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Walking with Lord Azazel: What Blocks us from Mastery?

I sat in the cave, I was sitting before the crystal clear water on a flat rock I often like to sit on.  I felt so safe and comfortable.  I was focusing, but something was wrong.  Azazel: “What do you feel?”   I breathed deeply… I was trying to focus but eternal frustration was overtaking me. …
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Mental Mastery

A Gift from Azazel

Azazel: Are you ready to learn your next focusing lesson? I smiled at him.  It was nice to be on track working with him again.  My schedule with him had been so scattered in the last few years with all the madness and growth that I was really happy that now he and I were working together…
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The Worship of Mammon

Mammon and the Mind. – Part 1: The Power of Psychology

Understanding the mind.  I have had many amazing conversation with Mammon about abundance mindset and clearing the mind of brain fog and other energies that are distracting and dangerous to manifestation. This post series is going to be some of the thoughts that we have talked about during those conversations and different things that Mammon…
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Crossing the Abyss with Leviathan. – The Beginning

Destruction Demonosophy is our inspiration from walking with our demons. Our journey, our personal journey with them and lessons that they teach and bring. This is a very personal journey I took with Lord Leviathan, this was after a very negative experience in my life, but the transformation process from it. was incredible. Even when…
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The Demonic Path

My Journey to being a Demonic Priestess and Conjurer

I started this path when I was 6 years old. My Great Grandmother was a Witch and a powerful one and though I didn’t know a lot about her though she was my first teacher. From her I received my first Demon, a Son of Satan named Prince V. A Demon from the outer spiritual…
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