Being Abused by a Sludge Entity

Being Abused by a Sludge Entity

If anything Spiritual is abusive to you, banishment and cleansing are always recommended.  Nothing should come into your space that is abusive.   

Imposters and sludge entities can pose a problem, and they can interject and insert projection and destructive images into us.  They also enjoy torturing and tormenting us and can be very mentally abusive.  Sludge Sentient Beings and other entities create misery in our lives and torture us so that they can feed. There are entities that thrive on negativity and on the torture and torment of others.  

They are abusive because through that abuse, they can torture us and create abundant amounts of negativity in our lives to fuel their appetites for this energy.    These are the entities that cause many of the possession cases that you read about, and though they are dark entities, they have a unique vibration of darkness and are completely different from Demonic Entities.  

I have been working with different energies and attempting to recreate in myself a lot of the situations that our clients have gone through.  I have infected myself with sludge and even allowed myself to become possessed so that I would be able to feel and empathize with what people are going through.  

I know that a lot of times, there are a lot of solutions that are offered with no real understanding of the emotional and traumatic impact that these situations have.  One not only has to contend with an abusive entity but also the notion that very few people are going to believe them or listen to them.  Though understanding of the spiritual world is becoming more common, there is still taboo around it, and that can make these situations more challenging.  Isolation in itself is a form of abuse, and feeling isolated from communicating with others can leave one feeling helpless.  

A wellness note *at any time if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please seek medical help immediately.  Also, for any symptoms that you are experiencing, please take the steps to rule out all medical causes that could be impacting you.*

I will share with you some of my personal experiences and things that I have done.  When the sludge was on me, it was insidious, it used every moment in my life to attempt to gain a stronger hold of me.  

My demons worked to remove it, but it does something called mental grafting, where it grafts itself to your mind and makes you perceive the sludge as if it were part of your own psyche.  It can, at times, be hard to distinguish your thoughts from the thoughts of the sludge, and that allows it to remain attached.  

Directly ripping it out of your mind by your companions can cause damage to you if done forcibly, but also, if done slowly without the patterns being altered in the mind, it can come back.  Working at changing the mind patterns and the mind’s reactions to different events can go a long way to helping to cleanse and remove it.  

There were times that the sludge would try to interject and pretend that it was one of my companions, and at times, it was very convincing, though it would inject disturbing things which would upset me.  The images that it showed were disturbing, and clearly, the sludge had knowledge of what my internal triggers are.  

**When that would happen, I would immediately go and cleanse, and then I would focus on my companion’s sigil or end, and I would just meditate with the energies and remove any disruptive images and projections that would arise.**  

The goal of this is to remove all sludge energy that is within you, remove all hooks that the sludge has in you, and also remove any emotional triggers and mental patterns that the sludge is using to get in.  It attacks the mind and gets in, in those ways.  

Removing the energies can take time depending on how deep of a hold the sludge has on you, if it has been there a while it can have deep hooks and may have programmed mental triggers in your mind.  Be patient with yourself. It can be challenging to remove the sludge, but over time, it becomes easier.  

**Another thing I started doing, which I found helpful, was when a destructive image or projection would happen, I would imagine myself with a big pair of scissors and cut it up.  This would allow my Demon Companion to get through and help me to cleanse the sludge.  I could then reconnect with them and strengthen my connection with them.  Any activity to strengthen your connection with your demons and companions will help, as the stronger your connection to your companions becomes, the easier the sludge is to clear.** 

These entities do thrive on negativity, and they enjoy creating situations that beat one down and mentally exhaust us so that they can feed.  Demons don’t feed on negativity. Sludge Entities do.  Reminding myself that my companions have no reason to say things to me and that the sludge has the intent to do this helps.  It is a grounding point where I am able to ground what is happening and begin clearing the energies.  With that, also remind myself that any harsh banishments or cleansing rituals are not going to harm my companions, they are going to be directed at the ones hurting me. That allows me to go full force and remove them with everything I have.  

I voluntarily got myself possessed, so I purposely allowed the sludge to bypass all my defences because I wanted the experience. I also avoided using my foundation and falling back on it because I wanted to experience what it is like for someone who does not have a developed foundation.  When I did fall back on my foundation, I was able to remove it. 

We say that before beginning a spiritual practice it is good to develop your spiritual foundation, even if you are in the middle of a possession or being tormented, working on your foundation will strengthen it and that can give you the edge at getting the upper hand on the destructive entity.  

Developing one’s spiritual foundation is what I always say should come first when dealing with spiritual forces.  You have to have a strong spiritual foundation, and you have to know how to defend yourself.  Below you will find some of my favorite spiritual foundation practices which have helped me. 

Cleansing by: Taking a hot bath or shower, 
Drinking lavender lemon water
Sageing yourself 
Having a saltwater bath or if you can swim in the Ocean 
Washing white, gold, and blue energy over you and your space 

Grounding by: Breathing
Focusing on something positive 
Eating something delicious 
Sitting in nature with trees 
Walking barefoot on the soil 

Shielding by: Casting the white light shield 
Casting a Gold Shield 
Surrounding yourself with Energies designed to protect you 
Surrounding yourself with the essence of the Demonic Divine 

Warding by: Casting the White Light Shield around your house 
Casting a Gold Ward 
Surrounding your house with the essence of the Demonic Divine 
Casting Gold/White Protection bubble around your house 

The Sludge gets in and will create hooks in the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical Bodies. I find that taking an approach of removing it from each of those bodies helps it from lingering and will help you permanently remove the hooks.

For the Spiritual Body: energy cleanses work great, and rituals designed to cleanse and clear the sludge.

For the Emotional Body: honoring the emotions and allowing them to speak and finding joy and happiness within.

The Mental Body: reprograming the thoughts and patterns and shifting the perspective to find empowering perspectives to take your power back.

The Physical Body: taking a nice hot bath, walking in the forest or swimming in the ocean is wonderful!

I have a banishment ritual that I perform with Dantallion (Ac changed his name to Dandelion |-( ), Sonnellion and Lucifuge Rofocale, which is like a demonic version of an Exorcism which is designed to target sludge and call on the power of the demons to remove the sludge and cleanse the area of all its energies.  

After the banishment ritual, I will cleanse the space and cleanse myself. I will go have a hot bath or shower, and I will reconnect with my demons and ground myself.  For those of you who have trouble grounding to this Earth, I actually, at times, ground to the planet where my past life was because I find during those times it is stronger than grounding here.  Grounding can be as simple as taking in deep breaths or focusing on your body and just being present with yourself.  

Once that is done, I will do something fun with my demons and continue to work at shifting the energies and clearing them.  The sludge is insidious, and it can take time to clear the internal attachments that it has.  It pretends to energetically be a part of you, so it tries to influence your thoughts in that way, this is how it slowly gains more and more control, so the more you push what it is doing away the freer you become from it.  This can be a process and it can be a challenging process, I know first hand when I infected myself I met with a lot of obstacles and challenges that I did not anticipate,  it does take time so be patient with yourself and gentle with yourself and honor where you are.  The sludge is vicious and can be really nasty and hurtful so make sure that you are taking the time you need to give yourself self-care and nourishment.  

Be mindful as well, when the sludge is in close proximity you can get vicious, and angry, you can say mean and horrible things and you can attack those who you love and care about.  These are all common things when someone is being attacked by sludge. It can happen.  The sludge does this as a way to make you feel guilty about having said and done horrible things.  Guilt and shame are two of the lowest vibrational states we can exist in, and it is at these vibrations that we are most susceptible to sludge. One thing that helped me with this situation was having safe space where I could talk with close friends and someone I trust when it was impacting me.  

My Mom always says that any mental illness should be treated like any other illness.  People who are struggling in ways that are not physical should be treated with the same dignity, care, and respect as those who are physically suffering.  I say the same of spiritual situations like being attacked by a sludge. It can be just as painful, emotionally traumatic, and debilitating.  Any illness, physical, mental, or spiritual, should be treated with care and dignity.  

Make sure you are honouring where you are and giving yourself as much love and self-care as you can.  If you need help, find a trusted friend, counsellor, or healthcare provider who can help.  It is really sad how a lot of people, instead of helping those who are in need, cut them down, make fun of them and try to shame them.  My mom would tell me heartbreaking stories of her patients who were mentally ill and clearly in need of support, but they were abandoned by their families, ridiculed by their friends, and painted in terrible ways in an attempt to shame them.  

My mom says that a lot of people don’t even believe in mental illness.  So, even fewer people believe in Spiritual Situations like possession and abusive entities, but it is becoming more common.  Talk to those who you can trust, and seek out the support that you need, and know that you are not alone.  Sometimes, even just feeling like you can talk will give you the power to push past this.  Sometimes, it takes something as small as being heard to find the strength within.  

We are looking at other options for assisting the community with these situations, and I am going to be taking a lot of the new knowledge that I have uncovered with my own possessions and fighting with sludge to help. I realized that I needed the direct experience to really understand what people were going through and the emotional turmoil that these situations can create.  

And, my ultimate weapon for battling sludge… Love, love energy, the pure love energy from the Heart Chakra.  I find the best way to face it head-on is to connect to the heart chakra (if you can align with your inner child and embrace the child love that flows from the inner child) and open the channels of love.  This can be scary because you have to become vulnerable for a moment to open the energies, and because the sludge has done such a great job of hurting us, being vulnerable is the last thing we want to do, but every time I have used this technique it has worked wonders!  

Once you are connected to that, send love energy to whatever it sends at you.  In a physically abusive situation, that is impossible because you are in physical danger, with spiritual energies through the love energy can act as a shield and actually destroy the sludge.  I have many times blasted the sludge with pure love energy and watched it incinerate before my very eyes and completely free me from it.  This is the energy of love, the frequency of it that flows through everything and that flows through the heart and higher heart chakra.  This frequency is completely incompatible with sludge energies.  It is insidious, but it can be defeated! 

Remember, you are powerful, and you can defeat this!


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  1. Francisco Javier Esquerdo LLorca says:

    Muy informativo,gracias.

  2. Joshua Alan Keen says:

    This was awesome to read and helps me with feelings of isolation. I am battling a sludge entity, exactly like you described. This is the 1st time I’ve found information I can actually relate to.

  3. Sade’ Satanis says:

    I have been going through this. So horrible! It’s been almost a year. I didn’t have a spiritual foundation when he found me; I was a baby I mean Baby witch when he started putting hooks in. He killed my familiar then posed as her during the time I was grieving. So of course I welcomed the interaction thinking it was my beloved companion. By the time I figured it out it was too late. He is a strong Incubi. He has drained me before so badly I ended up in the hospital. I have since developed a spiritual foundation. I banished him successfully once but I didn’t acount for a portal he had in my house and he came back shortly after. I have been war-ing with him for months…I have new companions helping me and I am constantly working on warding and cleansing hopefully soon I will be able too banish him successfully again and ward well enough too keep him out. Just wanted to comment I love your content it has been a huge help for me.

  4. Sade’ says:

    Very excited

  5. Sade’ says:

    I did not mean to leave that comment sorry it’s out of place my screens merged and I thought I was leaving a comment for another article. Lol blond very blond here

  6. thank you for the info pychic protection is very important to me

  7. Sorina Slater says:

    Boy this has hit home for me especially the past year. Thank you so much for writing this and putting yourself in harms way. Many blessingings

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