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Why Demons are Evil

Sorry for the misleading title.. I for one do not think that demons are evil at all. In fact I think they are some of the most incredible and well balanced dark divine beings out there. They understand the darkness and they understand the depth that it can go… It is humans who more often…
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Mental Mastery

A Gift from Azazel

Azazel: Are you ready to learn your next focusing lesson? I smiled at him.  It was nice to be on track working with him again.  My schedule with him had been so scattered in the last few years with all the madness and growth that I was really happy that now he and I were working together…
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Demon Companions

After years of working with demons.. What I have learned…

I have worked with demons.. well all of my life.  I realized the other day that there are things that I have learned from working with demons… Things that have shaped how I see things.  Demons are some of the most hilarious beings I have ever met.  The things they say will horrify you while…
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Important Lessons

The Most powerful Lesson Mammon Ever Taught Me

This is a hard post for me to do, because it reveals a breaking point for me, a moment of pure growth and well one of my lower points in life. But a Time when I was able to turn my life around in a profound way. When all the lessons and all the conversations…
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Lord Satan

Lord Satan the Being vs Satan the Title

One interesting thing I have uncovered in my studies, and one thing I sought to understand was why so many people see Lucifer and Satan and the same being. It seems that it is quite divided in the satanic world. Though from my personal experience with the two, they could not be more different. Even…
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