Welcome Fall!! 


Welcome Fall!! 

As the months turn to September we begin to enter my favourite time of the year! The Fall season is one of magickal energies and feelings.  There is a sacredness to this time, a calling of the powerful energies.  There is something so beautiful and empowering about this time of the year.

This is the time when we reap what we have sowed,  we have worked hard all year and now is the time when the energies open up and we partake in celebrations and fun.  I know that for my family this time is one of a lot of celebrations.

This is a time for friends and families, the fall has so many amazing and wonderful holidays and we love to celebrate all of them! The act of celebrating is a very high vibrational activity as it makes people happy and brings people together in joyful energies.  Celebrations can be done with our friends, our family and our spirit families, and it is a great time to bring in these positive and empowering energies.

The energies of fall. This is a great time to do clearings and releasing, letting go of old energies and showing gratitude and appreciation for what we have.  It is also a great time for execration and baneful magicks, for something people need to reap what they have sown and sending that energy their way can be very healing.  It is a time for darker workings, spells and rituals, when we indulge in the dark currents.

Dark Ritual work is very empowering as the shadow hides secrets and mysteries of the world.  There is so much in the darkness for us to explore, so many secrets that can be revealed and when we walk with our demon companions they can lead us to some amazing and incredible places!  The Fall is a great time for self reflection, exploring the lessons and wisdom of the year and dancing with our demons through the darkness.

This is an especially wonderful time for those of us who work with demons.  The energies of the veil thin, manifestations and experiences with our companions are much more powerful.  It is a good time to work spells with our companions, using their energies of the season to create powerful and incredible manifestations.  The energies of fall are the time to reflect on life, enjoy our time with friends, family and really bring in the high vibrational celebration energies.

We wish you all a wonderful Fall season! We have lots of amazing and exciting things going your way!

Darkest Blessings!

Akelta, Satyra & Yllidra

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