Welcome June 2017! 

Welcome June 2017! 


The middle of the year is upon us, and I have to say that we are all amazed at how fast this year is moving.  2017 is a 1 year, and that is a time of growth, new beginnings and new journeys.  1 year is often full of chaos as the energies from the 9 years crash down, paving the way for the new energies of the 1 year to grow and flourish.

We have been no strangers to this at Satan and Sons and have been pushing ourselves long and hard to take full advantage of these ripe and fertile energies that are all around us.  With this one year comes the birth of our newsletter! This is the first one we are offering through our store.  It is going to be a weekly venture filled with information, sales, promotions, events, new ventures we are taking and fun! 2017, being a 1 year, is the perfect time to start this.

1 year is a great time to start new projects, set new goals, and otherwise lay the foundation for a new direction in one’s life.  They are a time when you can shed your old skin and step into a new you.  The Left Hand Path is about freeing yourself from the imprisonment and the energies that hold you in place.  One year is full of energy, and we have a special little ritual for you to help you take advantage of this incredible power.

Inspiration Manifestation! 

This is a ritual that is designed to release you from old energies and release you from the past, and help you embrace a brand new vibration that is full of growth, opportunity and abundance, helping you to attain your goals, dreams and desires.

Items you will need. 

~ A candle of the colour of your choosing
~ a Quartz Crystal
~A Carnelian
~ Sandalwood Essential Oil
~ A piece of paper
~ A pen
~ A Cauldron or Place you can burn the paper safely.

1. Take the candle and adorn it with the Sandalwood oil.  Then, set it down in the centre of your altar space.

2. On the right side of the candle, place your Quartz Crystal, and on the Left, place your Carnelian.

3.  Light the candle and gaze at it for a moment, taking in some deep breaths and just grounding while gazing at the burning candle.

4. Take the paper, and in the centre, write out something that you wish to attain.

5.  Around your goal, write out things that come to mind that are blocks which are preventing you from attaining that goal.  As you write them down, pour the energy of those blocks into the paper.

6.  Once that is completed, focus on the goal in the center and pour all your energy into that goal.  See yourself attaining that goal.  Feel how you would feel once that goal is attained.  Embrace all the feelings and emotions, and joys that would come from attaining that goal.  Take as long as you need, spending time in that energy vibration of attaining the goal.

7.  When you are ready, say.

“I release the energies of what blocks and binds me.  I release myself of the energies that are stopping me from attaining this goal.  I call on the sacred fire and purify myself with the flames of passion and empowerment.  I surrender to the flame and free myself to the energies of manifestation.”

8. Burn the piece of paper while continuing to focus on your goal.

9.  Now say.

“The blocks are cleared and the pathway lays before me,  I am excited, I am empowered, I am enthusiastic… I am ready to step into this reality,  I have claimed these vibrations and made them my own, and I am ready to attain my goals.”  

10.  Continue to focus on the goal and feel gratitude and the vibration of attaining that goal.  When you are ready, extinguish the flame, and place the Crystals in your bedroom so they may continue to empower you at night.

***Caution this spell requires you to burn the paper, make sure that you only cast it in a place that is safe and free of flammable materials.  

This is a manifestation spell used and created by our coven to help you take full advantage of these incredible energies of new life and growth!  We thank you for being with us at S&S, and we are looking forward to a wonderful season with you!

Darkest Blessings!
Akelta, Satyra & Yllidra


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