F.A.Q. Ethics of Forced Love Spells

Q.  Akelta would you explain please about the ethics inherent in trying to use demons to control a romantic partner who is not interested in being controlled?


A.  Yes, I can answer that… Ethically speaking it is not really redeemable in any way,  it’s black magick through and through and I personally think it is worse than curses.  Controlling another in this manner is essentially mind rape.  Love coercions of this nature compel the other person to act against their wishes and desires.  Basically, their internal energies are saying no, but the external energies are saying yes. So you get an endless battle where eventually the person’s will is going to win out.    It is like a spiritual rape drug in essence.  I personally do not do work like this for this very reason.

There is another side to this too, the most effective method of this is energy influencing. Because you are going against what the person desires, one would have to continually add more energy for it to be effective.  Over time it will corrode though, then when the person wakes up they will be filled with anger and rage.  It is similar to the effects of a person waking up from being in a narcissistic relationship and realizing that the person they thought they loved, was abusing them through subtle manipulation.

Adding demons to the mix it gets even more interesting because of the fact that demons are all about lessons. They are not servants, they are teachers and mentors and if someone asks for this there are lessons in them that they have to learn about why they would want to impose their will on another who is unwilling, so… what you get is a situation that is destined to backfire and when it does, adding demonic energy to the equation, the results will be, well, very “educating.”

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