Pondering the 1 Year Energies


We have been so so busy that we ended up missing a week of our Newsletter, but we are happy to get back on track this week.

Last week we worked to get more posts up in our demon encyclopedia.  We have so many new ones coming and hope to finish the Goetics this year, then we will start adding more of our personal coven experiences with each one.  This will be leading into a Demon Encyclopedia book which will be made available hopefully next year!

We have added; Buer, Sitri, Zepar, Velafor, Lerage, and Barbatos to our Encyclopedia and have many more coming!


As we move into the end of September and the Coming on October I have been reflecting more of this year.  This year was a 1 year and that means it is a great time for starting new projects and setting new energies for shaping where you want your life to go.  It is a great time to leave behind the old and just step fully and head strong into the new energy currents.

I have been working a lot with Mammon, clearing away a lot of the old patterns and energies that have been holding me back.  It frustrated me a little because I wanted to be further a head then I am now, but I realize the necessity of clearing away these old energies so that when I do push forward I am not held back by them.  With that I have a lot of new Mammon posts that will be coming so stay tuned for those!

I have found that people this year have left my life and left my world, I also have found that I had a chance to face old pains from the last cycle and in essence rise from them.  The people who have left my life, I wish them well and hope that one day our paths will meet again, though in the meantime I know that it needs to be, sometimes people need to move away as your energies just grow apart,  it is the nature of the energy currents of this world and our paths here.   Sometimes people drift away, sometimes you grow apart, sometimes your path separate.  When your energies grow and change, sometimes people cannot follow where you go and it is just the nature of energies that they leave.

Growth brings incredible changes.  Working with Mammon he has taught me so much about growth and change and how sometimes when you shift things you go places where she people cant or wont go.  When you change your energy vibrations you will leave things behind.  This is why growth can be so challenging and hard, it is because when we rise, we have to leave what pulls us down behind.  It can be very freeing and liberating, though it can also be very challenging.

The Fall season prepares us for the winter, this coming year is a two year.  The two year is one to nurture your soul.  In one years we often push ahead to create a foundation for growth, the two year reminds us that we also need to balance this and take care of ourselves.  Things will be moving at a more steady pace in the coming months as we fully implement the new systems and structure.  This will also give us time to look after ourselves na pace ourselves with our creations.

The Two years also awaken the creative channels and call to us to embrace our passions and really create and follow our desires.  Lots of creative projects will be in the works next year.   Two years are also ones where you find out who will be there for you and you develop those connections and build a strong foundation for growth.  In two years you learn about yourself and you learn who you are.  You also are faced with challenges and energies that hold you back and are given a chance to embrace true freedom and growth.

Two years are powerful ones and as we begin the push into the end of the year, I can see the energies beginning to shift in that direction.  I love the fall and the winter, they are my favourite seasons.  S&S the store will celebrate its 5th Birthday on October 24th 2017,  I look back at these last five years and I just cannot believe all the lessons and the growths.  Who would have thought that my journey with demons would have taken me here… It is amazing and wonderful and I am so grateful to have you all with us!

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