The Solstice cometh! 

The Solstice cometh! 

Solstice Fire

This week is a very powerful time.  It is a time for renewal, for cleansing and for growth.  The sun rises high as the flames of life and death wash over the lands, cleansing the world and preparing it for the growth of new life and abundance.  The fires of summer are a very powerful time for cleansing, for protection and for massive and powerful growth.

Fire, fire is passion, fire is life.  The sun is the life force of the planet and allows everything around us to grow and thrive.  This week, we will celebrate the solstice and honour the sun and the Solar demons, for this is their time!  Like the flames of the phoenix, fire will cleanse and wash away the dead, burn away the old attachments and allow us to spring forward, growing and manifesting what we desire.

The flames of summer are incredible protectors.  Surrounding yourself with the protective flames of the sun not only will burn away energy sludge and negative attachments, it will also protect you and keep you safe from harm.  The flames of the sun will act as a shield from negative energy and entities that are trying to harm you.  The sun is powerful and when harnessed, its energies can be put towards incredible spells to amplify and empower them.

In June we give thanks to the Lords of the Sun, Lord Flereous, Lord Sorath, and the Solar Demons who empower us with the gift of the sun!

In this week’s Newsletter and in preparation for the Solstice, we give to you this powerful cleansing ritual! To help you burn away old energies and attachments and free you to the powerful growth and rebirth energies of summer! To help you leave the old behind, and bring to you powerful energies of growth and prosperity!

This is a great time to start new projects and begin a new chapter.  Don’t let old memories, patterns and situations hold you back from attaining what it is you desire.  Cleanse your energies, burn them away with the power of the sun! Step into a new you and a new beginning!

Lord Flereous Solar Rejuvenation. 

Items you Requite 

~ 1 Red Candle
~ 1 Orange Candle
~ 1 Yellow Candle
~ 1 Yellow/Orange crystal (sun stone, carnelian, citrine, etc) 

1) Carve Flereous’s Sigil on all of the Candles

Dukante Sigil of Flereous 

2). Place the candles in a triangle around the crystal.  With the red candle at the top, the orange candle to the left and the yellow candle to the right.

3). The Crystal should be the in the centre of the candle triangle.

4). Light the candles and sit before your altar. Take in 3 deep breaths and relax into your body, taking a moment to focus on your breath.  Breathing and relaxing, feeling the powerful energies of the Earth beneath you.  Continue breathing until you feel relaxed and focused.

5) Close your eyes and in your mind’s eye, see a fire begin burning in your solar plexus (the Chakra located where you diaphragm is).  The solar plexus is the source of our divine power.  It is the mini sun that burns inside of us! It is our power, our source, our life force.  Visualize your solar plexus and see a fire begin burning.

6). See that fire begin to grow.  See it transform into a mini sun,  a mini sun that has begun burning in your centre.  See this mini sun expanding out, growing larger and larger, until it encompasses all of you! See this powerful sun surrounding you and encompassing your entire being.

7). Say:

“Lord Flereous, Solar Lord of Fire
I call the energies of the sun,
the solar energies of life death and renewal.
The solar energies of protection and rejuvenation!
I call my divine essence and the essence of sun.
I call in the power of the sun,
to burn away the negative attachments
to burn away all negative energies
to cleanse my body, mind and soul
of all that would seek to harm me
I surround myself with the power of the sun
to keep me safe from harm!
To burn away all that restrains me
all that harms me!
I call to you Lord Flereous!
and I call the cleansing power of the sun! 

8) See the energies of your sun swirling around you, feel its magnificent heat as it burns away all that binds you and blocks you,  feel it moving through your aura, cleansing it, releasing you from negative energies and attachments.

9) The flames are empowering and inspiring, releasing and cleansing yourself now is a good time to begin new projects, focus on new beginnings and really align yourself with the life that you would like to create.  Visualize this incredible solar fire that is surrounding you! See new insights and new inspirations and directions, this is your time!

10). Say:

“Thank you Lord Flereous,
Thank you for your energy!
Thank you for helping me to cleanse myself
and help me to enter a new time of new beginnings!
I thank you for joining me!” 

11). Close your ritual space and keep the crystal with you, for continued growth, renewal and cleansing!

We wish you all an amazing and wonderful Summer Solstice! 

Darkest Blessings!
Akelta, Satyra & Yllidra


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