Exorcism of Sludge Entities

Exorcism of Sludge Entities

This is a ritual that I have used to bind and banish sludge entities who have attempted to torment and torture me and my family.  Sludge entities are a vast spectrum of entities who cause torment and destruction upon those who cross their path.  

They range in size and can be smaller parasitic creatures, or they can be large, menacing, intelligent entities who are very sophisticated in thought and very creative in various ways to torture and torment their victims.  They feed on fear and pain, and they enjoy bringing the lives of their victims to absolute ruin.  Some are incredibly sadistic and enjoy exploiting every fear and pain within their victims and torturing and tormenting them day in and day out.  

Sludge is removed by connecting with a source of Divinity, whether dark or light, and can be removed and eliminated by using love energies to release its hold and sever the connections it has between it and its victims.  

Sludge entities can leave a residual energy which is toxic and corrosive to the aura and can cause damage within us.  This is why cleansing rituals are so important, they remove the sludge from the body and help you to maintain a state that is away from the sludge vibration.  Below you will find a very powerful and potent ritual to exorcise and remove sludge energies and entities from your life.  Use this ritual when you are tormented by sludge entities and other malicious forces and wish to remove them from you world.  

Items required

~ Five Dark Candles. 

~ Black Tourmaline Crystal 

~ Sigil of Lucifuge Rofocale 
~ Sigil of Sonnelion 
~ Sigil of Dantalion 
~ Black Paper
~ Silver Pen

~ Mason Jar 
~ Scissors
~ Rusted Nails
~ Iron Filings 
~ Broken Glass
~ Dirt (Graveyard Dirt Optional) 
~ Vinegar 
~ Blackberry Bush Thorns (Optional) 
~ Rose Bush Thorns (Optional) 

1) Place the five candles in a circle around you and light them, starting at the one that is before you and moving clockwise. 

2) Sit in the centre of your candles and place all the other items needed for this ritual in front of you within the circle space. 

3) Take a moment to ground and centre yourself. Feel yourself sitting on the group and feel its strength and support.  

4) Take in three deep breaths. You want to make sure you have a solid sense of yourself and your body.  

5) Close your eyes…. Continue breathing. 

6) Now, open your eyes and say out loud 

“By the light of these candles, by the witness of all spirits, demons, and entities who seek my protection,  I cast this circle of protection. 
I cast a circle of divine darkness, to shield me, conceal me, and  protect me from all forces that wish to harm me.  
Within this circle I find sanctuary. I am strong. I am powerful. I can accomplish the work that is ahead.” 

7) Now, of the items before you. Pick up the black tourmaline. 

8) The ritual begins with the black tourmaline crystal. What is within your house that causes harm is dangerous. It is infectious and it is insidious.  The sludge creatures that seek your harm are destructive.  These creatures are not your companions. So by banishing them. You will not be banishing your companions. You companions will be with you, aiding you in this exorcism of the sludge that is destroying your life.  

9) Hold the black tourmaline in your left hand. Hold it firmly and feel the energies of the Tourmaline flowing through you.  

10) We invite Lord Lucifuge Rofocale to the Ritual Space.  Pick up his sigil in your right hand and chant his enn 3 times… 

Sigil of Lucifuge Rofocale

“Eyen tasa valocur Lucifuge Rofocale”

11) Now say out loud… 

“I call to you, Lord Lucifuge. 
Lord of darkness, 

Lord of the underworld. 
I call to you. 
Grant me your power. 
Grant me your command. 
The command over all that is unwanted from my space. 
The ability to command malicious spirits to my will. 
I ask thee, grant me the power of command!” 

12) We invite the Lady Sonnelion to the Ritual Space.  Pick up her Sigil in your right hand and chant her enn 3 times… 

Sigil of Lady Sonnelion

“Ayer Serpente Sonnelion”

13) Now say out loud… 

 “I call to you, Lady Sonnelion. 
Lady of Strength. 
Lady of Battle. 
I call to you. 
Grant me your power. 
Grant me your might as a warrior. 
To conquer all those who oppose me.
To bind that which is unwanted
To remove from my world that which seeks to harm me. 
I ask thee, grant me the power of the warrior.” 

14) We invite Lord Dantalion to the Ritual Space.  Pick up his Sigil in your right hand and chant his enn 3 times… 

Sigil of Lord Dantalion

“Avage ayer Dantalion on ca”

15) Now say out loud…

I call to you, Lord Dantalion.  
Lord of secrets. 
Lord of banishment. 
I call to you. 
Grant me your power. 
Grant me the power of banishment. 
The power to banish and remove forcibly those who will not leave my home. 
The ability to banish malicious spirits from my space. 
I ask three, grant me the power of banishment.” 

16) Hold the tourmaline and feel the power of these great dark lords.  Feel their energies flowing through you and feel your own power.  You are powerful, and you have the ability to take your life back and banish this sludge from your world.  This power is inside of you! 

17) Hold the tourmaline and say… 

“By the powers of Lord Lucifuge Rofocale, 
Lady Sonnellion, 
and Lord Dantalion.
I command all that is unwanted, 
All that is destructive,
All sludge that torments me,
All sludge that plagues me,
All that seeks to harm me.
I command into this Black Tourmaline!

Bound by the power, the will and the might of Lord Lucifuge Rofocale,
Lady Sonnelion
And Lord Dantalion! 
All that threatens will be removed, 
All that is destructive will be cleansed,
and all that is unwanted will be banished. 

By my command and the power of these three Great Demons! 
All that seeks to harm me and my family is Bound for Eternity within this Black Tourmaline! Never to harm another again. 
I bind this sludge, by the will and power of the Dark Lords, The Demonic Divine, and My Will as a Divine Being! 
I bind this sludge.  

All that is against me, will be bound! 
I bind this sludge.

You are trapped
You are contained
You will no longer hurt me or my family 
You will no longer torment me
You are contained, and removed from my world. 
To this crystal you are bound.”  

18) For a moment allow all that is within your space to be pulled into the sludge.  Keep chanting… 

All that is against me, will be bound! 
I bind this sludge.

19) Hold the crystal until it you feel that all that is around you has been pulled into the crystal.  Now it is time to prepare the jar. 

20) Place the crystal on your left side and take the black paper.  Cut the paper so that it will fit in the jar.  You need to make sure that you use enough paper so that paper will cover the inside of the jar.  The easiest way to do this is to cut a strip of the black paper of the is about as tall as the jar.  

21) Take this strip of paper and on the left side, draw the sigil of Lord Lucifuge… see below… 

22) In the middle of the stripe of paper, draw the sigil of Lady Sonnelion… see below… 

23) On the right side of the strip of paper, draw the sigil of Lord Dantalion… see below… 

24) Place the black strip of paper inside the jar, so that it covers the walls of the jar and allows no light to get in.  Make sure that the black covers the entire inside of the jar. 

25) As you are placing the items in the jar, chant the following..

“By Lord Lucifigue Rofocale, you are bound,
By Lady Sonnelion you are bound,
By Lord Dantalion you are bound.”

26) Place a layer of dirt in the bottom of the jar.  It can be graveyard dirt if you desire, though regular dirt will suffice… say… 

“I lay the foundation of death, I will bury all connection with this sludge, and lay to rest all influence that it had over me.  With this foundation, marks the death of this sludge and its connection to me.” 

27) Take half of the shards of glass and lay them on the bottom of the jar… say…

“This glass will cut all cords, and break all connection this sludge has to me of my family.” 

28) Take the Iron Shards and lay them within the jar…say..

“Iron will shield me from this sludge and keep me safe from its influence and power.  I am shielded from this sludge.” 

29) (optional) Take the thorns of the rose bush and place them within the jar…say… 

“My love is pure and true, my love of myself and my family will ensure my safety.  Sludge is banished and removed from my world.  Love surrounds me and keeps me safe from sludge.” 

30) Place the tourmaline within the jar in the centre so that it is resting on the shards of glass and the iron filings… say…

“I contain this sludge, I contain its power, I block it from harming me, I block it from harming my family, I block it from harming those close to me.  Within this space… it is contained.”  

31) Take the other half of the shards of glass and lay them on around the black tourmaline… say…

“This glass will sever all remaining ties between me and the sludge.  By my will, it is banished, by my will it is removed.”

32) (optional) take the blackberry bush branches and fill the remaining space of the jar… say…

“You are bound, you are bound from harming me, you are bound from harming my family, you are bound from harming my friends.  You have no power here, your strength is destroyed, and your hold over me is severed.  You are powerless, I bind you and remove all connections you have to me.” 

33) Take the rusted nails and place them so they are facing down within the jar.  If you have to push them through the blackberry bushes, then push them through.  That will add to the effect… says…

“I seal your power, I seal your influence, I seal and sever all connection to me, this sludge is weak, it is powerless and it is bound… removed from my life… I am free.” 

34) Take the Vinegar and fill the jar as much as you can with it.  You want to make sure this jar is packed.  As you are filling it with vinegar…say…

“To the depth you will sink, 
to the endless chasm you are bound, 
I banish you,
I remove you from this world!
By the power of Lord Lucifuge! I command you to exit this world and never return! 
By the Power of Lady Sonnelion I force you into the depth of the Nether! Back to the Toxic Sludge you spawned from!
By the Power of Lord Dantallion I Banish you forever from this world and from my life! 
I remove you from this universe, to the darkness you are swallowed! 
Never to return again! 
Never to torture, torment, and harm again! 
You are banished! I seal your fate! 

35) Seal the jar with the lid and take a moment to breathe.  Now you will walk to the garbage can that is outside your house.  You will now throw it out like the trash that it is.

36) As you are walking chant…

“You are banished,
Removed from this world
Never to return”

37) Once the jar is thrown away, you will want to take either a mist bottle that contains water, rosemary and sage and mist your house with it, or some palo Santo and burn it throughout your house.  Use one of these methods or if you have a preferred method for cleansing use that method.  This ritual is very intense and it is recommended to rest afterwards and do something fun which you enjoy.


Once this ritual is completed you are going to want to do specific things to ensure that you do not invite the sludge or malicious entity back into your life.  This is common.  The hooks and mental attachments that it has used to gain access to you and your energies need to be healed and need to be rewritten. You need to re write your mind to seal off all entry points that another sludge can use to gain entry.  

The connection that you have with your companions created a bridge which will allow you to cleanse yourself and keep unwanted entities out. Connecting with your companions in the morning, midday and evening is a powerful tool for building strong positive spiritual connections as connecting with them can remove the connections that the sludge has and can clear the energies.  Your companions are very powerful, by connecting with them they can also remove the sludge, its attachments and keep you safe.  You have to do the work though connecting to them.  If you choose to believe the sludge over connecting with your companions, if gives the sludge a powerful hold over you, and limits their ability to protect you.  This is because you have free will and you have chosen.  Your companions will always work to protect you, connecting with them though makes it easier for them to do this.  Take the time to connect with them. 

Humans have free will. So we must be very careful what we invite in to our space.  Be careful what energies you work with and what it is that you are surrounding yourself with. You can clear the space as well as banish what is there. But if you keep calling it back through internal patterns and by feeding familiar stories and the old sludge patterns. These things will come back. This is just the nature of energies and the nature of the spiritual world.  

Once the exorcism is completed you must commit to activities that you enjoy and changing your environment and your daily activities.  Pick up a new hobby, listen to something empowering, commit to your spiritual practise with your companions and when you feel the old sludge stories creeping up, don’t engage them.  Trust in your power and trust in the power of your spirit companions.  

You are strong, and you can command the powers within you to clear all that is unwanted from your space.  Take back control of your space and take back control of your life.  Your companions will help you and guide you.  


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