Demonosophy – Working with Demons through Respect

Respect for Demons
Respect for Demons

What does it mean to work with demons from a place of respect?

This is a question that I have been asked many times. Well the answer to that question is, on the Demonosopy path we recognize that each demon is unique, just like each god on other pantheons is unique. Demons they are a very incredible dark unique group of beings, and they are all very individual. I would even go so far as to say that there is no one size fits all method for approaching them. There is a general forumla that we use for working with them but we do customize that to each individual demon based on their preferences and likes and dislikes.

The common ritual that we use for connecting is basically setting up a sacred space. This space should be protected by a circle, some people do use triangles as focal points and to increase the power in the area which is fine, just as long as the triangle is not used as a confinement barrier. I like to surround myself in a shield, and surround the ritual space in a shield to keep any malicious entities out. I have never had a problem approaching a demon from a place of respect, my personal shields are mostly a precaution in case something else is drawn to the space.

I begin preparing for the ritual by connecting to the essence of the demon I wish to work with through their name, sigil, and enn. As I connect with their energies I look for inspiration and guidance on how they would like the altar set up,  what offerings they would desire, and how they would like to be approached. I also will read and research as much as I can about them to get a sense of who they are, their rank, where they are from, what they specialize in. This will give me an idea of respectful ways to approach them. I also will try to get inspirations for any modifications that they would like in the ritual.

When setting up the ritual I make known my specific intent with the ritual. What is the end goal of the ritual and what do I hope to achieve from connecting with this demon. I have a game plan laid out for how I would like the ritual do go and the overall layout of it. From there I craft the ritual and put it together from the inspiration and images I have gathered from my research.

I usually modify my rituals quite a bit until I really feel that they align with the energies I want to manifest in the ritual space. If you feel the rituals are not right, do not be afraid to work with them until they align with the energies. I have had the best results with rituals that align to my vibrations and the vibrations I wish to create. When you can pour yourself and your essence into the rituals it is very easy to raise the energy vibrations and get the results you desire.

Take the time to find out about the demon you wish to connect with and really take the time to make a space that will be comfortable to both you and the Demon you wish to approach. The results will be well worth it!

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