Demon Companions – Chakra Arousal

Demon Companions – Chakra Arousal

Chakra Arousal


A Tantric Master who I listen to sometimes talks about chakra arousal. She says that sex is such a huge thing in our culture because as we grow we become so desensitized to the world around us and our chakras cease to become aroused by the wonder all around us.

The reason sex is so big is because the sacral chakra is the last chakra to be desensitized. This is because sex has such a huge exciting component to it and is glorified in our society, which keeps the chakra alive and aroused. Though over time they do fall.  We see in society many people, as they get older, losing interest in sex and just overall not being aroused at all with any aspect of life. As we settle into our routines of the world, we lose these energies and our chakras become bland.

Arousal is not just a sexual thing, you can be aroused by the scent of food, a beautiful art piece, a masterpiece of words in a book, a devotion to a ritual and routine. Arousal can be a very pure thing;


A monk who is so committed to his routine that he wakes up daily, devoted to his duties, ready for his prayers and living wholly in every moment of his life.

The chef can be aroused cooking an incredible meal and savouring all the senses that the first bite of his master piece brings.

My mentor used to tell me I had to eat slowly, paying attention to my senses, smelling the food, chewing slowly, savouring each taste, that is an arousal of the taste buds, he always talked about this concept of arousal and staying present with the senses.

Meditation, breath, spiritual exercises often at times do arouse our chakras and can feel sexual. Because we associate, as a society, sex with arousal, these experiences feel sexual to us. Many people assign them as sexual, even when they have nothing to do with sex. It is just the chakras being aroused.  This is why people can claim to feel sexually stimulated by spirit when no such interaction happened, because the spirit is helping their companion to awaken the sleeping energies in their chakra.

Each chakra when it is aroused has many ways it can be aroused.  The sacral chakra can be aroused in more ways then just sex. There is also emotional joy, happiness, that moment when someone does something so generous and amazing for you and you just feel so loved. Even crying and feeling intense fear, the type that brings you into the present and makes you aware of everything in the moment. These are all different types of arousals.

The root chakra can be aroused through meditation and the awakening of the Kundalini which feels so powerful because the root chakra is a more physical chakra then the sacral, the sacral is the emotional chakra while the root chakra is THE physical chakra. Awakening the root chakra the world can become alive and full of wonder. Children operate from the root chakra as it is through those energies that they are created. The merging of the creation root chakras through the sacral chakra.

The root chakra houses our creative energies and our ability to create in the physical world. When it is stimulated we can get aroused creating and crafting the world around us. Even just walking through the forest and being amazed at the world around you, and how incredible it is, this is a state of arousal. When you bring in the energies of the universe into each chakra it awakens them and they all experience a revival of arousal.   When we are present in the moment experiencing and feeling all the sensations to their fullest, that is arousal.

Each chakra has its own states of arousal. Due to the fact that we are physical beings the three lower chakras tend to stimulate us with physical arousal in a different way to the upper chakras. The heart chakra has its own incredible arousals. Each one really has its own essence to be explored and from many different levels. They can all be sexual, but they all don’t have to all be sexual.  There are many many different ways that we can experience chakra arousal.  Being present and focusing on breath is a great way to begin to reach these aroused states.


Demon Companions can help… 


Demon Companions have an incredible sense of love and passion and are very familiar with arousal on all levels. They themselves are very emotionally rich and passionate beings. They can awaken your energies and bring you into states of pure chakra arousal. They work with your chakra and can awaken energies that have long been repressed by us as a species. They are amazing.  It is incredible how repressed our chakras can become as life goes on.  They can fall into a state where they cease to be aroused.  Working with our companions we can reawaken our passion and our drive and find what arouses us.

Demons are amazing beings and they have a deep understanding of arousal and the awakening of the energies of the chakras.  Our companions also want us to live life here to the fullest, experiencing everything that we can and reveling in the fruits of the physical world.  It is one things that we strive for on the LHP, embracing the physical world and the experiences that are presented to us.  When we walk here with demons they guide us and want to help us to embrace these experiences and really find our calling and what we want to do.

We are here having a human experience and on the Demonosophy path we invite demons to join us and walk with us and enhance our lives here.  It is empowerment and something that is meant to help us live life to the fullest and live our dreams.  We all have things that we want to attain and experience.  When we work with demons they can help us to realize our potential and inspire us to grow and be our very best in any area that we are called.


We can be very sexual and passionate with our companions. 


There are many different levels of spiritual sexual encounters, some encounters also that feel sexual that are not.  Sex can be a very primal and sporadic thing where people come together and charge the energies of a space and embrace each other for a short time. It can also be something very deep and very personal.

When you have sex from just the primal sexual energies of the root chakra it is very physical and there is no emotional attachment, it is just sex. Though when it comes to the spirits because of the nature of the root chakra, it can just be energy arousal. This happens because of how unaroused we are as a species. This is why some energy healing can appear sexual, we were taught this in Reiki, the arousal of the root chakra. I have had things happen where clients have gotten erection or orgasms just from the healing energies. It is nothing sexual, it is just their chakra being aroused from the energies flowing through them.

This it from a human calling forth a divine energy and distributing it into another person, from a deity or godlike being this stimulation can be incredible and they can awaken the chakras in ways you will never know, but they are still not sexual in nature.

Many times our companions will work with us to help us awaken our chakras and get the energies flowing. When we work with the dark lords and deities a lot of times things can feel sexual when in fact they are not, especially when it comes to energy healing because all that is happening is the being is opening up the energy flow and arousing the chakra.  This is purely energetic and not sexual at all.

If sexual encounters are a goal though Our companions will work with us to attain this.  But they will also help us in all ways, which means opening our chakras and helping to remove blocks and help us to love ourself and find what arouses us.  This is so important when walking in this world as it is something that drives us, it shows us who we are.  It also allows us to take our connections with ourselves to deep levels.  When we know what arouses us, we know who we are and we know what it is that we truly desire.  We won’t get swayed by people who tell us what they think we want and we can enter an empowered state and take our power back.   It really is a beautiful and incredible place to be in.

When our chakras start to go numb, and when too many of them go numb, we go numb and we begin to die.  It is important to our survival and our existence to explore our chakras and understand the energies flow and states of arousal.  It will keep you young and vibrant and allow you to experience every facet of this life from an empowered and present state.





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  1. Xio says:

    A great article! There are many subtle energies to be enjoyed and savoured in life. All available when you are prepared to live in the moment and observe how you feel during various states of arousal. I think this is a key to noticing subtle energies and learning to work with them. Many thanks for drawing attention to this!

    • akelta says:

      You are very welcome! I am glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, that is very important, noticing and working with the subtle energy currents in our life 🙂

      • Michael Kilgore says:

        Could you describe a ritual for me to contact and retain a demon companion such as a Succubus if real; my chakras are messed up to include my third eye; my sacral chakra is barely functional! I am interested in the left hand path, but I have started late in life at 48; please help!

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