Welcome Summer – The Reign of the Sun

Welcome Summer – The Reign of the Sun

Alchemy of the Sun

This is the time for the reign of the Solar Demons for they are the masters at harnessing the power of the Sun.  They are an incredible group of demons who work with the solar energies and utilize the power of the sun for powerful manifestations and transformative magicks. The solar demons are called so because of their connection to the sun and its transformative powers. The sun and the fires of the sky have the power to mould us, to transform us and make us more then we are.


I have always been drawn to the desert, the desert is an oasis of life and powerful energies.  It is the cradle of civilization because of how powerful the energies are.  On many of my spiritual journey’s I find myself in the desert surrounded by the warmth of the sun glowing overhead.  This is because of the incredible power of the sun and it’s abilities to awaken and nourish the lost pieces of the self and also to nourish and awaken the energies of the ancients.


The sun is a journey of the soul and the power of creation.  For it is from the power of the sun that much of what we have has risen.  It’s light guides the way and the power of its heat blasts and burns away barriers.  It is incredibly healing and empowering.


Man looked to the sun and were inspired by it’s power and greatness.  They told myths of it’s rise and fall and worshiped the gods and demons associated with it.  In Africa the sun itself was seen as a creator deity to some of the tribes and its power and influence can be found in all aspect and times of our history.  It has been a focal point of our civilization since it’s dawn and has been an important part of our history.  It is the source of light and a symbol of divine intelligence.  The ancients knew of the power of the sun and sun worship was prevalent in ancient times and they understood it’s power and it’s importance to us.


As present day occultists and demonosophers we can take this to heart we can learn from the wisdom of the ancient humans and implement that wisdom into our daily life.  We seek to bring this ancient wisdom and knowledge and utilize it in the here and the now, to empower our lives and our journey here.  Our demon companions and the Dark Lords guide us with wisdom and help us to harness and utilize the power of of the sun to empower our lives.


The Sun is a source of life, creativity and wisdom.  It is the source of our power on this planet and the summer time is one of growth.  It is a time for goal setting and massive action.  The summer months are usually busy full of activity and excitement and the energy is vibrant and alive.  It is a really good time to channel that energy into our projects and really take advantage of the planetary momentum that is all around us.


Taking advantage of the energies of the Sun!


There are a lot of rituals out there, but a lot of spiritual manifestation comes from the small steps.  Taking time to lay out your plan and know the direction that you want to take.  Spiritual preparation goes a long was and when you are faced with the energies of a 1 year, a year of new beginnings and growths, which 2017 is, and the rejuvenated summer energies you really want to have a plan laid out or you could go in a million different directions and find you get nothing accomplished.

During the Summer time we can feel refreshed and ready to take on new projects and new idea.  For spiritual people the energies are in abundance and it can be overwhelming at times, what to do, what actions to take, where to go.  It is always best that during times of extreme growth energies to channel that energy.

Take the time to write out what it is that you want to do.  Setting goals is so important as without them it can be very hard to direct your focus.  Having a sharp mind and incredible mental abilities means nothing if you don’t know where and how to direct them.  It is important anyway to keep a journal but also keep specific goals that you wish you attain notes.  Know the direction where you are going then be ready to harness the spiritual energies and push things in that direction.

This comes from having a powerful and incredible mind that is sharp and focused and able to direct the energies of the universe all around you.  When you know your target you can direct yourself in that way.  You can open up the energy channels and manifest what you desire.

The Sun is the centre of our solar system and it is the centre of manifestation.  We can harness the power of the sun to fuel our spells and rituals and charge them, amplifying their power and making them stronger.  I am going to show you how to harness the suns energies very simply into an object.  It is a very simple method.

1) On a sunny day take some stones and place then in a circle.  

2) In the middle of the circle place the object that you wish to change.  

3) Make sure that it is in direct sun all day and let it sit and absurd the suns energies and radiances.  

4) In the evening take the items and use them for a ritual the solar energies will be transferred into your magical working, and enhance the power of your work.  


The solar energies will also purify and cleanse the item, burning away any negative energies or harmful residue.  Its a great way to add an extra oomph to your ritual and spell work!

Darkest Blessings!

Akelta, Satyra & Yllidra


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