Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords

Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords

I have read different theories on what happens when you connect with demons.  It is fascinating to read and learn about them.  Different people have many different encounters with them.  Once question that has always plagued me is.  Why are they so different at times? 

With some of them at first I raised an eyebrow until I realized that all of these can make sense if I apply my theory of the spiritual world to it.  The theory is that there are many different layers, and that the massive nature of the spiritual world allows for multiple truths and realities within its spectrum.   It allows for multiple interpretations and explorations. This theory can account for the vastly different interactions that people have with them.  

Research and Exploration

I have done a lot of research on connecting with Demons and the Dark Lords.  Experience that is done through reading, research, lessons through my mentors, discussions with others and my own personal encounters with the Dark Lords.  I am amazed at times how different the interactions can be.  

Sometimes the experiences I read are so horrifying and so perplexing that I have had to explore deeper to find the answers.  The discoveries I have made though have lead to many incredible revelations.  revelations like, in most possession cases it is Sludge entities that will pretend to be Dark Lords like Lord Satan and Lord Lucifer to terrify the one being possessed. Sludge invades it’s host through fear so those who have a natural fear of demons and Satan it makes sense they would appear as the Devil to strike fear into the one they are trying to possess.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge as well as a lack of terminology and definition of the dark beings which leads to a lot of clumping and mis-identification of dark entities.  In many of the older books everything was grouped as a demon and all demons were evil. This made distinguishing them from other entities often impossible. 

This is why it is very important to expand on our knowledge and understanding of darkness and to draw from our own personal experiences along with past written resources and begin to restore the honour and dignity of each spirit species. This will allow us to expand what we know of the spiritual world and offer definitions and categories for the beings that reside there. 

Studying Imps!!

The old books make for a starting foundation, but I have found they are full of misconceptions, assumptions and biases of their time.  However it is important to look past that and realize that they are acting as a base foundation. This allows us to pick up from where they left off and evolve the theories which will allow us to get a more well rounded view of what is going on.  

There are many different layers of reality and the spiritual worlds and I will be discussing them more and also my own research with them. 

In this post I want to talk about the Dark Lord, Deities, Spiritual Entities and the types of interactions that we can have with them.  At this time there are 6 categories of interactions that I uncovered.  Though I know there are more. This post will focus on the 6 main ones so you can get a frame of reference and being to see the differences and profound interactions that can come from these different types of interactions.  

It is important to note them and be aware of them for some of them can actually be dangerous.  This is why we always say to practise shielding, warding and cleansing because you don’t always know what you are getting involved it.  It also is important to know how to protect your space and keep your energies free of these forces. 

Many people have experience horrible things from making bad connections with dangerous entities.  I cannot and will not deny the damage that is done to people who have had horrible encounters with dark and sinister spiritual beings.  However, that is why we need to understand what they are and what is actually doing the damage.  In the past it was all Demons who caused the damage. However, blaming demons when it is something entirely different only makes it harder to handle the core issue and resolve the situation.

This is why we need to know what it is that we are dealing with so that we can develop the tools to handle these negative entities and take back our power from them.  We need to have solutions for handling malicious and dangerous entities and know how to heal the damage that they do, not just blindly blame demons for everything bad that happens.  

Some people are naturally drawn to the darkness, but with no roadmap on what to do or how to walk it, they can be lead to dangerous situations.  There is danger and evil in both the light and the darkness, they are different, but they both can cause suffering and this is something to be very mindful of.  While the light with blind you and melt your eyes to it’s evil, the darkness will consume you, seduce you, abuse you, destroy you, lead you down the path of obsession, and finally consume you. 

I will talk about different types of connections that happen, and how to spot and avoid dangerous ones because they do happen, and people do get hurt.  This is something that we really want to help people avoid.  

We go by a rule.  If you notice that you are being empowered through connecting, then keep following it.   However, if things start to decay and fall to ruin around you, then it never hurts to look at what is going on.  It is like this in anything though.  I am always challenging my views, and asking myself if the approach I am taking is the right one.  Obsession can lead people to ruin, as can holding onto unhealthy energies and states, but when it is balanced it can lead to powerful truths.  

Never be afraid of challenge what you know, you will either be stronger in faith, or you will have learned something new.  Now, onto the discussions. 

Types of Connections…

1) Connecting with Sludge

Sludge Connections

This is a dangerous one and yes at times Sludge does mimic the Dark Lords.  There is no time when this connection is safe.  This is where you get situation like “demon” possession and where the victim is abused and attacked.  

There are times when Sludge will mimic the dark lords.  This is a very dangerous situation.  This usually happens with people who are religious or fearful of demons. The sludge wishes to feed on negative states and will scare them into thinking they are being attacked and possessed by a demon.  States of fear allow the sludge entry into the energies of the aura and can lead to openings where it will attach itself and feed from.  It will also continue to portray itself as the demon to perpetuate the fear.  

It also happens when one does not know what they are doing and have not taken the time to develop their spiritual foundation and know how to defend themselves against a spiritual attack.  They jump in too fast and they end up contacting a sludge that pretends to be the Dark Lord they wish to contact.  

One must be very careful in this situation.  This is why we always advise when one begins working with the dark lords and demons to build the spiritual foundation and learn how to protect themselves and learn how to guard their space from forces that will try to get in.  

Work on yourself , and really have an understanding of who you are and the path that you walk.  Have a good foundation when it comes to shielding, warding, and cleansing and know how to cleanse your space and keep your area safe. 

Sludge beings when they convince one that they are a Dark Lord can gain access to that persons energies and will begin to destroy them. Sometimes Sludge energies work very slowly, very slowly so you seldom even notice what is happening. Other times they get in and work very fast. These fast situations are usually where you get the “I need an exorcism” level of possession.

This can happen with individuals who fear the dark lords and individuals who work with them.  Once the sludge gets access it will begin to feed. 

~ Those who are afraid of Dark Lords, the sludge will use fear and torment to get in and terrify the person into surrendering their power and opening their energies. 

~ Those who are seeking to connect, the sludge will use false promises and pleasures to gain access.  

When individuals sees the dark lords in a positive way sludge will use seduction techniques to gain entry and make the person let their guard down. Initially, the interaction will appear positive but over time, as it does with sludge, the interactions and the feelings around them will get worse and worse. It will lead to ruin in ones life, and the loss of identity of the self.  

The sludge will sometimes demand weird things.  It will deliver on promises but the overall state of your life will get worse and worse.  It is a vicious spiral and can be incredibly frustrating and overall horrible.  There always seems to be a catch to their promises. Also, there usually is a sickly feeling that can be felt when sludge is around, and there might be a sense of foreboding, that something is wrong. 

The sludge will be overly possessive and try to deter you from working with others, or it will only want you to work with it. It will want your worship, your obsession and it will encourage this state.  It will want you to ignore the advice of others and it will attack you or even condemn you for reaching out to them.  It will do anything to keep you in its clutches.

It can at times feel like and abusive relationship that has some highs and incredible lows.  However, the overall state of things will be a slow sink into oblivion.  There are ups and downs in shadow work, spiritual healing, but the overall state of things should be getting better.  When you are done the healing there needs to be improvement and awakening of the self.  Sludge will shut down growth and will do things to make sure that it stays in control. 

~ The Sludge destroys through the consumption of energies.  Some are slower than others, but like addicts, you will see a decline in the individual and you will see them getting worse and worse. 

~ Holes will appear in the aura because of the energy that is being consumed by the sludge.

~The sludge at times will form a symbiotic connection to their host.  They will think that they need the sludge and become addicted to its presence.  This is one reason why they can be so hard to remove them.  

~ The energy flow is external, inner spiritual world or outer spiritual world and parasitic, it can also be corrosive and corrode the aura energies when in contact.

~ One might experience burn at touching the energies of sludge

~ The sludge will mirror and mimic personal companions and at times there will almost seem like a battle between them.  You will get conflicting messages from your companions.  If you do that is a sign that there may be a sludge around trying to insert destructive messages making it seem like it is from your companions, when it is not.

~ Your companions can remove the sludge, but you have to work with them to shift your mindset away from the addictive allure of the sludge.  If you hold the mindset or stay within the vibration of the sludge your companion can only do damage control. They cannot help you fully remove the sludge until you make the shift away from the corrosive vibration.  

~ Sludge energies are addictive and they will try to isolate you from others who try to help you, this includes your spirit companions.  It is ok for companions to request one on one time, and even a time dedicated to work with that companion. However, if these requests get threatening, or if they demand that it be the only one with no consideration to what you want, then that is a sign that there is a sludge mimicking your companion and it needs to be cleansed and removed.  

2) Connecting to another Entity that Mimics Demons and the Dark Lords

Trickster Trickery

There are entities out there, some of them are shape shifters and tricksters who will take on the form of a Dark Lord or a being that you are trying to contact.  Usually when they are impersonating the deity they are there for malicious reasons, but sometimes it is just because they are a trickster.  

A deity or entity who genuinely wants to work with you will usually appear as they are.  They will not come disguised as another.  When one is disguised as another, something foul might be a foot.  There also might be an anterior motive going on.  When the initial introduction is one of deception it is important to be mindful. 

There are times when the mind will make them appear as something different or your third eye will translate their appearance in a way that is similar to someone else.  But it is important to know that sometimes when you go to connect with a demon or deity, a trickster spirits or malicious shapeshifters will show up instead.  

There are some times where this will be positive. Some deities might use association with another to get you to see them.  Like for example, if they are a fallen angel who has a connection to you, but you can’t see them, so they appear as Lucifer using association to help you connect to them.  They come as one you are familiar with to make the initial connection and build that association.  

That is not a negative association, that is the being using your associations to build the connection and usually as soon as they can, they will reveal themselves and reveal the truth to you so that you can begin working with them as they are.  Some trickster spirits can show up to teach lessons through trickery, when working with those know that deception and illusion will be part of the work and the entity is not usually who they appear to be. For the most part though, when something is mimicking a dark lord they are not there to help.  

The ones that are there for nefarious purposes.  They will play games and will try to lead you down their path. They enjoy the games and they enjoy watching you follow them and try everything only to have it all fail.  They enjoy the destruction and discord that their presence brings.

They like the build up the energies and lead you to disappointment.  They like to see faith and hope shattered and they teach hard painful lessons.  They are not there to build you up, but for the drama and amusement that your suffering brings.  Often times they just enjoy the pain that their actions bring and will see how far then can make you fall.  They take joy in things being crushed and destroyed and they do enjoy the drama and the show of others suffering. 

I knew someone was working with an entity and it was them telling them they wanted the most insane things.  There was no lesson and it always lead to this person being humiliated and nothing ever working out.  Nothing ever seemed to get better.  It turned out they were working with an entity who enjoyed watching them fall flat on their face and was always setting them up for failure.  Some entities enjoy the suffering of others, it brings them pleasure and they create terrible situations for their own enjoyment. 

Many of these entities like to take on the form of something we are looking for.  Something that we desire and need.  This is why ego needs to be kept in check when working with dark entities. You have to be able to have the discernment to know what you are working with and be able to get past your own emotions.  They will play on your ego and emotions and they will twist you and manipulate you.  

I have said it before, the second you think you can handle the darkest of the dark.. well you are doomed to fall.  These guys are not even the worst.  They will bring you incredible bad luck and it will be frustrating and stagnating, but there is much worse out there.  They enjoy all the bad, torture and paint that is happening and they will work to bring more.

I have had bad things happen, but it has always lead to something better.  The difference is, my old life needed to be stripped down for my new life to rise. It was temporary bad to bring in the good. Overall I have always had more good fortune then bad.  I am being built up, things keep getting better, they get more and more amazing and they are growing and expanding.  I do have to let things go and sometimes bad things will happen, but it will always lead to something better. When dealing with one of these entities it never gets better, it can actually get worse.  

My demons pull me out of the bad times, they don’t hold my head under the water while pretending to be my friends.  When you have continuous bad happening, you need to look at what is happening and maybe what you are connecting too.  It might be something sinister who is laughing at your fall.  It might just be for their comedic relief.  There might be something around that has won your attention who is actually brining you to ruin.

Your demons and spirit companions can to a degree remove these entities, unless you continually invite them in, then they can help, but there will not be a permanent fix until the attachment is removed. With these types of entities the attachment must be removed.

It has taken me years of studying darkness to understand the subtle differences.  This is why when I conjure I keep an eye out for many things.  The layers of the spiritual world and being able to discern the darkness and what is happening in each situation. These details are all very important.  In some layers it is very twisted and convoluted and you have to be very careful.   This is why we always advise building your spiritual foundation and learning your foundational skills.  

There are ways to tell if you are connecting to a malicious trickster instead of a genuine demon.  Listening to your intuition, watching the subtitles that are happening around you. Tricksters can be from the outer spiritual world, though many of them are from the inner spiritual world and our own universal plan. The spiritual layers that are folded within the Earth.  

They can bring lessons, but sometimes those lessons are dangerous and for those who do not walk the path of a trickster they are best to be avoided (those who walk the path of a trickster understand these energies and it is part of their journey, but for those who just wanted to connect with a Dark Lord these situation can be dangerous).   Malicious tricksters are very destructive and crossing paths with these beings can leave your life destroyed with no benefit to you.  

These entities serve their own interests and desires, they don’t care about you, they care about the situation and their pleasure and benefit.  While some will bring lessons, it is always a good idea to be mindful of just how beneficial those lessons are. Question what is happening, what you want to happen and question where the source of your troubles are coming from.  

Having a good spiritual foundation and connection to your higher self can prevent this.  Shielding and remembering your own power can push these entities out and help you define your space and take your power back.  You do not want anything around that does not consider you and have your best interests in mind.  You don’t want to work with something that only sees you as the butt of the joke.  

Warning signs you might be working with one of these entities.  

~Sometimes they are not so horrible, you just wont really go anywhere and you will be in an endless loop where your life is full of bad luck. Some spirits are just lonely and want attention.

~ It ends up being annoying as nothing really happens and your life feels like it is stagnated and not moving in any direction.  

~ You find yourself the centre of jokes with no lessons or rewards and you feel at times that you are being toyed with.  

~ Sometimes they can be incredible destructive and push things to far where people and things you care about die

~ Your life will feel like a joke that is taken too far, it isn’t funny anymore and you just want to get off this ride.  

~ They don’t care about you or your feelings and can actually cause emotions damage as they push things further and further satisfying their need for drama. 

~ The energy source is external, they do not come from within and are not a manifestation of the mind, they are an external entity which comes into your life to cause drama and chaos.   

3) Connecting to Thought Forms 


Thought-forms.. They are beings that have been given life through the thoughts and obsessions of others.  They are those who have come to life though rituals designed to bring life to energies.  In some cases their original creators have long since departed this world and they end up venturing out and trying to find means to fuel their existence.  

All thought forms are not created equally and while some can be created to be helpful, other are created out of hate and malice. They all need the thoughts and energies of others to continue living.  They seek out people who can feed them and work to create situations to give them energies and allow them to stay relevant. 

Thought-forms can be powerful, and depending on how they were created and how strong they have become some are incredible forces and can benefit those who work with them.  Thought form connections can be positive and negative, depending on the thought form.  I will first talk about the different types. 

i) Personal Thought forms

Personal Thought-forms

We all have the ability to create thought-form.  This is a skill that we have as creators within this universe.  We can create and give life to thoughts.  Personal ones can start out as fantasies and they can rise into something more, depending on how much energy we put into them.  Sometimes they just remain secret thoughts in our fantasies.  Other times they rise and can assist us in our lives.  

Thought forms are bound to the inner spiritual world.  Much like our physical vessels here, they were created here and it is within the inner spiritual worlds that they remain.  The best way for me to describe them would be like a hologram that has been given a consciousness within our world.  They are bound to the world of their base program, and will always have a connection to the one who created them.  They are bound to the world they were crafted in.  The inner spiritual world matrix, the universal matrix.  The energies they were created from will dictates how far they can travel and what they can do.  

Many recommend that when thought forms have served their purpose they need to be destroyed.  There are rituals that are designed to attain this. This is true for larger ones, but most of them die when their source of energy stops. This is unless they become large enough to find their own food sources and evolve beyond the energies of their creator.  If not, their energies fizzle out and they return to the energies of the universe. 

Our fantasies, our travels through the manifestation realms of the astral planes can lead to the creation of these beings, these thoughts-form.  People can create thought-forms of the Dark Lords and give rise to them.   I have many times explored weather if everything I have worked with is a thought-form. Through years of experimentation and learning about the different in energies and how they work, I have figured out the differences between a true god and a thought form.  

Thought forms can also be created for others.  There are many magicians who can make and craft thought forms to work with others. They are an energy that is given life by the essence and divine power of the magician and they can be programmed by the magician to do many different things.  They can be incredibly powerful and they are a powerful tool which can help us in many different areas of our life.  

Thought-forms can bring us information, they can help us with memory retention, finding love, manifesting money, it all depends on what they are programmed to do.  When you create a thought form you infuse an initial program into it. You program it to do what you desire and that initial program will dictate the actions it does and the course that it take.  

Each thought form with act within the confines of the program that you have created for it.  Some will move beyond it if they grow large enough, however, they always will be dictated and directed in some way by that base program.  That basic program will always be present.  Sometimes it can be reprogrammed, but many times once it is completed, that is the basis for that thought-form. 

~ They are usually incredibly invested in and devoted to the person they are connected to, they know their creator and in the beginning especially they want to assist their creator and help them. (Sometimes they grow to hate their creator, this can be a very dangerous situation, however, they have to be very large for this to happen)

~ They grow as you grow, when you walk side by side with a thought-form that you have created and when they grow large enough, they will mirror you and grow by watching and observing you.  

~ They follow the individuals personal story and the story that is created for them.  This base story shapes them and the journey that they take.  

~ They can energetically be an extension of the one who created them. They know what the person knows and they can offer insights into the individuals inner wisdom. They offer nothing else until they grow large enough to assimilate their own information.  

~ They live in a bubble world which usually follows an archetype story and they fulfill that archetype.  

~ They follow their creators habits and in many ways can reflect the values and morals of the one who created them.

~ Energy is heavily internally focused and you can find the basic program of the one who created them within them.  When they are created then will have an internal energy flow with their creator.  This can be used to determine a thoughts form from an entity.  

ii) Evolved Thought-Forms

Evolved Thought Forms

There are thought-forms of the Dark Lords.  There are Dark lords thought-forms that have been created from the obsessive wishes and rituals of those in this world.  Some are created from the fears of others who see demons and the Dark Lords as evil, so these thought-forms are dangerous and they can actually cause a lot of damage to those who cross paths with them.  

Some of them want to remain relevant, so they will cling to individual and basically lead them down a path wanting them to feed them and keep them alive.  Thought forms who have grown enough to survive on their own evolve, they need the energies and beliefs of others to survive and grow, so they will seek out others to fuel these needs. 

Some have speculated that the Goetic Demon and other beings are in fact just highly sophisticated Thought-form also called Egregoes.  In this case they will possess all the ability of an Egregor and can in fact be very powerful and helpful.  In some cases I can see this being true. I believe some of the encounters people have with the Goetic Demons are in fact Egregors that have evolved. I know that within the nature of the inner spiritual world it would make sense that some beings who claim to be Dark Lords are actually just Egregors of those Dark Lords, a Hologram of sorts, a projection.  

Sometimes people are indeed working with older thought form demons. In many cases there is nothing wrong with this.  They were created to grant the will of the magician and there to help. In many cases they do. They have evolved and are incredibly powerful and will offer services in exchange for faith.  They are nourished by our faith, dedication and connection and so it is a positive and mutual exchange. They usually find sources for feeding and many times will help those who believe in them and work with them on their goals.  

They will thrive and become stronger as the belief in them grows.  There are limitations though and there will be an underlaying base program which will dictate their actions, but, for a highly sophisticated one that can be quite deep and it can be very hard to tell the difference between a Genuine Demon and a Thought Form Demon. 

I have explored different ways to tell.  

~ Their programs can be seen when you look deep in their energies and they have limits.  They also will be bound to the inner spiritual world and cannot move beyond its confines.  

~ One who understands Egregores can look into their code and see the base programs.  When they get large enough it gets harder to see, but the subtle layers are there. You can see the essence and the influence of the one who created them and you can see the energies bound to the inner universal layers. Deep connections to the physical plane reveal that a magician had a hand in this beings creation.

~ They have a baseline energy that is connected to not only this realm but the one who originally programmed them, you can get a sense of these energies with a deep scan of them

~ They carry their creators base code and you can trace it back to their moment of creation. For those who can follow the essence of time existence within this plane you can follow their energies back and see when they formed.

~ They are inner spiritual world and physical universal plane vibrationally attuned

iv) Collective Thought Form 

Evolved Thought-forms

This expands on the Evolved thought-form.  Sometimes a collecting group will come together and they will create a thought-form through their collective beliefs.  Due to the added energies these thought forms can grow faster over time and they can become powerful gods in their own right.  

Thought forms though need the energies of others feeding them to survive.  Without worshippers, without those who follow them and feed them they can diminish and vanish.  Outer Spiritual world Demons don’t really want to be known on a large scale,  they don’t want worshippers and they would prefer to work with someone one on one, they don’t need the energies of worshippers. Nor do they want it. 

Thought-forms on the other hand want EVERYONE to know about them, they want their name spread and they want followers and worshippers and to be known and loved.   Many times this is completely positive. If they have followers and worshippers, the energies flow to them and they enjoy lavishing their followers in gifts and rewards. Connecting with one of these can be a very positive and empowering encounter.

These thought forms can become dangerous if they lose their followers.  Thought forms that need a lot of energy and do not have a lot of feeding sources will always be looking for sources to feed them. They are the most dangerous when they are desperate and they will often try to lure people in with promises, they will be able to fulfill some things but they often are in an energy drain and so they become more and more desperate and more dangerous to those who connect with them.

When Thought-forms becomes Dangerous.  

When it becomes Dangerous

Thought forms do need energy to survive, sometimes they become so big that they break free of our initial programs and evolve.  They will then seek out new sources to exist and stay alive.  They will find others to feed them and believe in them.  Some can become incredible massive and gods of the inner spiritual world in their own right, though they still will need energy to survive, as as that energy wanes, so do they.  

This also gets dangerous when they are actually out to get people, some do enjoy carnage and destruction, this is a fact of life, sometimes there are no lesson, there is nothing, just a joy of destruction.   There are thought forms created from the hate, malice and cruelty of others. They are created from the pain and suffering of victims and their only purpose is to create these situations. These are the ones that are dangerous, though forms are not always dangerous and many times they can be helpful.  It is when you connect with the dangerous ones that problems arise.  

They will usually seek you out and try to form connections and contracts quickly.  When you are looking to connect, they will take note and quickly try to implant themselves and cling to you. They can actually become like personal gods to the individual who they have attached to.  Many time they will try to find more than one follower so they have multiple sources to feed.  Some of them were created out of hated and malice so they need those energies to feed them and they create situations where those energies are plentiful.   

Dangerous ones tend to feed on negative emotions, so even though they will appear to be helpful they will push you towards horrible places. They will want you to isolate and focus on them so that they get more energy.  They also might try to create cult like settings where there worshippers are brainwashed to feed them energies.  There are things to always consider and watch out for.

As I said, not all thought forms are bad, and many times working with them can be beneficial, however things to watch out for are. 

~ Situations were you are told to focus only on the being (this isnt always the case but it can be a warning sign) 

~ Isolation from people and other entities through various means of control and manipulation

~ Creating situations that lead to negativity and pain

~ An almost obsessive connection to you 

~ Connections that seem to feed the being, inner spiritual world gods and Outer spiritual world gods do not need feeding.  

~ Having to include the being in everything you do where you have to send them energy or feed them.  

~The energy source is internal if the individual created it, or external if it was created by another.  

~ There is source energy of the creator within it and it can be traced back to it’s creator. 

4) Internal Aspects Manifesting 

Internal Aspects

We have heard this one discussed before.  Some occultists speculate that the Goetic demon are nothing more than aspects of the mind.  While I believe that the Goetic demons are their own beings I do believe that in some cases this is true.  Sometimes when people reach out to connect with demons and the Dark Lords, they end up connecting with aspects of themselves. 

In these cases they are not really dangerous unless there is a side the person that seeks their destruction and their demise. For the most part, the invocation ritual will bring up a part of the magician that either wants to be heard, or knows that it can help.

Some people energetically are very internally focused, they have very deep connections that are woven into themselves. Those that are psychically connected to their inner world, during an invocation or summoning ritual, will come to face to face with sides of themselves and aspects that align with the qualities and talents of the demon that they wish to connect with. They project the side of themselves that aligns with the vibrations or their association with the demon.

They are usually not malicious though. They will rise as a side that can help, a side that believes it can contribute your knowledge and wisdom to the situation.  They are a personal aspect that is trying to reveal information and get you to realize things about yourself.  It is the genius sides of our mind that we often ignore.  We have a lot of brilliance and power within us and sometimes the answers that we need rest in the area that we ignore. There are some easy ways to identify if the connection is an internal projection.

~ The energy flow is internal

~ They lack the ability to manifest things you cannot manifest 

~ Promises can go unfulfilled if you are bad at delivering on promises to yourself

~ They only know things that you know

In these cases it is not a demon. It is a side of ourselves that is being called in the ritual and that is manifesting as the demon that we were calling.  This side of ourself offers us wisdom and guidance we have brilliance that is found in the shadows of our soul.   Sometimes the darkness of our mind is all that holds us together, it is what is there for us when we need it and it is not bad.  There are times when it is dangerous, but for the most part when we connect to destructive aspects of our psyche, it is something that we need to heal and can give powerful insight to what is going on in our shadow.

A Malicious Side of the self

Malicious Side of the Self

There is darkness in the shadow, our shadows hold many secrets and sometimes those shadows rise as projections to fulfil a narrative of abuse. We sometimes manifest malicious forces that rise to fulfill a punishment or pain narrative that we hold inside of us.  Sometimes we project what we feel we deserve, our fears, and things that are hidden inside of us.  It can manifest and it can reveal itself as a malicious side of the self.  These situations can lead to a manifestation that attacks us and desires to see us fall.

This malicious entity is a projection of what is going on within the mind and it is a very important to go into your shadow and do the work you need to clear these malicious forces. You deserve to be free of them and you deserve to release yourself from this pain. Here are some clues for figuring out if this is a malicious side of yourself.

~Shielding does not work on these 

~ The normal spiritual foundation doesn’t work with these malicious sides  in fact it might seem like this entity can bypass everything and nothing works. There are special strategies which need to be implemented to handle one of these.

~ Shadow work is usually required to uncover them and remove them as well as inner healing and personal nourishment.

5) Inner Spiritual World Dark Lords

n Inner Spiritual World Dark Lord is basically a being that assume the role of a God or being from the Outer Spiritual world.  They do this because the gods of the outer spiritual world in many cases have their own lives. They are dedicated to their duties and responsibilities and they are not here, though many times the Gods of the Outer Spiritual world resemble familiar elements that can help guide us home. So we have deities, entities and in some cases shadows of these Gods who are here to help us and guide us on this journey. They are here to find our ways home through spiritual guidance.  

They are something that are living as a Gods of this Realm and is acting as guides for those who are traveling here.  The Gods of the Inner Spiritual world follow many pantheons and there are many of them. Our planet alone has over 5000 different gods and spiritual paths, this is just our planet. The Gods of the Inner Spiritual world are here walking this world with us to help us walk this journey and understand our path here. 

They are all incredibly beautiful and unique. They have their own stories and their own mythologies and they are meant to help people who are aligned with the energies of that God to seek guidance and find their way home.  Spiritually I believe that we are not all from one source place. Our energies are as individual and unique as our energies and so the places that we call home are going to be different.

This is why many people are drawn to different religions and faiths. They are drawn to them because different energies are going to align with different individuals. This is why I believe that it is important to uncover the path and energies that are right for you. Most of the connections are with Inner Spiritual World Gods because that is who is here to assist us. They are here to guide us and to help us on this journey.

Inner spiritual world gods enjoys followers and worshippers from the place of they can help people in a lot of areas.  Many of them don’t want people to actively recruit them though, they want to find the ones who are aligned with their energy so that they can help them and help guide them.  You have seen some people who had said they dont feel drawn to work with a specific God, or they get the feeling that God is not for them.

This is their energies speaking, they are being honest. We are not all going to connect and work with everyone, some Deities are not going to align with us. They don’t get upset when people don’t work with them and they would rather have individuals find their own energetic alignment and find the gods that resonate with them then have millions of followers.  

It is the Same with the Demons and the Dark Lords of the Inner Spiritual World. Some of them are Ancient Pagan Gods who I classify in a complexity different area, others are genuine Inner Spiritual World demons who seek to connect with those who are of the darker or demonic vibrations. They are here to act as guides and messengers for those who are aligned with the Demonic and who are seeking help and guidance. The Demon Lords of the Inner Spiritual world will actively seek out connections and interaction to those who align with them to help them.

There are layers to them and here are some methods to know if you have connected to them.

~ they know of the past lives of others and in many cases have connected to you in your past life forms. They know of you and of your energies in this body and others.

~ Deep connections to this realm and to the inhabitants.

~ More invested in this realm than an Outer Spiritual World Entity. In many cases the Outer Spiritual World entities do not even know this realm exists. They are disconnected from it, while the Inner Spiritual World Layers are deeply connected to it.

~ They always have a presence here and they are tied to this realm, they are a part of it and their energies can be tied back to the fabric of this realm.

~ In some cases many of them are responsible for the crafting, creation and flow of this world. They are Gods so they can shift the energies and bring to fruition powerful and incredible results.

~Always in this realm as they are a part of it, they watch over the inhabitants and those who reside in the physical realm.

~ They act as guides and will help those who are aligned with them who reach out to them. They will also seek out those who are aligned with there energies and offer their help and assistance.

~ In Some cases they will God Spouse and connect to those who are deeply aligned with them and the path they represent.

~ They have lives here, in some cases souses, children, families, but that life is also integrated as Gods of the inner spiritual world and the dimensions of it. They are connected to it.

~ They have an understanding of our realm and they can manipulate it and control it from the rules and laws of the universe.

~ Inner vibrational frequencies.  

i) Connecting with a Malicious Demon

Malicious Demons

So this is a fact.  Not all demons are wonderful.  Just like not all people are wonderful. Everyone is an individual. Demons are darker and more diverse than humans and some of them are dangerous.  Like humans, some demons just like to see others hurt, they like to watch people suffer and writh on the floor sobbing in pain. There are many different species, species of the inner spiritual world, species of the infernal planes and the planes of the inner Abyss and Void.  

There are many layers to the inner spiritual world and each one has its own demons which reside within it.  It is the same with Gods and other Earthen Spirits. Some of them have warnings on them when working with them and need to be approached in a very specific way. It is important when working with demons to read up on them and research. Have a good solid foundation for what you are doing and have a strong spiritual foundation.

Most of the demons you connect with when you approach them with respect and courtesy they are not going to give you issues. If you approach them in a disrespectful way or a cruel way there is the possibility that one will get a smackdown, this has happened. However, this is why you go in educated, knowing yourself and your abilities and also having a foundation for the demon that you are going to connect with.

There are many layers and beings within the inner spiritual world. Some are going to be completely safe to work with. Some are incredibly dangerous and precautions need to be taken with them. This is why we say, know yourself and have a spiritual foundation.

Some entities will try to charm you, seduce you and lead you to your doom with a smile on your face.   Some also might not mean to hurt you, they just might lack an understanding of humans and that we are mortal and that things can kill us. Have a base when you go into this and have your own foundation developed before you start to really explore and wander through the spiritual world. This is very serious work and there is a lot out there that can harm you. A lot of Inner Spiritual world Demons though are Gods. Gods of the Demonic Divine and they are there to help you and guide you. They are there to aid those who are of the Darkness to learn about themselves and their shadows and find their way home.

Skill with reading dark energies comes from understanding the darkness and it’s shades, the empowering sides, the disempowering sides, the dangers and the pleasures.  It is all there but it does take time to learn how to decipher and decode. This is why we say that in the beginning use your own experiences as a guide. If you have challenges but overall your life gets better and better, then keep going. If however you are noticing that things are getting progressively worse. It is time to relook at your practises and figure out what is going on!

6) Outer Spiritual World Dark Lords

The Demons and Gods of the Outer Spiritual world are their own class.  The neat thing is that many of them do not even know about our realm.  The Outer Spiritual world is in many ways disconnected to this real. The interwoven energies that you find between the Inner Spiritual world and the Universe does not exist within the Outer Spiritual world. It is a completely separate place with its own rules and spiritual laws. This is why so many of the demons who come through are fascinated to learn about this realm and the beings in it.  

Outer Spiritual world Gods, Spirits and Beings they have their own lives and in some cases duties.  Some things are quite intense out there. It is a completely different world which has more intense extremes them what we can find and fathom here.  There are reams between the Inner and Outer Spiritual world which Cross. Though the Inner Spiritual world and the Outer Spiritual world themselves are completely separate from each other, there are layers and realms between them though at times merge and unite them.

This is where you can find Demons like the Spectral Demons who have energies that exist within both the Inner and the Outer Spiritual world as their realm is one of the realms that Passes through both. Over all though the Outer Spiritual World though has laws and rules which are foreign to the inner spiritual world.

In the case of demons like the spectral lords they help the dead of our realms to return to the outer spiritual world and transition the, from life to life.  They assist those who wish to come here with transitioning and shifting their energies and forms so that they are compatible for the journey to the Inner Spiritual World. They also help those who are on Inner Spiritual World journeys who are ready to come home. Spectral Demons are both and Inner and and Outer Spiritual World demon so they know more about us than many of the other Demons of the Outer Spiritual World.

Some of the Dark Lords of the Outer Spiritual world have Inner Spiritual World shades which are reflections and representations of them who reach out to those who they are aligned with and connect here to help them understand this path and find their way home. This is another type of connection.

The Demons of the Outer Spiritual world they have loves, lives, and family as well as duties and responsibilities in their world. They in many cases are very disconnected and removed from this world and our journey here. Sometimes though people they know or family members they have come to the Inner Spiritual world to partake in different soul journeys and reincarnations and lives, so they will venture here to reconnect and help their family member. When they come here it is more for personal means.

Some unknown demons come through to reconnect with those who are family and who they are close to. They come through specifically to connect with an individual who they know. We will Conjure and connect with Outer Spiritual World Demons and help them connect with humans and find those who they are seeking.

Sometimes Outer Spiritual World demons are curious and they want to come through and walk with a Human companion to learn about our world. It is a foreign place for them and one of fascinating wonders. They also enjoy their power over the Inner Spiritual World and using their power to aid and assist their Human Companion. Here are some ways to tell.

~ Most connections will not be one of these Demons, they come through for very specific reason and it is usually to reconnect with family members who are on journeys here.

~ There is a more personal approach to working with them. they know you, they say and do things that might be shocking because they have deep connections with our higher and true form selves. They remember us and they have deep knowledge of who we are.

~ They have Outer Spiritual Vibrations so they are removed from the Matrix integration of the Inner Spiritual world and the Universe so they can have a greater degree of power and ability over this world and their ability to command it and shift the energies.

~ They do not God Spouse (some are not even bound to lovers and it is disrespectful to them to suggest that), they have their own lives back home and their own loves. They are not invested in this world like the Inner Spiritual World Gods are and so they do not make the attachments like the Inner Spiritual World Gods do.

~ The Usually come through to work with a specific individual and connect with them.

~ Their energies are foreign to this world and they have their own form they shift into to interact with and move through this plane. Attunements to them are different than with Inner Spiritual world Demons

~ Their Core Energy can feel foreign to this world and when scanning them at a deep level there can be a mismatch. This is because their true self is in the Outer Spiritual World and so they are not fully vibrationally aligned here.


So this is an overview of the 6 of them. As I was writing this I realized there were more I missed lol, However, this is enough for today as this post is Massive. This is more for educational purposes. With some of these it actually does not matter which one you are connected to so long as it is benefiting you and you are getting results.

In cases like Sludge and malicious thought forms that become destructive and and damaging, those should be removed, and actions should be taken to protect yourself. This comes from educating yourself and having a powerful spiritual foundation. However, with the others so long as the interactions are positive and you are getting the goals that you desire it isnt imperative to know which level you are connecting with as so many of them are beneficial. Sometimes as well you will work with Demons at different levels because that is what you need. Our Demon Companions that we offer are all from the Outer Spiritual World, and they will help you with their skills and abilities.

Through your travels you will be connected to different levels depending on what it is that you are looking for.  Sometimes it is just what you need you should be looking at instead of what they are connecting with. If there are there and they are helping then they are what you need at that moment.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! It was a lot of fun to write.

Darkest Blessings,

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12 Responses

  1. Eddie says:

    Great post and very educational. Some excellent checkpoints to evaluate your connections. Can be used as an ‘early warning’ system to help to recognise and move away from unhealthy situations.

    Many thanks for your time to put this info together!

    • Akelta says:

      You are most welcome Eddie! Thank you so much for your kind comment! I wanted to start a dialogue on this and help people to recognize the different types of connections out there and give them a foundation to help them have empowering experiences with spirit companions ^_^ Thank you for your comment!

  2. Bianca says:

    This is such a powerful and uplifting read. I did not know that OSW Demons often came here to help people they already know. I thought it was just pure curiousity about our World in general.

    • Akelta says:

      Thank you so much Bianca ^_^ In the cases of our conjures yes, sometimes it is out of sheer curiosity! Other times though it is because they wish to reconnect with one who they know. I am glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. Searianna says:

    This is great! Good to know. Are there blogs that further explain Inner and and Outer spiritual realms?

  4. Anderson says:

    Wow this is wonderful, I almost got scared about the sludge, it got me thinking if the entity I am working with is a sludge but so far it has been positive so I’ll continue and keep my eyes open for anything out of my expectation.
    Thank you so much, I enjoyed reading every bit of it, it was really enlightening.

    • DarkStar666 says:

      Wow. Just wow. Such a powerful and amazing read that’s definitely helped. I could connect and resonate with this so well it made so much sense.


  5. Yanitza says:

    You mentioned Demons not needing the energies of their worshippers, can they still be worshipped out of respect and curiosity? Also, where can one find a mentor? I have done a lot of research, but I know there is still more out there.

    Thank you for the information! 🙂

    • Akelta says:

      You are very welcome! You can still worship them out of respect, most definitely. Some enjoy having worshippers. When it comes to mentors, I have found that when the time is right they show up. Put the intent out there that you are looking for a mentor and when connecting to the demons ask them to align you with the mentor who will be right for you 🙂

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