way.

Trasvocation takes a bit to master, also, it is not without its dangers so I highly recommend that you take the time to master yourself and your spiritual foundational skills before even attempting it. I also advise that you only do it with demons that you know well and have a very good working relationship with. This is a form of possession and for a time you will be one with them.

Trasvocation is a very personal experience and it is important to know your time boundaries. Some people will only Transvocate for a couple of minutes. Other people will Transvocate for a specific situation they need to handle so it will be a few hours. It is important though to know your boundaries and not remain merged for to long.

I cannot stress enough that there are dangers to Transvocation. The demon is in your body and you are sharing your space and energies. If you do not have a good grasp of yourself or have strong mental mastery and you transvocate for too long, the demon (even accidentally) can take over and overwhelm your personality. It can even happen by accident, which is why before even considering Transvocation it is important to have a good grasp of yourself, a good grasp of your mental wellness and have good mental mastery.

Another danger, you can enjoy being the demon more than being yourself, so Transvocation can be an energy drug where you need to others’ energy to feel happy or you feel lost without them. A dependency develops and you lose yourself more and more. You can crave the company of sharing yourself with them too much. I suggest that you have a healthy respect and appreciation of yourself before attempting Trasnvocation and have clear boundaries laid out.

Most people who use this skill are adept in their craft and have a strong spiritual foundation already built. It is powerful, enjoyable, and can take your relationship with your Spiritual Companions to a whole ‘nother level. But, like most spiritual things, it is dangerous to dabble. Do not go down this road unless you are willing to commit to learning fully.



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