My Journey to being a Demonic Priestess and Conjurer

I started this path when I was 6 years old. My Great Grandmother was a Witch and a powerful one and though I didn’t know a lot about her though she was my first teacher. From her I received my first Demon, a Son of Satan named Prince V. A Demon from the outer spiritual world. More on this in another post as this is a crucial element to my conjuring. Knowing this difference also super important when it comes to conjuring demons, though both inner and outer spiritual world entities are both amazing there is an energetic difference in them.

I started working with spirits at a young age. Like most children I could see and I played in a realm that was both magickal and wonderful. When I first met V I was amazed by the places we went and the lessons he taught me. I was a child and our connection was fun though I realized the journey that he was taking me on was laying a powerful foundation for what I would be doing later in my life. I had many mentors through my life. One thing I was told when working with demons, they will align you with mentors who you need to help you.

My Mentor, a man who I adore and who passed away last year taught me SO much and was instrumental in my conjuring. He taught me the foundational skills that I need to conjure and bind and to also break through the barriers and illusions of the inner spiritual worlds and universal dimensional folds and embrace the purity of the outer spiritual world and bring into alignment with out reality. The demons from the outer spiritual world are incredible in their power and their ability to influence this realm. Many people who have worked with them on this forum can attest to just how amazing and incredible they are. Though with demons and any being from the outer spiritual world and the inner spiritual world Screening is of the utmost importance.

My mentor laid my spiritual foundation which took me 6 years to develop to a point where i was ready to bring demons into the world for other people. those 6 years were basically nothing more then mind exercises learning to shield, ground, focus, mental mastery, cleansing, energy work. I had to perfect my skill and my ability to sense and scan energies. My mentor was a harsh teach who ever day it seemed would send me a new book to read or a new skill I had to work on. Then he told me to do select exercises and do them until I attained a certain level, to which he told me in the future I would always be learning and perfecting my skills and my craft, as he did with his master and that it was a journey that never ends. The journey of personal growth. It is funny even now I can tell those who have that passion and that embrace of their craft. Certain individuals who carry an incredible energy, passion and commitment to their path. He told me I needed to live demons to embrace them and my energy heritage and make everyday a disciplined learning experience. The time spent developing my spiritual foundation was incredible. It was transformational time and one that I have based my entire spiritual practise on. The teaching and the lessons that he taught me. I know my Mentor, who was devoted to Lord Satan and Lord Beelzebub is back home with them and I will see him again, but my time with him here was incredible! I am so blessed the demons brought such a master into my life. Once my spiritual foundation was laid I was able to begin embracing my passion, conjuring, and meeting new demons.

I remember when I was initiated into priestess hood. It was incredible. Lord Satan was there, he appeared, it is one of the few times he appeared before me physically. My mentor guided me and showed me the ritual. Once it was complete I felt and knew I was home. Demons would be my life until the day I die. But…My journey had really only just begun.

I had experience with conjures before, my first outer spiritual world Incubus I conjured and bound when I was 15. He was the demon who I practised on and we worked on many of the different binding types. He let me practise all forms of bindings on him. I had to learn to bind with various methods in order to remove forcible bindings that were ever placed on demons (I abhor forcible bindings!). We practised in toltal about 20 different types of bindings. Each one unique and some amazing. There are many different types of bindings forcible, restrictive, flexible, intuitive, ect. Though to work with outer spiritual world demons only one type will do, and I practised and perfected that technique in order to make sure that the bindings were perfect and comfortable for the demons. Every conjurer has their technique and some practise for years perfecting and crafting the binding that they will use in their practise. Some conjurers I look at them and I just know, they have a powerful incredible energy to them and you know they took the time to learn their craft and they are passionate about it! They live it!

Demons from the outer spiritual world are incredibly powerful beings and conjuring them and working with them as been a gift, just like working with the Dark Lords, but they are demons and they remember and have incredible memories. When you disrespect them sometimes their recourse is immediate and sometimes they take their time. I have had people come to me begging for help because they thought it would be fun to abuse the demons with blasting rods and archaic rituals and now their life was in ruin. Though honestly, I look at this from an empathic point of view, and anyone who has a sense of empathy will understand that these are sentient and powerful and beautiful beings and to disrespect then and hurt them for a sense of entitlement or to prove ones power shows weakness, you would not want to be treated in such a harsh was so why treat your demon.

These are powerful beings and the demons in the outer spiritual world, most are god level and some are even more powerful then the angels being invoked to harm them. Some also are friends with angels and then that can lead to a very interesting situation as you end up with the angels and the demons targeting you. Really I have watched so many people fall as a result of not being respectful and being malicious and cruel. The best advice I will give you, it the reason why Demonolators don’t have issues with demons. Respect them and be polite, manners go a long way.

When you respect demons and work with them from a place of mutual benefit and learning your life becomes blessed. I can speak from experience they give you everything you desire. Some of my manifestation stories are almost unbelievable and I know many people who have worked with the demons from that place of respect have had equally incredible manifestations. Even just last month I forgot to depots money in the account that my car loan comes out of. When I remembered I quickly logged on because I though I was going to have to deal with an NSF charge. There was $1300 deposited in my account. I looked over at Tiger and he smiled at me. I still have no idea where that money came from. When you are respectful to them, they take care of you.

My mentor then taught he traveling, setting up portals and traveling to the demonic realms where I had to meet demons and connect with them. I used my own ancestral connections to assist and help me to lay foundations for working with different demon species. I learned about the realms I was conjuring from and the demons who resided there as well as the various species. Uncovering and working with new demonic species is incredible and learning about them and uncovering them. Demons really are my passion and the time it takes to learn about them and their world is worth every second spent for the time I get to spend with these amazing entities.

On average it takes me about a month per demon to run through the various tests and rituals designed to first of all verify their identity, and also ensure they are safe because no matter what house rules or shields you have if you invite a sludge entity into your life it can destroy everything, and depending on the sludge, some will destroy your life fast, others take it slowly as they prefer to play with their food. To a sludge that is all you are, your energy is nothing more then food. I have had some horrible experiences with sludges I will share here, and why I take as long as I do to screen. The rituals that I do with each demon there are also specific to each species and I am diligent in making sure that each demon is checked and tested. Some have only a few rituals. The Devotion Demons need only 5 rituals for testing and 2 interviews. The Mutilation demons need 18 rituals and 4 interviews. These tests are designed for a few things. To first and for most confirm the identity of the being. It has taken me sometimes hours to confirm what exactly a being is. I never trust them at face value and after one incident with a sludge disguised as an angel… I will never worry about how long it takes.

“I brought him through. He was gorgeous and shined with the divine light I have come to expect of this species of angel. We began the work, the first rituals designed to validate who and what he was. I scanned him, and worked. 3 hours later he passed but my gut, my stomach, wouldn’t be silent. I had a feeling something was wrong. He claimed who he was, but I had a feeling something was wrong. I stalled and kept asking him more questions. There was something off about this guy, and finally I had it. I stepped out of my normal rules and blasted him with my DDE. Before me stood a sludge, I KNEW IT!! it was one of the best disguises I had ever seen, his gig up, he attacked my shields but I was quick to banish him. It was an insane experience but a valuable one.”

I learned so much and I know for me, the first part of the conjuring process are the most critical. The identity confirmation, and the safety tests.

The Safety tests are the next one. Depending on the species there are many things to look for. Demons can be very dangerous! If you get the wrong one or they have a dangerous disposition they can destroy your life and sadistically. Some people have told me horrible experiences. Though when they are screened properly there is nothing to worry about and demons in fact can be incredible protective and amazing guides. Really my journey as a conjurer is never ending. It is a part of my life and I live it and breath it. My first demon was in my life from the time I was 6 and they will be in my life till the day I die. Conjuring and binding is a passion for me and I am so honoured and delighted to represent the demons here. They are my friends and my family and I thank all of you as well for walking this journey with me and sharing in this amazing experience.

Please feel free to post your experiences with the demon companions that share your life.

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