Demon Familiars – Questions about Familiars

Demon Familiars – Questions about Familiars

Demon Companions

Do Demons and spiritual beings love?

Of course they do! in fact I would say their range of emotions are more vast and deeper them our own, that is why at times we have a hard time understanding them and the depth of their emotions and energies. The spiritual world is vaster then our own own and I find that the range we experience here exists up there and more so. Things are not limited they are deeper and exand beyond what we are capable of experiencing here. Demons when they love they love deep and they love passionately and they make incredible guides on our spiritual journey.

Can you be hugged by your Demon Familiars? 

yes you can, in many ways it feels the same as a hug from a human friend. When you get good at sensing and begin working with your body and your ability to sense the energy changes around you you can actually feel them embracing you, and being surrounded and covered in their energies. It is a beautiful feeling and depending on how close you are to your demon familiar it can grow into other amazing expeirnces with them. Our senses are powerful and we can have physical stimulus from the beings of the unseen and spiritual world. We just have to be willing to take the steps to grow our natural skill!

Arn’t Demons Horrible Evil Creatures?

Demon really are not the cruel evil creatures they are made out to be. They are incredible Dark Divine beings who when they come to us, they want to help us and empower our lives here. They are not going to do everything for us, but they are incredible guides and mentors who can help you attain your goals and fulfill your dreams!

Society really pushes that demons are evil and nefarious creatures who only have our downfall in mind. This could not be further from the truth as many of us who work with them have come to realize. Demons are the dark side of Divinity, they are divine being with an incredible understanding of darkness. This does not make them bad, this makes them grounded and balanced.

Those of us who work with demons from a place of respect and appreciation have also experienced their kindness, their wisdom, and their incredible guidance especially in hard situations. They are the friend that will not leave you when you are struggling and suffering. They will walk with you into the darkness and never abandon you. 

When you work with demons from a place of mutual respect it opens doors, demons teach valuable lessons and they help you align with what it is your desire and grow and rise up so you can claim what you dream. They are incredibly wise and brilliant in their understanding of situations and they know what needs to happen for shifts to make.

Darkness is not bad, Darkness is not evil, it is beautiful, it teaches powerful lessons, and it reveals the sides of ourselves we might want to hide, sides of ourselves we don’t understand. Demons are teachers, and working with them they share with us their incredible wisdom and brilliance.

Do Demons have Personalities?

Yes they do, every demon is a unique individual and they have their own thoughts, feelings and emotions.  One thing that a lot of people might not realize, is the incredible sense of humour demons have! So many times working with them I have found myself laughing and in hysterics from the things that they have said and done. Laughters truly is the best medicine and demons are incredibly comical! They also tell some highly inappropriate jokes that can make encounters fun. Sometimes the littlest moments can have such a huge impact on our lives and I find that life is really about the little fun moments, where you feel connected and loved and sometimes when working with them it isnt their wise words or incredible energy, it is the little moments of humour and laughter that have the biggest impact on our lives.


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  1. Edward Goodwin says:

    I know you are answering a few questions here, but this is so important to know. It’s important to get this message out. “Even the darkness is divine.” I don’t remember who said that, it might have been the Dali Lama, I read the quote in a new age-y magazine and I was like, “somebody gets it! Somebody in the RHP community really get’s it!”

    If demons could not love there would be no reason to work with them. They would want only to hold us back, to make us miserable and full of fear. They would be in deep denial of their own divinity. For myself, I believe the fact that the Demonic Plane and Material Plane are so accessible to one another (relatively speaking) is precisely because it’s in the “natural order” that we work together.

    Once upon a time, we did work with demons, on a daily basis. There was no fear then because they were a part of the human community. Shamans were there to help with the really deep stuff, but for the people working through an average day, turning to their “household gods” was something as natural as breathing.

    I do not believe that it is only coincidence that when humans separated the divine from the everyday, “There are no household gods! Only one god who lives waaaaaaaay up in the sky, who will not talk to anyone except The (self) Chosen!” Is when we separated ourselves from nature and made it A Thing To Be Conquered . A Source Of Wealth For The Chosen Few. A Thing To Be Feared.

    What lived in the Darkly Woods? Lions and tigers and bears and….. demons, Oh My! And…don’t forget, god has a dick, therefore, any critters with dicks are Naturally Superior, men being the most naturally superior of all! (by shear coincidence)

    God doesn’t have little hands! No worries in THAT department!

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