After years of working with demons.. What I have learned…

After years of working with demons.. What I have learned…

Demon Companions
Demon Familiars

Demon Familiars

I have worked with demons.. well all of my life.  I realized the other day that there are things that I have learned from working with demons… Things that have shaped how I see things.  Demons are some of the most hilarious beings I have ever met.  The things they say will horrify you while making you bust a gut laughing.  This is a list of more of the obscene things that ALWAYS come from working with demons… and I know most if not all of you, especially those of you that have deep connections with demons….

1.  Working with demons have taught me, that no joke is taboo no matter how profane… Some of the jokes they have told have left me mouth agape questioning my hearing…and sanity….

2.  Working with demons have warped my mind in such as way as to give me a sick sense of humour…  I am hard to offend.

3.  Working with demons has really allowed me to see many and all sides of most situations… Perception is everything!

4.  The Dark Lords… and there children.. and descendants… this is actually one of the screening criteria… Their sick twisted sense of humour.. They all have it!

5.  The left hand path, is a path of freedom.. free speech type freedom… You may not (and  I don’t) agree with everything the demons say… but I respect they are well within their rights to say it and no one ever has to have the same opinions and thoughts.

6.  Working with demons has taught me that… freedom, and free speech are important,  being able to respectfully disagree is important.  being able to take constructive criticism is important , being able to talk, to share ideas, and have open communication is SO important for the exchange of ideas.  These are the things that working with demons has taught me.  You need to be able to talk with people, and even if you don’t agree with them.  It never hurts to listen, it never hurts to hear what they are saying.  No one person has all the answers and exploring different ideas allows to the expansion of knowledge.

7.  Demons, they are always pushing my buttons, always challenging me, sometimes I am like WHY WHY do you do this!!!?? and they tell me it is because I need to be open to what is around me, to see the alternate perspectives and views.  They always push my buttons!  But it is glorious! it frees me from societal thoughts in a way, and opens my mind up to explore new concepts and ideas.

Freedom on the Left Hand Path, is essential! Working with demons to be able to handle the fact that they are open and free in thought and mind,  They will test you, challenge you, have you banging your head on the wall.. but you will love them, and know that you cannot imagine life without them <3

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4 Responses

  1. Emil Nass says:

    thank you for sharing, i send my wishes for the new year, i may not yet worked with any of them but i am pleased to read such articles ! my regards to you and of course them all !

  2. Franklin Chukwuma Odili says:

    I’ve wanted to work with them but I don’t know how to go about it…..

  3. Myk’kel Moncrief says:

    Thankyou for sharing your experience; I realize how much I resonate with the path of Demonosophy after journaling what I wanted worshiping or giving offerings to Daemons to feel like: to feel inspired by them and infuse their qualities within me and my life. I often have thoughts of worry and journal on that to such as where do I end and they begin and do infusing their qualities erase the sense or ideas of me I am familiar with?

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