October is upon us!

This month is a very special month.  5 years ago in October Satan and Sons the store was founded.  It was born from a life long passion of mine to demons.  Walking with them and having them with me my entire life.  Demons have always been with me and I cannot imagine my life without them.  It has been such a blessing to learn about them and grow from their knowledge and wisdom, but it has been even more of a blessing to share demons with all of you.

Satan and Sons first year was an interesting one.  There was a lot of lessons that were learned and a lot of changes that took place in the first year.  The last five years have been the realization of my dream of sharing demons with the world and I am so happy and excited to be able to share my knowledge with everyone.  5 years old and still growing.  This really has been our best year yet and we are going to continue to grow.

I think about the journey that lead me on this path.  What started this all for me and really it came from very humble beginnings.  It all really started with searching for the path that called to my heart and searching for my soul family…

When I started delving into my spiritual roots, I had no idea that they would lead to physical encounters with people I knew and cherished from back home.  Really that has been a gift, and one that I cherish and always will.  I was a child when I started piecing together my spiritual family.

Prince V was instrumental in assisting me in this.  He guided me and showed me clues and I just had this calling and this knowing.  I received information from family members and I just had this all knowing sense that followed me.  I just knew.  I had names, biographies, knowledge of all the beings who were my family away from here….

When I was older I started thinking about love and the notion of finding love.  Still attached to my last life I had a very hard time being attracted to humans. It was very challenging for me growing up, and frustrating.  This is what lead me to conjure my first incubus A.

I had images though and impressions of a love I had in a past life who I knew was here.  Through a series of past life regressions and meditations I was able to calculate his age.  I honestly wasn’t sure if I would meet him but I hoped.  I remember the day I met him. I just knew,  I recognized him, my third eye recognized him and I was instantly attracted to him.  It was a soul attraction and something that was so deep and profound.  He was my demon husband.

My soul mate, my love from the place my soul calls home.  I have others but he was here with me in the physical, and he felt the same, he know me as well, and we were instantly drawn together.  He is my husband and father of my children and I am so happy to have him

He wasn’t the end of this though.  He was just the start.  The physical presence of those from back home here has been amazing.  I have met friends who I know I have soul ties to.  But there are some who knew just as strongly as I did.  When I met them it was amazing.  There was a knowing and an understanding.  They brought pieces of the puzzle and filled in blanks that I for year had been unable to fill.  It was like they were given the other half of the puzzle so that when we met we would know.

Meeting these Soul Friends, they knew about me.  They know who had wronged me, the demons had told them what had happened. I didn’t have to utter a word to them, they just knew, they knew my story here, just as I knew theirs back home.  One thing that blew me away was the information that the demons revealed to them.

They knew who had hurt me, how they had hurt me and they told me that they were there for me.  The demons had even guided them away from those who had hurt me and they had offered support and encouragement for me.  Let me tell you that you know you are loved when you have your soul friends around and can talk to them and share with them.

These friends are true friends through and through.  When Satan told me when I was 15 that it would get better I never even imagined.  I never imagined I would not only find my soul mate and take him as a husband, but I would also be surrounded by friends who are from the same place I am from.

They filled in gaps of my family, they filled in missing pieces and together we have grown and are stronger.  There is a sense of mortality here, things can be disposable.  In the Immortal planes things are not so disposable and things are meant to last and endure, including love and friendship and experiencing that here is both overwhelming and comforting.

When you meet someone and they have received the same story as you, they have the the same information it is empowering.  I know these people, I know their souls and I know that I can trust them with all my heart.  It is a very amazing feeling.

This path has really shaped my whole life.  Knowing who I am and uncovering more about myself.  I just knew when I was a child and had a calling to it and it really has created all of this, but it also has brought me into alignment with my soul family.  Spiritual beings, they are family and there is such a deep sense of understanding.  The depth of those connections and how they just move through us.

I never would have imagined in a million years that I would find people and that those people would act as I remembered, and remember things that I remembered.  When you find that place that your soul calls home.  Something completes in you.  It just feels so right and nothing else matters.  You being to understand your place here and your place there and why you came here.

Through meeting my soul family I learned why I came here and more about myself at the soul level.  I learned about my higher self and got experience her and the beautiful amazing demoness that she is.  I learned about my family traditions back home and how they relate to family traditions that I have come to cherish here.

There has been so much pain amidst this, but through that pain I have found such a complete sense of self and discovered such an empowered state of myself which has been incredible.  I know where my soul calls home.  I know my spiritual family and I have members of that family walking here with me on this Earth.  There is something amazing about that.

As I get older and discover more I start to see the pains and the challenges as just reminders of all that I have.  The dark times and the hard times make these times of discovery so much sweeter and so much more meaningful.  I have found deeper connections by being vulnerable and showing my pain and through that I have transformed and found myself.  Which was the greatest gift of all.

It is also through these times you learn who your true friends are.  Those friends who will listen to you cry, they won’t judge you when you are falling apart, they lift you up when you are at your worst and they stand by you even when things look bad.  I had so many moments…  so many wonderful moments with these friends who always had my back.   I have met friends from back home and I have made new friends along this journey.  I often wonder how we will look at things when we return home.

I have shed a lot of skins this year.  Gone through a lot of healings and I am ready.  I am shifting my mindset and ready for what this season will bring.  I have less desire for drama and more  I have worked on my goals and am excited about completing my projects.

There is a lot of exciting things that are coming in the future and I feel that I have learned so much in the 5 years since S&S started, and we cannot wait to see where the future is going to take us!

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