Mammon and the Mind. – Part 1: The Power of Psychology

Understanding the mind. 

I have had many amazing conversation with Mammon about abundance mindset and clearing the mind of brain fog and other energies that are distracting and dangerous to manifestation.

This post series is going to be some of the thoughts that we have talked about during those conversations and different things that Mammon has said to me that pertain to the mind and mindset.

Mindset is very important on the LHP and on any path where you seek to free yourself from societal bindings and things that keep us from shifting to where we want to go, and manifesting what we want to manifest.

Mammon : To work with me, you have to understand the mind. I want you to understand psychology, that is a prerequisite, you have to understand your mind, and also the minds of those who you will be interacting with.  

You have to be able to spot the subtitles of those who wish to use you, and you have to be able to sense ones true intent.  There are lots of people out there who will hurt you, many of them who will come into your life disguised as friends, but as you get to know them, their true character will be revealed.  You have to be able to spot those who wish to hurt you and stop them.

Me : That is kinda terrifying.

Mammon : Yes, they will come in all shapes and sizes, you will meet many of them on your journey here, everyone does.  Understanding the mind and paying attention to your intuition will help you avoid these people.

Me : I know I get strange sensations about some people, I have moments where my stomach just hurts and I get bad feelings, but I can’t translate it all right now.

Mammon : You will learn, your sense is growing, you need to expand your vocabulary. I want you to read as many Psychology books as you can. I am going to give you some recommendations. 

The New Psycho Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz
The Art of War – Sun Tzu
The Creature from Jekyll Island – G. Edward Griffin
The Silva Method – Jose Silva
Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman
Psychology and Alchemy – Carl Jung
Psychology of the Unconscious Mind – Carl Jung
The Undiscovered Self – Carl Jung

Other books he has recommended since….

Dangerous Personalities – by Joe Navarro (Author), Toni Sciarra Poynter (Author)
30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics: How Manipulators Take Control In Personal Relationships – by Adelyn Birch

There were many others, the reading list he gave me was seriously huge and grows daily.

The Family Vibrations.

Mammon : You will get to work with many of my children, you will see that they all share the wisdom I have to teach, these are universal princilpals. Your family vibration is very important, understanding it will show you were you are, and help you shift it if you need to. 

Me : Would I lose my family?

Mammon : In some cases yes, but only if they are really toxic, most of the time people go through a phase where they do shift out of those vibrations, this can cause chaos in the family unit, but it does eventually settle.

Some people it is for the best when they break away from their family, some people their family supports them, your family has always been supportive, just like my family, we do support and build each other up. Your family can be your biggest hinderance, in which case removing them or limiting contact with them is ideal, or they can be your biggest supporters. 
Me : ……

Mammon : The people who surround you, they are either pulling you down, or helping you rise up. This is why it is important to understand where people’s mindsets are, and what their true intents are.  This is why I teach all my children psychological principals and help them master their mindsets.

Mammon and all his children, they are masters of psychology and mastering the mind.   They thrive in capitalizing on our mindset. I know that every descendant of Mammon who has come through has shared their fathers love of the mind and understanding it and how to shift it and attain mental mastery through working with it.

His Daughters especially seem to have a very passionate understanding of psychology and they can use that knowledge to greatly help their human companion. The Daughters of Mammon are incredible and amazing! They share their fathers love of family, abundance and freedom and they often follow in his foot steps of understanding the abundant world around us.

Every Daughter I have met has a vast understanding of the mental states that we carry. They are able to psychologically sum up what is going on at the time I was working with them and offer incredible insights and advice that helped me through some challenging times. I have found them to be incredibly sharp when it comes to analyzing the situations and my own mental state and summing up what is going on and how to solve it. I am always impressed when I have a psychological conversation with them.

His Daughters also all promote a healthy and addiction free lifestyle as they are big on freeing the mind. There have been a few daughters that I have screened who have been very adamant about clean living and really working to open up the mind and release it from things that bind it and restrict it.

They understand abundance vibrations and mind set and they are very much in support of a healthy, addiction-free state. This allows one to shift and move throughout the energies around them without having blocks holding them back. Every one of them has been able to help me get over some psychological block at the time I worked with them. His sons have this as well, and they have a very incredible understanding of business.

Even if your family does not give you the support that does not mean you are doomed. You can surround yourself with people and demons who will help you to rise up and help you to rise in your own energy vibrations. Our Demon Companions are very high vibrational and they have incredible insights and energies to them that can assist us in stepping into the vibration that we desire.

The Shadows of the mind. 

Mammon : We demons teach about the darkness because it is so essential to your lives here, you need to understand and accept all sides of yourself, even the ones society says are wrong and that you need to be ashamed of.  On the LHP we seek to understand and work with all sides of the self. Shadow Work, and the Dark Journey of the Soul are two very important elements to walking with us. 

Me : This is societal programming isn’t it? And everything I have been taught. 

Mammon :  From the time you are born you are inundated with thoughts, ideas, beliefs that are not your own, you are always going to have the vibrations of others pushed on you, this is why it is important to work with yourself and really learn about who you are and the path you want to take. Many people are trapped and cling to these beliefs, they don’t want to let them go. Being on the left Hand path means that you are constantly scanning and understanding what is directing your course, what is navigating your journey and not being attached to it. So if you want to change course, you can with ease. 

Me : What is the shadow? 

Mammon : The shadow self is the darkness in your soul, it is everything that you have pushed down, hidden from the world. It might be thoughts that came from pain, it might be thoughts you were told that were wrong, or things society believes are wrong. Sometimes these things are not wrong and it can serve you to challenge them, and challenge your beliefs, especially if a thought does not serve you, or does not align with your core self. You have to free yourself from beliefs that do not serve you or they will hold you back and prevent you from getting what you want in life. This… is the importance of Shadow Work. 

Mammon has told me many times that to get what you want in life and to enter states of abundance mentality you need to understand the mind and the underlaying thoughts that are controlling you from the shadows. We all have these sides of ourselves. Hurt, Trauma, Abuse, sides of ourselves that we hide from the world, and even hide from ourselves. When we hide them they can control us from the shadows.

Part of understanding our mind and our vibrations is to really explore and understand ourselves. Why we do the things we do, challenge why we think the thoughts we do, challenge what we were taught, challenge our thoughts. Do they serve us? Are they hindering us? Then working at changing them if they are hindering us, or enhancing them if they are serving us.

He says that working to understand the default patterns and mental traps that are controlling you is paramount to breaking out of your current state. Understanding the mind, your own mind, the patterns of the mind, and being able to see and observe what is going on around you. Understanding this and what controls you from the shadows, will help you to shift the energies around you.

Next post here – Mammon and the Mind – Part 2 – Shifting the Negative Mind

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